Impact Wrestling Report for Nov. 8 - Aries Climbs Ladder

Blaine van der Griend / November 9, 2012 - 11:58am

Impact hits the air with the traditional video package, with highlights from last week, focusing on the ongoing Aces and 8s versus TNA storyline.

The former Luke Gallows is in the hot seat of the Aces and 8s clubhouse, being scolded by the spokesman of the group for letting himself get unmasked last week. We learn that Gallows’ new name is DOC (I guess Dopey and Sleepy were taken), which stands for Director of Chaos, and the spokesman says that DOC has one week to prove that he belongs in this group. Devon says that Hogan has made a match for tonight, featuring Sting and Kurt Angle against any two members of Aces and 8s, and he then suggests that he and DOC accept that challenge, so DOC can prove himself.

James Storm comes out to join the announcers for commentary, during the next match.

Match #1: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

TNA has apparently gone crazy with their ads tonight, as there are logos and slogans all over the ring canvas. Roode is smart enough to avoid AJ’s explosive dropkick, but Styles is able to hit it on the rebound. The action spills to the floor, where Roode is whipped into the steps. Roode takes a back body drop in the ring, but comes back with a northern lariat for two. Roode follows up with a blockbuster for two. AJ fires back with the Pele. He then snaps off a top rope hurricanrana for two. Roode responds with the double R spinebuster. He avoids a second Pele attempt and delivers the payoff fisherman’s suplex for two. Roode then grabs a chair on the outside, which prompts Storm to leave the broadcast booth and head to ringside. The distraction by Storm allows AJ to catch Roode on the floor with a plancha. AJ takes exception to Storm getting involved in his match. The two of them argue, and the distraction allows Roode to sweep the rug out from under AJ as he goes for a springboard, and Roode rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode by pinfall

Austin Aries is strutting around backstage like he owns the place, with Jeff Hardy’s former World Title on his shoulder. Hulk Hogan stops him and says that a real champion should win the title, not steal it. Aries says he intends to win the title back, but he doesn’t want to do it in a ladder match. Hogan says Aries isn’t the champion, and he isn’t running the show. He tells Aries that if he doesn’t hand the title back to Jeff Hardy by the end of the night, Hogan will find someone else to give a title shot to at Turning Point.

Kurt Angle is talking to Wes Briscobackstage, as they are approached by Sting (there are tons of people walking through this shot). Sting tries to get Angle psyched for their match with Aces and 8s later.

Joseph Park is in the ring for the next segment. He says it was a great feeling when he took the mask off of DOC last week. Park continues that he wants a match with Aces and 8s. He then pleads with Hulk Hogan to make that happen. Hogan starts saying that it’s too risky to put someone like Park in the ring with Aces and 8s, but he is then interrupted by Bully Ray. Ray says he is sticking up for Joseph Park, because Park has guts and he has heart. Ray then reminds Hogan what Aces and 8s have done to Park, and he says that he believes in Joseph Park. Hogan is finally convinced, but he says just this one time.

Tara and Jesse Godderz are backstage. Tara is admiring Godderz’s bicep, as Godderz is going on and on about how he beat ODB without breaking a sweat last week. ODB interrupts this love fest, and says that she and Eric Young are the real power couple around this place. She says Young isn’t here tonight (which is no different from any other night), but she wants both Tara and Godderz in a handicap match.

AJ Styles is throwing a tantrum in front of the Reaction crew, saying that James Storm had no right to be at ringside during his match. Storm interrupts, and says he was only out there to scout his opposition. Storm takes exception to AJ thinking that he’s the face of Impact Wrestling (which is absolutely false, brother!), and then tells AJ that he’s going to get his face kicked in on Sunday.

Match #2: ODB vs. Tara and Jesse Godderz in a handicap match

ODB dominates the ‘Hollywood couple’ in the early going with open hand slaps. Jesse and Tara finally get the advantage, as Jesse plants ODB with a slam, followed by some trash talk from Tara. ODB fights back with a dropkick to Tara and then a slam for Jesse. She then sends Jesse into the corner and delivers a drop toe hold to Tara, who lands head-first into Jesse’s manhood. ODB follows up with the carpet buster (bronco buster) and then spears Tara for the win.

Winner: ODB by pinfall

After the match, Jesse distracts ODB, which allows Tara to attack her from behind, with ODB’s own flask. Tara then drops her with the widow’s peak. Jesse then proceeds to spill whatever was in that flask on top of ODB.

ODB is leaving another angry voicemail message for Eric Young, trying to explain what just happened to her. She says Young better be there on Sunday (apparently they have a mixed tag match).

The Gut Check judges are backstage, discussing the fate of the latest contestant, Christian York. They all seem pretty impressed.

Match #3: Kurt Angle and Sting vs. Devon and DOC of Aces and 8s

The fight begins on the floor, before the Aces and 8s guys even make it into the ring. Angle immediately sends Devon into the steps, as Sting brings DOC into the ring and drills him with a DDT for two. Aces and 8s gain the advantage, as Devon lands a diving headbutt on Sting. They then drop him with a double clothesline. DOC follows up with a vertical suplex for two. Devon delivers the corkscrew elbow for two. Angle finally gets the hot tag and takes Devon down with a flying forearm. He then delivers a missile dropkick to DOC, and then plants Devon with the Angle slam, but DOC breaks the pin at two. Sting delivers the Scorpion Death Drop to DOC and then applies the Scorpion Deathlock. Devon breaks that up, using Sting’s own baseball bat for the DQ finish.

