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Former K-1 Star Kyotaro Fujimoto Defeats Chauncy Welliver

Corey Erdman / September 20, 2012 - 3:23pm

For quite some time, Chauncy Welliver was making a good living fighting in unusual locations against even more unusual opponents. In 2009, he went to New Zealand and knocked out wrestling champion who had never boxed in his life in the first round. Earlier this year, he fought an elderly Bert Cooper thanks to the “we’ll license anyone” commission in Missouri.

Most recently, he’s been in Asia, losing to Sherman Williams in Macau, where he could a) lose and nobody would notice, and b) make well above the market value for a fight of that magnitude.

However, it seems it’s all come to a screeching halt, as Welliver took on former K-1 Heavyweight Champion Kyotaro Fujimoto in another “gimmick” bout, and came up on the short end of the stick.

The card was not televised, but a friendly fan got a reasonable view of the show and uploaded the footage.

A couple things to watch out for:

  1. The horrendous rendition of the Star Stangled Banner from a local singer. Seriously, just play a recording of Whitney Houston.
  2. Former fringe heavyweight contender Joe “The Boss” Hipp, in the corner of Welliver. So that’s where he’s been.

Click here to watch the fight.

The fight really came down to Kyotaro being in better shape than Welliver. He was faster on his feet, and could throw more punches without getting winded.

Like a lot of former kickboxers, Kyotaro has an issue with leaning back, planting his feet and throwing arm punches when he wants to get off. However, given that it’s only his fifth boxing match, beating Welliver is pretty darn good.

Japan hasn’t had a successful heavyweight fighter of note, but Kyotaro could make some good money in a short period of time if he keeps it up.

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