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John Pollock / May 13, 2012 - 2:25pm

**Tonight is the TNA ‘Sacrifice’ pay-per-view from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and kicks off at 8pm EST. We have a full preview of the show up on the site but here is a quick look at the card tonight:
*Bobby Roode Vs Rob Van Dam in a Ladder Match for the TNA Title
*Kurt Angle Vs A.J. Styles
*Magnus & Samoa Joe Vs Kazarian & Christopher Daniels for the Tag Titles
*Austin Aries Vs Bully Ray
*Jeff Hardy Vs Mr. Anderson
*Gail Kim Vs Brooke Tessmacher for the Knockout’s Title
*Devon Vs Robbie E Vs Robbie T for the Television Title

**Tonight The LAW starts at MIDNIGHT EST due to the NHL playoffs on TSN Radio. Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski and Jason Agnew will be hitting the air chatting TNA ‘Sacrifice’ and we will also be welcoming Dick ‘The Destroyer’ Beyer to chat about his recent biography and historical career. Dave Meltzer will stop by from the ‘Wrestling Observer Newsletter’, Title Bout Trivia and more. Tune in tonight at Midnight EST on TSN 1050 Toronto (the show will still be two-hours and we will be back to our 11pm EST start time next Sunday night).

**The WWE ‘Raw’ tapings take place in Pittsburgh on Monday and the ‘Smackdown’ tapings are in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night.

**I have a write-up on my thoughts from the ROH ‘Border Wars’ on Saturday night in Toronto. I would estimate the crowd was in the 1,200 – 1,300 range and the largest attendance they have had in Toronto with the exception of their first show in the market back in July 2008 that did around 2,000. The live show was excellent and one of the best cards of the year featuring Kevin Steen winning the ROH Title and the crowd was awesome throughout the entire show, the matches were paced very well and at 3.5 hours with the intermission included the show never dragged in my opinion. The negative was obviously the iPPV issues that tons of people incurred with the inability to log in to the site as the show began and shut out for most of the show but it seems the site stabilized for the final two matches. There was tons of outrage online and I was pelted by viewers on Twitter voicing their displeasure and that they would never order a ROH show again.

Despite the great show I think you have to classify the night as a big step back for the company rather than a solid step forward, which is what this show could have been with the pay off of Steen finally winning the title. It’s going to be a long road to forgiveness among their core audience to get their iPPV business back to stable levels with three shows in a row marred by technical problems. Coming out of WrestleMania weekend they at least could place the blame on GFL and going to a new company, that card has now been played and the heat is on the company with a ‘fool me once...’ feeling amongst their fans.

If I was Jim Cornette, Joe Koff and the ROH staff I would be going out my way to make a public statement regarding the issues and a believable solution for their next show (and for the record we have reached out to have someone from the front office on The LAW to address the problems). I would also bite the bullet and offer ‘Border Wars’ for free on YouTube and write this show off as a big loss with the hope of creating goodwill to your most loyal fans. The positive was this was an awesome show and you want as many people to watch this show as possible in the hopes that it creates a tide moving forward with Steen as your hot commodity and the feeling of a new era within the company.

Fans are willing to forgive but it’s going to take a lot on the part of ROH and the first casualty will likely be the ‘Best in the World’ show on June 24th, which I expect to be really hurt on iPPV. The last thing you want to do is give fans a viable reason to pirate and steal your product and with fans being burned that is what has been created.

**ROH has posted ‘Border Wars’ up on their website and is available for $14.95 and have offered refunds to those that had technical problems last night.

**EVOLVE held two iPPV events this past weekend from Charlotte on Friday night and Concord on Saturday night. Gabe Sapolsky was on Twitter last night retweeting fans displeasure with the ROH situation but he later clarified he was not trying to gloat and felt that iPPV is the future of the business and they need to create fan’s trust in ordering an iPPV and they are all attached to the same tide, which is accurate – it does no promotion any good for ROH to fail. Here are the results from the Saturday night show for EVOLVE 13, which received very good reviews:
*AR Fox over Samuray Del Sol, Jigsaw and Ricochet to earn a title shot later in the night against Johnny Gargano for the Open the Freedom Gate Title
*Silas Young over Adam Page
*Caleb Konley over Kyle Matthews
*Alex Reynolds over Jake Manning
*Low Ki over Jon Davis
*Chuck Taylor over Mike Cruz
*El Generico over Sami Callihan
*Johnny Gargano over AR Fox to keep the Open the Freedom Gate Title

TNA Sacrifice 2011
May 11th 2011
Orlando, Florida
*Mexican America over Ink Inc
*Brian Kendrick over Robbie E
*Mickie James over Madison Rayne to keep the Knockout’s Title and free Tara from her contract with Rayne
*Kazarian over Max Buck to keep the X Division Title
*Crimson over Abyss
*Beer Money over Chris Harris & Matt Hardy to keep the Tag Titles
*Tommy Dreamer over A.J. Styles in a No DQ Match
*Kurt Angle & Chyna over Jeff & Karen Jarrett
*Sting over Rob Van Dam to keep the TNA Title

(John Pollock, Wai Ting and Nate Milton chat AJ/Dixie scandal, ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘The Avengers
(Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski and John Pollock preview the ROH iPPV coming up Saturday night in Toronto)

(John Pollock and Wai Ting review the card from Ft. Lauderdale and chat with Michael Elgin about his MOTY candidate on the show)

(The voice of ROH chats ‘Border Wars’, returning to Toronto and iPPV challenges)

(John Pollock and Wai Ting review 'Raw' from Monday night featuring the return of Paul Heyman)

(The LAW welcomes Kevin Steen and Lance Storm plus Dave Meltzer, your phone calls and a TNA debate)



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