Winners: Sting and Kurt Angle by disqualification

After the match, Devon sends Angle shoulder-first into the ring post. Bully Ray then runs out and attacks Devon. He sets up a table in the ring, but Devon escapes through the crowd, with Ray chasing after him. DOC goes to pick up Sting, but Sting delivers a low blow, and then attempts to powerbomb the big man through the table. Two other Aces and 8s members run out, and one of them hits Sting in the head with a hammer. DOC then chokeslams Sting through the table and proceeds to beat him unmercifully with the hammer, until Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez run out for the save.

The Gut Check decision is up next. JB introduces Christian York. York says he put forth his best effort last week (I would think your best effort would be a win). Taz says York has a great look and he did a great job last week. He continues that York has the it-factor, and says ‘Yes.’ Pritchard says that York has been in the business for 16 years, but hasn’t yet made it to the big leagues. Pritchard goes on to say that maybe that’s because he had just never been given a chance, so Pritchard says ‘Yes.’ York ends the segment, saying that dreams can come true.

In a very odd segment, Austin Aries walks past a conversation between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan, who both notice him there and just go their separate ways. I don’t know what this was.

Hulk Hogan is on his phone in his office, and is worried about what happened to Sting. He is interrupted by Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. Ryan wants Hogan to congratulate him on winning the X-Division Title. Hogan says he isn’t going to congratulate Ryan on something that hasn’t even happened yet. Matt Morgan is in Hogan’s chair and Hogan tells him that he won’t be allowed at ringside for Ryan’s match at Turning Point against Rob Van Dam. Morgan gets in Hogan’s face and tells him that he has no idea who he’s dealing with.

Match #4: Magnus, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez in a six-man tag team match

Hernandez scoop slams Chavo on top of Daniels and follows up with a big splash for two. Joe then slams Daniels and Chavo comes in with a hilo. Hernandez applies a bearhug and then tosses Daniels with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Chavo delivers a low dropkick for two. The heels get the advantage on Chavo with Kazarian delivering a flip neckbreaker for two. Daniels then hiptossesKaz onto Chavo with a somersault leg drop. Chavo fights back with a tilt-a-whirl flying headscissors to Kaz. Hernandez gets the tag and comes in with a slingshot shoulder block. He then launches Daniels with an even bigger shoulder block and then takes both number one contenders over with a dual vertical suplex. Joe delivers a snap powerslam on Magnus and then aurinage out of the corner, but Daniels breaks the pin at two. Hernandez flies over the top rope with a tope onto Daniels and Kazarian. In the ring, Chavo delivers a handsprings bulldog to Magnus and then tries the frog splash, but Kazarian distracts him, allowing Magnus to knock Chavo off his perch. Joe tries the muscle buster on Magnus, but Daniels cuts him off. Joe then applies the Coquina clutch on Daniels, but Kazarian breaks that up. Daniels and Kazarian drop Joe with the high-low, and Magnus follows up with the flying elbow drop off the top rope for the win.

Winners: Magnus Christopher Daniels and Kazarian by pinfall

Bobby Roode is interviewed by the Reaction crew, and he loves the fact that AJ Styles and James Storm are at each other’s throats. He continues that at Turning Point, he’ll be one step closer to regaining his World Heavyweight Title.

Austin Aries comes to the ring for the final segment. He takes exception to Jeff Hardy referring to himself as the greatest wrestler on planet Earth (I don’t recall this ever happening). Aries says that’s fine, because he is the greatest wrestler in the universe. Aries goes on to say that Hardy is the greatest risk-taker that this business has ever seen. He continues that Turning Point will be the fall that Hardy does not recover from. Aries says he’s going to beat Hardy at his own game at Turning Point. Aries says when he wins the title, he’ll wear the title he holds with pride, and he’s going to take Hardy’s title and melt it down into a belt buckle, so that he can wear Hardy’s face around his crotch. Aries says if Hardy wants his belt, he can come to the ring and take it from Aries. Without hesitation, Hardy runs to the ring and tries the twist of fate, but Aries escapes to the floor. Hardy then calls for the restraint to be lowered, and he places both belts on it. Hardy then poses at the top of the ladder, only to be knocked down by Aries. Aries then delivers the brainbuster, and then scales the ladder and grabs both belts.

Final thoughts:

This show definitely had its ups and downs. It wasn’t a great show, but certainly not a terrible one. I thought the main event six-man tag was really good. I wasn’t too impressed by the opener with Roode and AJ, but that’s mostly because I’ve seen so many better matches between the two. I did like that the Aces and 8s involvement didn’t monopolize the show, as it usually does. At least we saw some progression tonight with that angle. I liked the closing segment with Hardy and Aries, but it didn’t make me any more interested in that match than I already was. I didn’t know what to expect with Jesse Godderz, but he’s actually not a bad character, from what I’ve seen so far. Overall, it wasn’t a bad show. I’d say 6.5 out of 10.


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