Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 47 Live Play-by-Play

Cody Saftic / June 2, 2012 - 5:30pm

Programming Reminder: Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 47 is LIVE on Fight Network from 4-6 p.m. ET.

-Mike Hayes vs. D.J. Linderman (heavyweight title)

Round 1:

Referee signals the beginning of the round and this heavyweight title fight in underway. Linderman the aggressor early as Hayes circles away. Big right hand lands for Linderman but Hayes unfazed. Both men continue to circle as Linderman switches from orthodox to southpaw. Couple wild punches from Linderman and he shoots in for a takedown. Hayes stuffs the shot but gets tagged with a few punches by Linderman. Big kick by the champ but he’s having trouble gauging the speed of his opponent. Linderman fakes the spinning back fist and again shoots in on the champ. Linderman can’t get Hayes down but scoring points along the fence. Hayes looking for a guillotine but Linderman slips out of it. Back in the center of the cage now and Linderman throws a flashy kick as time expires. 10-9 Linderman.

Round 2:

Linderman comes out hot for the start of the second round as he backs up Hayes with punches. Linderman gets Hayes up against the fence but the champ shrugs him off. Hayes tries to throw some strikes of his own but Linderman being far more active. Big exchange by both men in the center of the cage as the round nears the midway point. Spinning back fist lands for Linderman who continues to use his speed advantage to frustrate the champ. Hayes now with a big kick but he’s struggling to put together combinations. Another kick for Hayes but he slips momentarily. Back on the feet and Linderman pins him up along the fence. 10-9 Linderman.

Round 3:

Round three underway and Linderman quickly puts Hayes back against the fence. Linderman looking for a single-leg but Hayes hits him with a knee. Hayes with a couple jabs that land but nothing seriously hurting the California native. Linderman now comes forward but he eats two big punches before shooting in again for a takedown. Linderman finally succeeds and get the champ to the ground as he settles into half guard. Hayes looking for a kimura on the left arm but Linderman too savvy to get caught in the move. In guard now, both men not doing a whole lot as fatigue starts to settle in. Linderman moves to half-guard and goes for a calf-slicer as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Linderman.

Round 4:

Championship round starts and it's Linderman who goes back to his game plan of putting Hayes against the fence. Hayes returns to the center of the cage and lands a couple of solid counter punches. Wild combination for Linderman, who then changes levels and takes down the champion. Hayes working to stand back up but Linderman relentless in holding him down. Linderman stands now and begins to kick the thighs of Hayes. Hayes tries to stand quickly but Linderman jumps on him. Finally back up again is Linderman and the referee tells Hayes to stand. Wild exchange of punches by both men as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Linderman.

Round 5:

Fifth and final round underway and it's Linderman who charges forward with strikes. Hayes backs himself into the cage, which allows Linderman to take him down. Hayes’ corner urging him to get up and he does. Back on the feet now as both men landing single strikes. Linderman again looking for a single-leg, but can’t complete it. Hayes charges forward and takes Linderman down for the first time in the fight. Three minutes left in the round and the champion Hayes needs a finish here to retain his crown, but Linderman shrimps out and gets back up. Leg kicks by the challenger but Hayes comes forward with a few good punches. Linderman gets the champ back against the fence and begins to dish out some foot stomps. Hayes with an outside trip and he again gets Linderman down. Linderman trying to stand but gives up his back in the process. Hayes a little too high on his opponent, who slips out and gets out of danger as the fight comes to a close. 10-9 Hayes.

Winner: D.J. Linderman via Unanimous Decision (49-47, 49-46, 48-47)

-Dave Hill vs. Conor McGregor (vacant featherweight title)

Round 1:

McGregor looking intense in the staredown and starts the fight the same way. McGregor throws some heavy strikes early and then stuff a Hill takedown. Against the cage now as both men clinch up. McGregor separates now and gets going with his superior striking, mixing up punches and kicks. Hill shoots in again but the Irishman is having none of it. McGregor in Hill's guard now and he gets caught in an omoplata momentarily before passing to side control. McGregor landing some big ground and pound from the top now, but Hill scrambles back to his feet. Both men separate and McGregor begins to taunt his opponent in between strikes. Big left to the body sets up a head kick, but Hill showing off resiliency as he stands back up. McGregor starting to get comfortable as he lands at will on the Englishman. Hill slips now and McGregor follows him to the mat. He takes Hill’s back and sinks in a tight rear-naked choke, but runs out of time as the round comes to an end. 10-9 McGregor.

Round 2:

Round two kicks off and McGregor quickly floors his opponent again. The local crowd loves the dominance of their fighter as McGregor follows Hill to the ground and mounts him. Hill able to get back to guard and uses the rubber guard. Hill tries for the omoplata again, but loses it. Hill using an underhook in an attempt to escape, but McGregor is too powerful for him as he continues to land punches and elbows from the top. McGregor looks for a guillotine, but opts to pass to mount. A minute-and-a-half left in the second round as McGregor switches from the mount and takes the back of his opponent. Working for the rear-naked choke again is McGregor and this time Hill won’t be saved by the clock. McGregor picks up the vacant featherweight title with his first-ever career submission.

