WWE TLC Report – John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE TLC from Houston, Texas.

They announced the crowd at 14,12 on the broadcast. 

The kick off featured an angle where The Miz made an insult towards Kofi Kingston on the panel and a few minutes later Kingston showed up, they brawled and will probably be added to the show.

Fandango defeated Dolph Ziggler in 4:19 after Summer Rae interefered on the apron, Ziggler was knocked down and took the top rope leg drop and Fandango got the win. They started the match pushing that Ziggler knew he wasn’t performing well and today is the start of somthing new…it wasn’t.

The pre-show ended with a limo pulling up with Triple H, Stephanie and Vince McMahon getting out of it.

The pay-per-view starts with Triple H and Stephanie coming out and Hunter outlines the history of both titles with Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers wrestling in 1963 and both laying claim to the title. So th World Title that came out of a briefcase in September 2002 is now linked back to Thesz.

They go to an on-air video featuring past champions including Harley Race, Terry Funk, Ric Flair and others and then into a feature on John Cena and Randy Orton.

The Shield vs. CM Punk

Punk yells at Ambrose that “’I’ve already beaten you twice, give someone else a chance” and he tags in Rollins.

Ambrose in and they get the heat on Punk.

Reigns set up for a spear on the floor but Punk got out of the way and Reigns dove through and onto the announce table. They state that Reigns hurt his right eye on a chair and Punk goes after the eye including elbows on top as they get back into the ring.

Punk hits Rollins with a head kick as Ambrose and Reigns are on the floor and gets a two-count. Punk with a running knee in the corner and crossbody off the top for another two on Rollins and then applies the Anaconda vice but Ambrose saves.

Ambrose climbs on the corner and Punk hits him with two unprotected head butts to send Ambrose off. Punk hits Rollins with a GTS, Ambrose gets off his shoulders and Reigns goes to spear Punk but Punk moves and Reigns spears Ambrose and Punk pins Ambrose at 13:41.

Renee Young is with AJ Lee and Tamina in the back, AJ says she always win when it counts and no one has ever number, is the only woman that matters and title reigns has been 182-days and WWE Universe, Divas division, Slammy Awards and Total Divas are a joke but after tonight she will be the only one laughing.

AJ Lee vs. Natalya for the Diva’s Title

AJ runs into the corner and misses with a splash but then rebounds and applies a guillotine and Natalya rolls out and dropkicks her.

Natalya fires up, hits a falcon arrow and applies the sharpshooter in the middle, almost makes the ropes and then Natalya pulls her back and AJ breaks the hold, Tamina distracts and AJ applies the black widow and Natalya breaks the hold.

Natalya hits a discus clothesline and goes for the sharpshooter but AJ counters with a roll up for the pinfall.

They showed a replay with AJ pulling Natalya’s hair for the roll up.

A history of the world titles video that ran on TV is replayed.
Damien Sandow comes out and makes fun of how Texans speak and words that are “garbage” including when Langston is called the champion.

Big E. Langston vs. Damien Sandow for the Intercontinental Title

Sandow knocks out Langston’s leg and has advantage early in the match.

Langston lifts Sandow out of the corner and hits an electric chair. Sandow avoids the Big Ending, crowd is super quiet.

Langston collides with him in mid-ring and then hits the Big Ending for the win at 6:29.

Vince McMahon walks up to Randy Orton in the back and they shake hands but we cannot hear what he says to him.

The panel announces Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz in a No DQ match for alter tonight after the angle on the pre-show.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Real Americans vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel for the Tag Titles

Axel has a new shirt that reads “Better Than Perfect”.

Big Show chops Axel repeatedly and JBL got a kick out of that.

Goldust is in with Ryback and gets a roll up and eliminates Ryback at 6:15 – I had no idea this was an elimination match until this fall.

The crowd isn’t into much of this as the Real Americans tag in and out working on Goldust. Goldust fights back including a top rope hurricanrana and gets the crowd into it a lot and then hot tags Big Show.

Show knocks out Swagger and then Cesaro comes off the turnbuckle into another knockout punch and Show eliminates Cesaro at 14:39.

It’s down to Goldust & Cody vs. Rey & Show.

Goldust blocks a choke slam and hits a DDT to Big Show and gets a two-count. Rhodes goes for a Disaster Kick and gets slapper in mid-air by Show.

