WWE Money in the Bank Report

John Pollock / July 15, 2012 - 7:53pm

Welcome to The LAW's coverage of WWE 'Money in the Bank' event from the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The pre-show featured Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeating Hunico and Camacho to keep the Tag Titles in a short match. The crowd was into it for what it was.  

The show opens with a video recapping all the past MITB winners and resulting in a new champion every time the contract has been cashed in.

The show kicks off with the 'Smackdown' Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Dolph Ziggler Vs Santino Marella Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Tyson Kidd Vs Sin Cara Vs Christian Vs Damian Sandow Vs Tensai in the 'Smackdown' Money in the Bank Ladder Match 

Sin Cara and Dolph Ziggler had a scary spot where it looked like Cara was going for the Flux Capacitor the Maximos used to do off the top and lost their balance but landed okay

Christian missed Rhodes with a frog splash landing on the ladder

Kidd took Tensai to the floor with a huracanrana over the top rope and allowed Sandow and Christian to fight back and forth up the ladder and Christian went for a spear but was kicked by Sandow before he could hit it and they continued to fight and Christian speared him on his second try onto the ladder

Ziggler and Rhodes race up the ladder and exchange punches until Tensai pulls down both and climbs as Kidd springboards onto the ladder but gets knocked down - Kidd has looked great in the match thus far

Marella tosses Christian to the floor and lays out Ziggler with a hip toss and head butt and then the cobra on Ziggler and climbs the ladder, uses the cobra on Sandow on the ladder and then Rhodes knocks him off the ladder

Rhodes begins to climb and Vickie starts climbing and allows Ziggler to attack Rhodes and the crowd is excited for Ziggler but Christian cuts him off

Tensai sets a ladder up between the ring and announce table and power bombs Sin Cara onto it and then Ziggler gets sent into the announce booth and flies into them

The finish comes with Christian climbing after knocking down Marella but Ziggler comes and knocks him off and grabs the briefcase at 18:29

Josh Mathews is with Sheamus, who does a long promo comapring himself to a car - crowd was at the edge of their seats

The Miz returned and said he had been filming a movie and has added himself to the Raw MITB match later tonight and will win

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Title

Del Rio immediately goes after the arm and Del Rio with the advantaghe as crowd isn't into things early 

Del Rio runs into a Sheamus boot

Sheamus sling shots into the ring and takes a single arm DDT in mid-air by Del Rio and Sheamus fights back with shots to the chest on the apron and then the Irish Curse for a two-count 

Sheamus misses the brogue kick into the ropes and Del Rio with a back cracker for a two-count

Del Rio went for a running enzigiri in the corner and they totally messed it up and missed and Sheamus just went to the finish with the Irish Curse and Brogue kick for the win at 14:24

After the match Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez beat down Sheamus and Ziggler comes out to cash in his briefcase but Sheamus gets up and brogue kicks him in the head before Ziggler cashes it in

They air an interview with Daniel Bryan from the pre-show and says he will win the title and AJ tonight

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth come out in suits and then AW comes out to introduce the Prime Time Players and refer to them as 'dem boys'

Darren Young & Titus O'Neil Vs Epico & Primo

Epico with a dive to all three on the floor 

O'Neil runs Epico into the post on the floor and they work him over in their corner

The crowd is dead for this match and they do a spot where Rosa Mendes dances on the floor

Primo rolls up Darren Young for the win at 7:11

AW yells that they are still the #1 contenders and get in the face of Kingston and Truth at ringside and they toss water at AW and are separated

A video for the WWE Title match airs and then Matt Striker interviews AJ and says she will be fair and gets emotional talking about CM Punk and calls him an 'amazing human being' and Daniel Bryan is her first love even though he is using her and says she doesn't know how she feels about both of them

CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan with AJ as the Guest Referee for the WWE Title

Early in the match Punk hits a suicide dive to the floor and plays to the crowd and then they fight up the aisle

They do a spot where AJ is knocked down on the floor and they take her to the back

They fight around the ring and Punk sprinboards off the barricade with a clothesline to Bryan on the floor

Punk pulls out a table and then a kendo stick but Bryan gets the kendo stick as they get back into the ring and Bryan attacks him with it repeatedly but then misses with a splash off the top rope

They do an exchange of kicks and then forearms in the middle of the ring with Punk taking over and hits the running knee and bulldog and calls for the GTS but it is blocked on the first try and then goes for it again and Bryan with a rana into a roll up for a two-count

Bryan with an inverted surf board but Punk gets one leg free and grabs the kendo stick and attacks Bryan with it

AJ runs back out with both men down and is smiling and then pulls out a chair and places it between them and both go for it with Bryan getting the chair and using it over and over and AJ counts two

Bryan delivers a series of kicks in the chest but Punk comes back with a clothesline and picks up the chair

Bryan goes for the kendo stick but AJ steps on it and Bryan turns around into a head kick and scoop slams him onto a chair and goes for a top rope elbow drop but Bryan moves and Punk lands on the chair and Bryan applies the YES lock using the kendo stick but Punk breaks free using the kendo stick and hits the GTS but Bryan kicks out

Punk puts Bryan on a table and climbs to the top and Bryan hops off and crotches Punk, Punk stops Bryan on the top and drives down elbows to Bryan and suplexes Bryan off the top through the table and Punk gets on top for the win at 27:46

A video promoting Tout airs

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks Vs Ryback 

Ryback dead lifts Hawkins and powerbombs him before sending him to the floor and hits Reks with THE MEAT HOOK (clothesline) and lifts Reks for the SHELL SHOCK for thewin at 4:22 

They air another Raw moment featuring Chris Jericho's debut in 1999 with The Rock in Chicago

Layla & Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka Vs Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Phoenix runs at Kaitlyn in the ropes and misses and Kaitlyn tags in Layla and misses a spin kick and gets military pressed but turns it into a roll up for a two

All the women fight in the ring and ends with Tamina super kicking Phoenix and Layla hits her finish for the win at 3:25

John Cena Vs Chris Jericho Vs Kane Vs Big Show Vs The Miz in the 'Raw' Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Big Show and Kane clear the ring and go abck and forth until Show is sent to the floor and Cena delivers the AA to Show through the Spanish table and then they bury him with ladders

They do a double five knuckle shuffle spot with Cena delivering it to Miz and Jericho on a ladder

Show finally emerges from under the ladders and eventually pulls out the biggest ladder I have ever seen and setsit up in the middle of the ring

Show fights off Kane and Cena from the ladder but Jericho attacks Show with a chair

Jericho and Cena climb the big ladder and Cena gets him on his shoulders but Jericho turns it into a sleeper and Jericho eventually drops Cena and Miz climbs up as they fight for the briefcase and then Big Show climbs up and hits the KO punch to Jericho and knocks down Miz as Cena climbs up and uses the briefcase to knock Show away and the briefcase breaks off in Cena's hands and he wins at 20:04.

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