WWN Live Style Battle Report – One Night Tournament


WWN Live presented their first “Style Battle” card, a single-elimination tournament on Saturday night from Ybor City, Florida. These will be regular shows all year from WWN and culminate with a tournament at the end of the year involving all the year’s winners on FloSlam.

Timothy Barr opens up the show and introduces the show.

Trevin Adams and Mister Saint Laurent are the commentary team.


The announcers said it was 48 degrees – that’s cold.

Allin went for an arm drag and awkwardly sent Crist into the corner turnbuckle.

Crist pressed him off the turnbuckle and Allin came down into a cutter. Crist hit the buckle bomb followed by his finish, which was a rotation into a DDT and got the win.

Winner: Dave Crist at 7:04

Crist was interviewed and he yelled and praises the talent of Allin.


Guevara was off during some of the early sequences.

Guevara caught Xavier on his shoulders when Xavier went for a moonsault off the second turnbuckle. Guevara dropped him and landed a standing moonsault. Xavuer kicked out a Tiger Bomb.

Xavier hit a standing corkscrew splash called the “Erratic Static”.

Guevara set up for the People’s Elbow but instead back flipped and came down with a leg drop. Guevara leaped to the top and hit a Spanish Fly and followed with a 630 splash but Xavier grabbed the rope to stop the count.

Guevara missed with another splash and Xavier delivered a corkscrew senton off the top and pinned Guevara.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier at 13:13

There were some notable high flying spots in the match from each.

Xavier says that Guevara is something special and has plenty left for Dave Crist.


The story is that Theory has been wrestling for a year and was taught by Fox.

Fox hit an inverted springboard somersault (Lo Mein Rain) off the top rope to the floor.

Theory has a lot of presence and facial expressions.

Fox came back with a sling blade and cannonball into the corner. Fox hit a Swanton and Theory kicked out.

They fight on the edge of the apron and Theory hit a brainbuster and then Theory followed with an Asai moonsault and then a running moonsault in the ring for two.

Fox leaped to the top and hit the Lo Mein Pain and followed with the Foxcatcher for the win.

Winner: AR Fox at 14:07

I felt this was the best match so far, they did do a lot and maybe could have been cut down a little but they worked well together and I liked Theory as someone to keep an eye on. Everyone is already familiar with Fox.


There were a number of chop exchanges in the opening minutes and Yehi stomping the feet of Henry and standing on his hand. MSL explains that even if Henry wins, he could have a broken finger or hand from the stomps and affect him in the rest of the tournament.

They go to the floor and Henry delivers kicks and chest to the chest and then lights up Yehi with forearm strikes. Yehi makes it back into the ring at the count of 19. Henry continues to attack with a variety of kicks until Yehi catches one, stomps the foot and then the hand.

They trade strikes, Henry lands a head kick and a spinning wheel kick and both go down.

They go back-and-forth with suplexes to one another and they go down from simultaneous forearm strikes. Henry’s kicks look terrific. He missed with a head kick and hit another beautiful spinning wheel kick.

Henry hit a sit out powerbomb onto his knees and then locked on a cobra clutch crossface to Yehi as they announce 2:00 remaining in the time limit. Henry releases and hits a PK and then a spinning kick to the chest and Yehi kicks out.

Yehi fires up with suplexes and applies the Koji clutch and Henry holds on as the time limit expires.

This was a really strong match and they picked up the intensity in the final minutes.

Winner: DRAW

Both have been eliminated and therefore, AR Fox goes to the final against the winner of Dave Crist and Dezmond Xavier.

After the match, the two shake hands.


Crist ran into the turnbuckle and took a reverse huracanrana from Xavier and he followed with a series of dives to Crist on the floor. Crist landed a flying spinning knee.

Xavier went down and was favoring his left knee, the referee was checking on him as Crist resumed his attack. Both delivered flying boots and they went down.

Crist won out of nowhere with a Snow Plough.

Winner: Dave Crist at 7:06

Xavier needed to be helped to the back.

STYLE BATTLE FRAY – Rumble Style Match with entrants every minute, eliminations come by way of pinfall, submission or knockout only.

Chris Henry was the first entrant and followed by Trevor Aeon.

Rob Barnes is out third.

The announcer state the temperature is down to 43 degrees.

#4 is Jake Omen and pins Henry right away and then pins Aeon.

Mitch Mitchell is out fifth. Mitchell hits a spinning neck breaker and eliminates Barnes.

#6 is Hunter Law and #7 is Wheeler Yuta.

Mitchell eliminates Omen with a pin after a side slam.

Matthew Palmer is out eighth, he is from Texas and he is dressed like a Cowboys cheerleader.

Dante Caballero is ninth.

Yuta hit this modified tombstone that looked really cool to eliminate Law.

Jason Kincaid is #10, Drew Bronson is #11 and Caballero was eliminated during the entrance.

DJ Talamantez is next out at #12.

Kincaid eliminated Bronson with a X Factor.

Chris Silvio is the final entrant.

Talamantez taps out to a Texas cloverleaf by Mitchell, Kincaid then eliminates Mitchell with a stunner.

Palmer lands a frog splash to eliminate Yuta.

Kincaid hit a Michinoku Driver off his shoulders to eliminate Palmer.

It is down to Kincaid and Silvio.

Kincaid uses a modified dragon sleeper to defeat Silvio and wins the FRAY.

Winner: Jason Kincaid at 14:31

This match made my head spin as it was so fast with all the entrances and elimination and Trevin Adams deserves a medal for calling this match so well.


Fox hits a shooting star off the edge of the apron to the floor.

Crist is seated in the corner and Fox comes off the turnbuckle with a coast-to-coast dropkick. Fox threatens to suplex him to the floor and Crist blocks and hits a pair of draping neck breakers off the ropes. Crist puts Fox in the three of woe and he comes off the turnbuckle with his own coast-to-coast dropkick.

Crist draped Fox on the top turnbuckle and dropped him with a cutter off the turnbuckle.

Crist hit his rotating DDT and Fox kicked out of it.

Crist kicked out of the Foxcatcher and a 450 splash.

Crist grabbed Fox with a Greco Roman knuckle lock, went to the top and leaped off into a cutter and got the victory and wins the tournament.

Winner: Dave Crist at 13:19

All the participants came out and shook hands with Crist.


This seemed like an awful set of conditions for the talent to work in and the fans to sit through given the weather.

The talent worked hard and I felt Anthony Henry and Fred Yehi had the best match of the show with their 30:00 draw.

The FRAY was just a blur with way too many participants and eliminations in such a short amount of time that nothing was digestible and you were just trying to keep up with the rapid pace.

These will be regular shows on FloSlam and it will build to the ultimate tournament at the end of the year with all the winners.