Rhodes hits a Disaster Kick to Mysterio for a two. He sets up Rhodes and Goldust for a 619 but Rhodes rolls to the floor and Goldust takes the 619.

Rhodes sends Show into the steel post on the floor. Hodes goes for a springboard into a powerbomb by Mysterio for a near fall that crowd pops for.

Mysterio and Rhodes go back and forth with Rhodes countering a 619 and ends with Rhodes hitting the Cross Rhodes for the pinfall at 21:05 to retain the titles.

The did a lengthy backstage segment with The Prime Time Players, Khali, Los Matadores, Torito, Vickie and Maddox to plug the Brawlin’ Buddies and ended with Kane coming in and destroying the Cena doll with a Brodus Clay doll and held it up.

Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth

Clay gets knocked to the floor, Clay gets the advantage back in the ring bt is taking his time and not going for the cover.

Clay hits a t-bone suplex and mocks Truth, splashes him in the corner and then go to the floor. Clay argues with Tensai, who is urging him to just get the win and Clay tells him to stay out of the way.

Tensai gets on the apron and they start arguing as Clay says he is better than Tensai and Tensai leaves to the back and then Naomi and Cameron leave as well. This leads to Truth with a roll up for the win at 6:05.

Vince McMahon shakes John Cena’s hand in the back.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz in a No DQ Match

Miz works on the left leg of Kingston after Kingston tried for Trouble in Paradise and injured the leg.

Miz attacks him on the floor and takes one of the turnbuckle pads off. Kingston hits a dropkick as Miz comes off the top and both are down, chants of “boring”.

Fans are chanting “we want tables” as Kingston kicks Miz into the exposed turnbuckle and hits Trouble in Paradise for the win at 8:00.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family

The Wyatts trap Bryan in their corner immediately and make frequent tags. Bray Wyatt remains in his rocking chair on the floor.

Harper hit a Michinoku driver that Cole called a “sit out powerbomb”.

Wyatt comes into the match and hits Bryan with a splash in the corner. Wyatt did the crab walk but didn’t screw it up this time and crowd chanted “that was creepy”.

Wyatt yells at Bryan and offers him his hand to make this all go away and Bryan kicks it away as Bryan gets up and fires up with a comeback but Bryan takes a big elbow and Wyatts continue their beat down.

Bryan dropkicks Rowan and Bray off the apron and hits Harper with a dropkick from behind in the corner and hits a back suplex off the top to Harper. The crowd is super hot for Bryan’s offence.

Bryan with a diving headbutt off the top but Rowan saves. Bryan head kicks Rowan and he gets tied up in the ropes ala Andre the Giant and then dropkicks him over the top and sends Harper to the floor and rolls up Bray for a two.

Bryan with a suicide dive to Harper, knocks Rowan into the steps and then back to Bray where the Yes Lock is blocked and Bray hits elbows on top of Bryan and then hits the Sister Abigail and pins Bryan clean at 12:25.

The panel gives their picks for the main event, Mick Foley called Bray “Way Bryatt” by mistake.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena in a TLC Match for the WWE and World Title

They go to the floor early with Orton using a chair but Cena recovers and attacks Orton with the chair.

Orton avoids a powerbomb through a table on the floor and sends Cena into the steps and tries to climb the ladder but Cena grabs his legs and stops him. Orton gets advantage and wears down Cena, attacks with chair shots

Orton climbs the ladder but Cena comes from behind and knocks Orton off the ladder and hits a five knuckle shuffle off the ladder. Cena takes the ladder and knocks Orton off the apron with it and puts him through a ladder but Orton gets back in to tip ladder and hits a RKO to Cena and both are down.

Cena attacks Orton with punches and then the steps and Orton is busted open. Orton comes back by using the microphone to attack Cena and goes for the punt kick on the floor but Cena moves out of the way and puts Orton through the Spanish table with an AA.

Cena goes up the ladder and Orton pills it out and Cena is hanging from where the titles are and Orton knocks him off with a chair shot.

Orton pulls out hand cuffs and cuffs Cena to the bottom rope and holds the key in front of Orton and tosses it into the crowd.

Orton gets a ladder but Cena unties the entire bottom rope and climbs up to knock Orton off and then Orotn yanks him off and into a table in the corner by the rope. Orton climbs and gets the titles as Cena is out at 24:37.

Orton holds the titles up as Vince, Stephanie and Triple H come out and applaud him winning the match.