WWE SummerSlam Report

John Pollock / August 19, 2012 - 7:48pm

Welcome to The LAW's coverage of WWE 'SummerSlam' from the Staples 

The pre-show kicked off with Josh Mathews interviewing Big Show and he is promising to win the title tonight

Santino Marella Vs Antonio Cesaro for the U.S. Title

Marella lost his cobra and then pulled out another but got distracted by Aksana and allowed Cesaro to hit The Neutralizer, which is a Gotch piledriver into a front slam for the win and is the new champion

Triple H meets with Scott Armstrong and tells him not to disqualify or count out either Lesnar or himself, the match will be a fight and end with either a tap or a pinfall and Armstrong was not allowed to speak

The pay-per-view begins all built around Brock Lesnar and Triple H

Michael Cole welcomes us to 'the silver anniversary of SummerSlam' and then his next point he makes is the first show taking place in 1988 - call it "WWE Math"

Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler Vs Chris Jericho

Jericho is wearing 'Y2J 2012' trunks

Ziggler gets the advantage after both go to the floor

Jericho comes off he turnbuckle with an axe handle and Ziggler hits the rocker dropper for a two-count and crowd is doing the back and forth chants for both

Ziggler counters the Walls of Jericho and then Jericho with an enzigiuri for a two-count

Ziggler with a sleeper hold and Jericho puts him on the top rope and hits ten punches and then a top rope huracanrana to Ziggler

Ziggler gets the knees up for the Lionsault and Ziggler with a Zig Zag for a near fall and the crowd explodes

Jericho comes back with a Code Breaker and Ziggler rolls to the floor

Ziggler gets a small package after Vickie distracts and grabs Jericho's leg and Ziggler is sent into the post shoulder first and Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho for the win at 13:07

They replay the angle with Lesnar breaking Shawn Michaels' arm

Matt Striker is with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman and Heyman discusses Hunter wanting this to be a 'fight to the finish' and his client will break the spirit of WWE and ends with Lesnar saying this is a fight Hunter can't win and Heyman says 'if you ain't down with that, we have two words for you - tap out'

Daniel Bryan Vs Kane

Bryan attacks the left leg of Kane and follows up a few minutes later with a suicide dive and then missile dropkick off the top when Kane gets back in the ring 

The fans chant 'Yes' as Bryan kicks Kane repeatedly

Kane comes back with a top rope clothesline and goes for a choke slam that Bryan blocks and escapes the ring and comes back and slaps Kane before Kane beats him down

Bryan goes to the top rope for a splash but Kane catches him and choke slams Bryan but he recovers and as Kane goes for the tombstone Bryan turns into a small package and pins Kane at 8:01 

Kane is going crazy in the back and Mathews approaches him and asks "Mr. Kane" and kane asks where HE is and Mathews says HE left and Kane throws Mathews into Nevada 

A PSA against drinking and driving airs

Rey Mysterio is out dressed as Batman and Miz comes out to his AWESOME blow up block letters he used at WrestleMania last year

The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Title

Mysterio gets dropped ribs first onto the barricade on the floor

Miz with the heat and hits a running clothesline in the corner and then bounces Mysterio off the top rope and executes a sit out powerbomb 

Mysterio with a DDT and then hits a 619 for a big reaction and goes for a frog splash but misses, Miz attempts the Skull Crushing Finale and Mysterio counters for a near fall and the crowd bites on it

Miz then sends Mysterio into the corner and he rebounds and takes the Skull Crushing Finale and Miz pins him at 9:10

Teddy Long is with Eve and says he feels AJ is doing a great job running 'Raw' and then CM Punk shows up and walks into AJ's office. Punk complains about the three-way match but AJ won't talk and he leaves feeling disrespected

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Title

The two fall to the floor during a collar and elbow tie-up

Sheamus misses a Brogue kick into the ropes and Del Rio sends him to the floor and runs him into the steps

Del Rio with the advantage as the crowd is not engaged in the match

Del Rio mocks Sheamus by beating his chest and Sheamus with an axe handle but then runs shoulder first into the post and then is crotched on the top rope and hits an arm breaker coming off the top rope 

Del Rio applies the arm bar but Sheamus lifts and slams Del Rio to break it and comes back with White Noise for a two-count 

Sheamus beats Del Rio's chest and then puts him in the corner but Sheamus gets dropped on the exposed turnbuckle and Del Rio with a near fall and gets upset and yanks Ricardo into the ring and yells at him. Sheamus gets a hold of Ricardo's shoe when he tries to toss it to Del Rio and Sheamus hits Del Rio with the show and uses the Irish Curse but Del Rio gets his foot on the ropes and the referee misses it and Sheamus wins at 11:20

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth Vs The Prime Time Players for the Tag Titles

A 'Kobe Bryant' chant breaks out at the start of the match

Kingston sells and eventually makes the hot tag to Truth and Titus O'Neil goes over the top to the floor and Kofi hits a plancha to the floor as Young school boys Truth for a two-count 

Truth hits the Little Jimmy for the win and pins Darren Young at 7:08 

They air a piece on the Axxess events and talent visting a children's hospital and all of the local events and parties the company hosted 

CM Punk Vs John Cena Vs Big Show for the WWE Title is next so Lesnar and Hunter will close the show 

Cena gets a lot of boos and Punk comes out wearing pink and black trunks and boots 

Show deliverss chops to both and then vertical suplexes both simultaneously for a good reaction 

Punk delivers a series of kicks and goes for the GTS but cannot lift him and is chopped again

Show with a spear to Cena and sets up both in the corner and climbs up and Punk gets out of the way and Cena takes Vader bomb 

Punk cuts of Cena from delivering the five knuckle shuffle and Punk hits Show with a top rope elbow drop for a two

Punk applies the Koji Clutch on Show and Cena applies the STF at the same time and Show taps and there is a dispute over who should win

AJ comes out and orders the match to be re-started 

Show with a double choke slam but cannot pin either 

Cena hits the AA to Big Show and Punk tosses Cena to the floor and covers how at 12:34 

They show Piers Morgan, David Arquette (with a WCW replica title), Fred Durst, Rick Rubin and Maria Menunos at ringside 

Then we get the Kevin Rudolf performance of 'Don't Give Up' with all of the Divas dancing

Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H

Lesnar goes after the arm right away but Hunter is in the ropes and Hunter comes back and clotheslines him to the floor and Hunter yesll that this isn't UFC

Lesnar takes his gloves off and then takes down Hunter and places the arm behind Hunter and slams him on the announce table on the floor and continues to work over the left arm of Hunter back in the ring

Lesnar hits a german suplex and is bleeding from the nose and gets tosed into the steps on the floor

Lesnar knocks over the Spanish table and balances himself on the edge and hits anaxe handle to Hunter

Hunter sends Lesnar stomach first into the announce table and Lesnar starts selling and they bring up his past diverticulitis problems and this leads to Hunter fighting back and hits a spinebuster and goes for the pedigree but Brock blocks and goes for the F-5, Hunter blocks and hits the pedigree and Hunter kicks out

Lesnar with a low blow but Scott Armstrong won't call it and Lesnar hits an F-5 and Hunter kicks out

Lesnar gets the key lock and pulls guard but Hunter into the ropes and Hunter comes back with a pedigree but as he goes for the pin Lesnar applies the key lock again and Hunter taps at 18:44

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