TNA No Surrender Report

John Pollock / September 9, 2012 - 7:49pm

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA ‘No Surrender’ from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Hardy in the BFG Series Semi-Finals

They head to the floor ealy on with Hardy hitting a flying clothesline off the apron. Back in the ring Joe with a big boot and running senton and wears down Hardy and then hits a tope suicida to the floor.

Joe misses a senton and Hardy with a leg drop to the chest and gets a two-count and then whisper in the wind for a two.

Joe blocks a DDt but Hardy with a twist of fate, Joe gets back to his feet and crotches Hardy on the top rope and goes for a muscle buster but Hardy counters with a roll up and Hardy gets his head lock submission, Joe rolls on top but Hardy counters with a roll up of his own for the win at 12:34.

Jeremy Borash in the back with James Storm and says it his time to be bound for glory and has lived and learned over the past year.

James Storm Vs Bully Ray in the BFG Series Semi-Finals

Ray stalls at the beginning and is slapped by Storm and sells it big as fans chant ‘you got bitch slapped’

Ray gets the advantage as Storm goes for a superkick and misses in the coener and Ray attacks the leg.

Storm with a head butt and powerbomb out of the corner and follow up cross body off the top for a two.

Earl Hebner gets knocked down and Bully hits a Bully bomb and another official runs in and Ray gets two. Ray then misses a senton off the second turnbuckle. Storm then takes out the second official with a flying forearm. Storm with the double knees and again Hebner is knocked down, hits the last call but Hebner is out.

Bobby Roode runs in and hits Storm with a beer bottle and Ray climbs on top and gets the win at 13:53.

Borash in the back and brings Miss Tessmacher and praises Tara for teaching her everything and would not be champion without her and wants to prove the student is better tonight.

Miss Tessmacher Vs Tara for the Knockout’s Title with Taryn Terrell as the Referee

They tell the story of each showing respect but it turns into a brawl with both annoyed at the other.

This fell apart with both missing a bunch of spots and crowd was silent for the majority.

Tessmacher with a roll up to counter the Widow’s Peak and gets the win at 6:35.

Bobby Roode is being taken out in hand cuffs and Hogan wants him to rot in jail. James Storm attacks him and Hogan has both arrested and sent to jail.

Austin Aries comes out and drops the word “bullshit” and calls out The Arm Breaker.

The fight starts with a suicide dive to the floor by Aries and they fight back into the ring. Aries tries to unmask him in the corner but is knocked to the floor.

Aries is throw into the steps as a fan yells “You suck, Gallows”.

Aries is about to take a power bomb and then drops power in the eyes of Arm Breaker Dude.

Aries is dropped on the apron and Arm Breaker gets a chair but Aries with a roll of quarters and hits the brainbuster and the crowd pops big for the end. Aries tries to unmask him (was clearly Luke Gallows) but all the Aces and 8’s ran in and led to locker room emptying.

They all brawled with Jeff Hardy being sent shoulder first into the post and injured as Hogan puts Impact on “Lockdown” so no one can get out.

Zema Ion Vs Sonjay Dutt for the X Division Title

The two have a good back and forth that starts to pick up with Dutt providing a lot of the offense.

Dutt hits a moonsault off the second turnbuckle to the floor on Ion and a springboard splash into the ring for a two count.

Ion blocks a hurricanrana and powerbombs Dutt and applies the Rings of Saturn and play up his shoulder injury from before but Dutt reaches the ropes.

Dutt comes back and lays out Ion but misses moonsault and lands on feet, rolls up Ion for two and they exchange near falls.

Ion is able to lift Dutt and hits the Gori especial for the win.

Hogan says he wants more cops and to beat the Aces and 8’s members and then arrest them.

Jeff Hardy is being tended to by the trainer as Magnus walks in and tells Borash that Jeff Hardy makes bad decisions when it comes to business and he paid the price, just like Rob Van Dam will.

Magnus Vs Rob Van Dam

Magnus is thrown into the barricade on the floor and drapes him on the top of the barricade but misses the spinning leg drop off the apron

Magnus with the advantage and uses a Texas Cloverleaf on Van Dam as he works the leg.

Van Dam goes for a somersault into a monkey flip but cut off by a clothesline, he recovers and comes back with a five start frog splash for the win at 10:09.

Borash is in the back with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian and Kazarian calls him “Jeremiah B” and Daniels goes over a list of how they have been criminally mistreated by TNA including referring to Hogan as “Thunderlips”. Great promo as always.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Vs A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle for the Tag Titles

Angle has his left hamstring all taped up

The heels got the heat on Angle and kept him away from Styles until Angle runs up the corner and suplexes Kazarian off and makes the hot tag.

Styles with a suplex and running forearm to Daniels in the corner, then a quebrada into an inverted DDT for a two-count.

Angle with the blind tag and climbs to the top and hits a splash for a two-count and then brings the straps down and tries for the ankle lock on Daniels.

Styles takes monkey flip from Kazarian but hits a hurricanrana to Daniels before landing and looked awesome.

Angle applied the ankle lock to Daniels from the floor as Styles hit a springboard 450 but Kazarian kicks out for huge near fall spot.

Angle is knocked to the floor and selling the hamstring as Styles goes for a roll up and Daniels splashes the appletini in his face and Kazarian pins Styles at 19:31.

Hogan is with the police and stresses how important the next match is and to make sure Aces and 8’s doesn’t interfere

Bully Ray cuts a fantastic promo about respecting him for reinventing himself and being one of the best tag wrestlers ever and one step away from Bound for Glory

Bully Ray comes and then Jeff Hardy’s music hits but he doesn’t come on the first two tries.

Hulk Hogan comes down and teases the match being off and asks Bully Ray to wait until Thursday but then Hardy’s music hits and he comes out for the match

Bully Ray Vs Jeff Hardy in the Finals of the BFG Series

It was Ray beating down Hardy and working the shoulder over and over but Hardy wouldn’t give up

Hardy fought back with a twist of fate and follow up swanton as he fought back and then did the sequence a second time but couldn’t beat Ray and finally on the third twist of fate and swanton combo he got the win at 12:22 to end the show.

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