Winner: Conor McGregor via Submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:10, Round 2

-Aisling Daly vs. Rosi Sexton (female tournament semifinal)

Round 1:

First round underway and Daly wastes no time getting in Sexton’s face. Sexton clinches up and gets Daly against the fence. Both women jockeying for position but Sexton uses a beautiful high crotch to take her opponent down. Sexton in side control now as she lands short punches, but Daly shows off her ground game quickly snatching up her arm. Daly working the submission hard but Sexton gets out and resumes pounding her foe. Daly again looking to set up a submission but Sexton having none of it as she continues to pour down the ground and pound. Once again it’s Daly who grabs a hold of an arm. Although it looks tight, Sexton manages to escape every time. Sexton now takes the back of Daly but it's short-lived as Daly works her way back to her feet. Back to standing and both women clinch along the fence as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Sexton.

Round 2:

Second round begins with both women quickly clinching up. Failed takedown by Sexton allows Daly to momentarily land on top, but the English fighter eventually reverses it and ends back up in Daly’s guard. Sexton looking to open up, but she's cautious of Daly’s ground game after surviving multiple submission attempts in the first round. Sexton moves to side control now but not offering much in terms of damage to her opponent. Daly takes advantage of some space and kicks off Sexton long enough to return to her feet. Back to standing, but Sexton wisely shoots in for another takedown. Back in side control and Sexton sets up a guillotine choke before eventually giving up on the move as the second frame comes to an end. 10-9 Sexton.

Round 3:

Quick punches by Daly to start the final frame. Sexton shoots in but gets caught in a tight guillotine choke. Daly squeezing hard to finish the move, but Sexton shows off her durability and somehow escapes. Sexton is mounted by Daly and she scrambles to explode back to her feet and immediately takes Daly down. Daly looks for the guillotine choke again gut gives up on it and settles into guard. Both women showing off a high level of grappling as they continue to reverse each other’s positions until Daly wisely stands back up. Two minutes left in the final round as both fighters continue to exchange positions along the fence. Sexton again looking for the single-leg takedown, but Daly proves hard to take down late. Short elbows land for Daly, but it’s too little too late. 10-9 Sexton for a 30-27 victory on Fight Network's card.

Winner: Rosi Sexton via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

-Cathal Pendred vs. David Bielkheden

Round 1:

Pendred opens up quickly with an uppercut that lands. The Irishman now stalks Bielkheden around the cage and lands a crushing left that sends the Brazilian Top Team product to the mat. Big ground and pound now from Pendred but Bielkheden remains calm off his back. Couple of nice right hands from Pendred, but he ultimately stands up. Back on the feet now and both men exchanging punches. Nice shots landing for the local fighter that forces Bielkheden to shoot in for a takedown. Not much effort as the Swedish-born Bielkheden scores the takedown and quickly puts his black belt to work as he applies a tight kimura, but time runs out and the UFC vet is forced to give up the move. 10-10 round because of the submission attempt.

Round 2:

Both men touch gloves as the second round gets underway. Pendred throws a wild punch and quickly clinches up with the Swede.  Not much going in clinch so both men separate. Pendred slowing down as Bielkheden stalks him around the cage. Out of nowhere, a huge head kick lands for Pendred, who once again crumbles his opponent. Wisely, he steps back and allows Bielkheden to stand. Back on the feet, the Brazilian Top Team product seems to have recovered well from his second knockdown. Takedown for Bielkheden no good, but Pendred answers with a double leg of his own that gets the Swede down. Bielkheden sweeps now and gets back to his feet before scoring with a quick takedown of his own to end the round. 10-9 Cathal Pendred.

Round 3:

Round three underway and Bielkheden smiles at the Irsishmen. Big left lands for Bielkheden that drops Pendred. Bielkheden on top now looking to pass guard which he easily does. Back to the kimura he couldn’t finish in round one but he lets it go to move to mount. The Swede looks to posture up from mount, but Pendred shrugs him off and explodes back to his feet. Back standing momentarily, but Bielkheden wastes no time getting the fight back to the mat. In guard now and Bielkheden lands short punches as the crowd cheers on both warriors. 1:30 left in the round and Pendred is completely spent as he looks to survive off his back. Referee stands both men up with a minute left. Bielkheden desperately looking to finish but is too tired. Pendred shoots for a takedown late, but it's stuffed as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Bielkheden. Fight Network has it a draw after three rounds.

Winner: Cathal Pendred via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-28)

-Mark Platts vs. Neil Seery

Round 1:

Both men touch gloves and this featherweight contest in underway. Quick exchanges by both men as they size each other up. Left hand lands for Platts but Seery answers. Big right by Seery now followed by a left that sends the Englishman to the canvas. Ground and pound now coming from the hometown favorite but Platts recovers and gets back to his feet. Both men clinched along the cage now as Platts tries desperately to get the fight to the ground. Takedown lands for Platts now but Seery is quick to get back up. Seery on the attack now as both men exchange uppercuts and hooks from the Thai clinch. Back to the center of the cage and Seery utilizes the left hand again to rock Platts. Inside leg kick a little off the target and Seery goes down from the low blow. He quickly shakes it off though and both men resume throwing wild punches as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Neil Seery.

Round 2:

Round two underway and the local boy Seery lands a big body kick. Both men throwing a lot of punches but not much landing. Platts now shoots for a takedown but Seery showing off good takedown defense as he gets his hips out. Seery now on the attack landing almost at will on his foe and Platts slips to the mat. Seery on top now using his ground and pound while trying to take the back of his opponent. He eventually gets both hooks in and slips in the fight-ending rear-naked choke.

Winner: Neil Seery via Submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2

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