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John Pollock / June 13, 2012 - 4:19pm

**The latest edition of Review a Wai is up on the site with Wai Ting and myself reviewing the WCW ‘Clash of the Champions 28’ event from August of 1994 featuring Hulk Hogan’s first televised match with WCW defending the WCW Title against Ric Flair. The show also featured the last televised match with Ricky Steamboat until 2009 plus Antonio Inoki faces off with Lord Steven Regal and a music video release. You can download the show at or off of iTunes. 

**The ‘Raw’ rating from Monday night’s three-hour show was a success with the return of Vince McMahon yielding a 3.2 rating over the course of the three-hours and averaged 4,620,000 viewers over the course of the entire show. If you factor out the first hour the show would have done a 3.46 rating and 4,980,000 viewers. The number is up from last week’s 2.92 rating and the prior week’s 2.7. The first hour on Monday averaged 3,900,000 viewers and grew steadily with 4,880,000 in the second hour and 5,080,000 in the third hour. The show did have a self contained story based around whether John Laurinaitis will be fired or not but the pay off sending you to the pay-per-view (whether they did a good enough job to draw people to pay for that stipulation, which they are just coming off of from ‘Over the Limit’ is another question) and this provides evidence that a show long story arc will grow the audience if it’s something they are invested in and in this instance they were. I’m all for three-hour shows on a quarterly basis with a theme or reason but the big test will be not what ‘Raw’ can draw on July 23rd because that show will have a huge amount of promotion behind it and lots of stars from the past brought back but the test will come in September when you have the NFL back and we are two-months into the three-hour experiment and if the audience gets burned out by so much WWE product on one night and won’t be able to hotshot a return of someone like Vince McMahon every week.  

**It was on this date in 2009 that the legendary Mitsuharu Misawa died during a tag match in Hiroshima, Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH. Misawa was teaming with Go Shiosaki and took an errant suplex from Akitoshi Suzki (who was teaming with the late Bison Smith) and went into cardiac arrest and was shortly thereafter pronounced dead. Misawa was a heavyweight player not only in the ring but also behind the scenes when he orchestrated the largest exodus of talent from a promotion when he left All Japan Pro Wrestling in the spring of 2000 to form Pro Wrestling NOAH and brought the majority of the roster (including notables Kenta Kobashi and rising star Jun Akiyama) to form the new company after a fall out between Misawa and Motoko Baba (who took over the operation of AJPW when her husband Shohei ‘Giant’ Baba passed away in 1999). Misawa accolades included an incredible twenty-four 5-star matches from the ‘Wrestling Observer Newsletter’, five matches of the year, three times awarded the Wrestler of the Year honor and an inductee into the inaugural Observer Hall of Fame class in 1996. 

**TNA has announced on their website that they will be holding another Bound for Glory Series tournament this year with the 12 participants to be confirmed on Thursday night’s edition of Impact with a Gauntlet Match and theoretically set up the seeds of #1-12. The actual matches will have point breakdowns with a submission win worth 10 points, pinfall is 7 points, countout win is 5 points, DQ win is 3 points, a draw is 2 points and a DQ loss is minus 10 points. Each wrestler will face one another once over the course of the tournament so that means each will have a total of eleven matches (unlike last year where a big complaint was certain guys didn’t have the same amount of matches and was extremely confusing to follow). The final night of the round robin matches will be the September 6th edition of ‘Impact’ and then there will be a one night playoff at the September 9th ‘No Surrender’ pay-per-view and the winner of the tournament receives the TNA Title shot at ‘Bound for Glory’ in October. 

**Here is the current card for this Sunday’s WWE ‘No Way Out’ event in East Rutherford, New Jersey:
*John Cena Vs Big Show in a Steel Cage Match (If Cena loses he is fired, if Show loses than John Laurinaitis is fired)
*CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Kane for the WWE Title
*Sheamus Vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Title
*Christian Vs Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title
*David Otunga Vs Brodus Clay in the YouTube pre-show match

**This Sunday night on The LAW we will be giving away tickets to the June 23rd and 24th TNA live events in Oshawa and Hamilton so tune in to win at 11pm EST on TSN 1050 Toronto and online here to listen live.

**Cody Rhodes speaks to about ‘Avengers Vs X-Men’, No Way Out and more. 

**Wrestler’s Rescue is attempting to raise money for James ‘Kamala’ Harris as he incurs numerous medical bills. Jeff Jarrett has donated an autographed acoustic guitar, which they are raffling off at


**The UFC has announced that they will induct Tito Ortiz into their Hall of Fame on the weekend of July 7th to coincide with his fight against Forrest Griffin at UFC 148 that weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Ortiz is going into this third bout with Griffin with a 16-10-1 record but only a 1-6-1 mark dating back to December 2006. Ortiz was one of the most important fighters when it came to the growth of the company winning the vacant Light Heavyweight Title in a fight with Wanderlei Silva in 2000 and proceeded to hold the title until September 2003 where he dropped a unification bout with interim champion Randy Couture. During the dark days of the company from 1999-2005 Ortiz was one of the few marquee names the company had, who became the poster boy for the company. One of the most important fights in UFC took place at UFC 40 in November 2002 where Ortiz stopped Ken Shamrock in a fight that did 150,000 buys on pay-per-view (the highest since Zuffa bought the company and a number that wouldn’t be matched until a February 2005 bout between Ortiz and Vitor Belfort). It was the 2002 grudge fight between Ortiz and Shamrock that proved the UFC could be a PPV commodity in its present form as there were numerous times that Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta considered selling the company. Ortiz and Shamrock would blow away that number after a successful season as coaches of TUF in 2006 where Ortiz and Shamrock fought at the conclusion of the season at UFC 61 and did an unheard of figure at the time of 775,000 buys in July of 2006 and with a controversial stoppage led to a third fight on Spike TV in October 2006 that established the UFC as a heavyweight television property where they did incredible numbers going against the MLB playoffs. Following that fight Ortiz fought Chuck Liddell in a losing effort at UFC 66 in December of 2006 in the first card that hit 1,000,000 buys for the company. The legacy of Tito Ortiz and the business he helped generate for the UFC cannot be understated and anyone looking at his record over the past six-years misses the point of what Ortiz meant to the company. 

**The UFC on FX 3 card this past Friday averaged 1,100,000 viewers headlined by Demetrious Johnson Vs Ian McCall. The FUEL TV preliminary fights averaged 84,000 viewers. 

**Johnson and McCall were the only fighters drug tested from this past Friday’s card and their tests came back negative.

**In an interview with Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports UFC President Dana White confirmed that the next season of TUF would revert back to a taped format and abandon the live format they adopted for their debut season on FX. White said that the live format didn’t allow them to delve enough into the stories of the fighters but if he is not happy with the next season of TUF he believes FX will allow them to move the series to either a Wednesday or Thursday night. The next season of TUF will feature all welterweights and will begin with tryouts in three-weeks for a September debut with no coaches announced yet for the series. 

**Bibiano Fernandes has commented publicly that he was in negotiations with the UFC but never officially signed nor will he be fighting at UFC 149 on July 21st where he had been scheduled to fight Roland Delorme. I don’t know how this one fell through the cracks where Delorme had been contacted and agreed to the fight prior to Fernandes physically signing an UFC contract. 

**Demetrious Johnson will be undergoing surgery for a hernia as early as this week and will keep him out of action for at least a month and likely postpone his Flyweight Title fight with Joseph Benavidez until after the summer. 

**Brett Rogers will be fighting Kevin Asplund in his Bellator debut on June 22nd in a non-tournament bout. The same card will feature the quarter-finals of the Bellator Light Heavyweight tournament. 

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