TNA Turning Point Report

John Pollock / November 11, 2012 - 7:53pm

Welcome to The LAW's coverage of TNA Turning Point from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

The show starts off with Taz in the middle of the ring to discuss the “Make An Impact” campaign to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Taz brings out Bully Ray and Orlando radio host Buckethead to come out.

Buckethead says they are going to set a Guinness record by having the most people simultaneously text on a live pay-per-view and spells out what to text and gets everyone to text at the same time.

The show then starts with the usual video to open the pay-per-view featuring comments from Hardy and Aries and highlights of the closing angle on Thursday.

Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz are the broadcast team for the night.

Samoa Joe Vs Magnus in a No DQ Match for the Television Title

They start the match fighting on the floor. Tenay brings up Joe being a former ROH Champion and his undefeated streak years ago.   

Joe with the advantage and face wash in the corner as Magnus grabs a chair and throws it as Joe as he goes for a suicide dive and Magnus with the advantage. Joe catches him off turnbuckle with atomic drop.

Magnus goes for armbar but Joe keeps hands clasped. They fight on the turnbuckle with Joe dropped and Magnus with elbow drop from the top and a two-count. Joe runs at Magnus and into a Michinoku driver by Magnus and then follow up top rope elbow drop for another two-count. Magnus runs into uranage by Joe out of the corner.

Joe hits a tornillo dive to the floor as Magnus lets go of the chair upon impact. Back in the ring Joe with the muscle buster but Magnus kicks out. Magnus fire backs and give him the middle finger and Joe applies the Kokina clutch and Magnus tries to fight it but passes out and Joe wins at 12:29.  

Jeremy Borash is in the back with ODB and says she doesn’t know if there will be a match as she hasn’t heard from Eric Young, who then runs in and says a shark ate his phone. He asks for forgiveness and they make out.

ODB & Eric Young Vs Tara & Jesse

Jesse bench presses Tara after they enter the ring.

Jesse gets seated in the corner and ODB with bronco buster and then Young gets in the corner too but ODB gets tripped by Tara.

Tara distracts Taryn Terrell and ODB sprays Jesse in the eye and give a low blow. ODB hip tosses Young and Tenay explains she is trying to get him closer for a tag. ODB with the BAM to Tara and she goes to the floor. Young makes a blind tag and takes his pants off and hits a top rope elbow drop to Jesse for the win at 8:34.

Borash is with James Storm and Storm says tonight is a “turning point” for someone and has been preparing for over a year for this match (which was announced ten-days ago).

Joey Ryan comes out and says Morgan isn’t here but they never listen to Hogan.

Rob Van Dam Vs Joey Ryan for the X Division Title

Taz says that RVD not only has the experience edge but he’s simply more talented – great!

Ryan rolls to the floor to avoid rolling thunder. Back in the ring Van Dam goes to the top but Ryan pops up and shoves him to the barricade on the floor. Ryan follows up with a suicide dive to Van Dam on the floor. Ryan then hits a spike DDT.

Ryan hits a spinning neck breaker off the second rope called the “mustache ride” but Van Dam comes back and hits a standing moonsault for a two. Van Dam wins with the five-star frog splash at 7:46.

Van Dam gets hit by Matt Morgan and the carbon footprint and leaves him laying.

The announcers explain Sting is with an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas and Hogan is with him as well.

Borash is with Joseph Park in the back and cuts a good promo stating he will walk in and walk out as a man tonight and is nervous about the match.

DOC Vs Joseph Park

Park gets a shot in and then to the floor they go and DOC gets a chair but misses and hits the post. Park grabs the hand of DOC and smashes it into the steps.

DOC grabs a hammer but Park with a double leg takedown to stop him. Park grabs the hammer but DOC attacks him from behind. DOC keeps attacking and then Park with comeback and looks tired beyond belief doing so. DOC uses the STEEL SPIKES on his belt as referee’s back is turned and Park is bleeding. Park sees his blood and begins to transform and attacks and hits black hole slam.

DOC get laid through the ropes and Park hits a chair shot but DOC kicks out. DOC gets up and hits a chokeslam for the win at 11:03.

The post match sees DOC continue to attack Park and then gets the hammer but Bully Ray runs down and chases DOC away. Bully Ray helps Park up and raises his hand.

Borash is in the back with Bobby Roode and says he gets back on track tonight without any gimmicks or stipulations (there is actually a pretty heavy stipulation on this match). He says he takes one step closer to regaining the title tonight.

A video for the Tag Title Match airs

Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Vs Christopher Daniels & Kazarian for the Tag Titles

Hernandez and Chavo work over Kazarian with a number of power spots from Hernandez but Daniels pulls him out of the way of a frog splash from Chavo. This leads to Daniels and Kazarian getting Chavo to their corner and attacking his ribs.

Chavo gets draped on the top rope and dropkicked to the floor leading to Daniels and Kazarian doing the Gangnam style dance – this was hilarious.

Chavo finally tags Hernandez and suplexes Daniels out of a bear hug and then splashes him in the corner. Hernandez hits a double clothesline to Daniels and Kazarian and then a big shoulder block to Kazarian. Daniels blocks Hernandez from hitting a tope to the floor and the hit the High-Low for a near fall on Hernandez.

Guerrero back in with dropkick to both heels and hits the three amigos to Kazarian and Daniels and climbs to the top but stopped by Kazarian.

Daniels is put on the shoulders of Hernandez and Guerrero with a crossbody to him off the top rope and pins Daniels at 13:19.

A.J. Styles is with Borash and says it’s been a tough year for him with a lot of distractions and it’s been almost three-years since he has been TNA Champion and that is all the fuel he needs. He says tonight a new chapter begins for him.

Bobby Roode Vs James Storm Vs A.J. Styles

Roode is knocked to the floor right away.

Roode and Storm are in together and exchange a number of chops. Styles then in with Storm and kicks the leg of Storm and then applies a figure-four. Storm sends Styles into Roode on the outside of the apron.

Styles gets thrown into the steps on the floor and is selling his knee.

Storm goes for the Last Call to Roode but Styles with a springboard elbow and a two-count on Storm.

They do a spot where Roode and Storm work together to vertical suplex Styles and tease doing the “Beer Money” chant but they each attack one another.

Storm to the floor and Styles goes for springboard 450 and misses Roode and takes a spear but kicks out. Roode applies the crossface but rolls back for pin attempt on Roode.

Storm returns to the ring with Roode selling and hits the Last Call and hits Styles and pins him at 16:37.

Devon cuts a promo in the Aces and 8’s office about this not being personal towards Kurt Angle and show the board where they threw a dart and landed on him.

Devon Vs Kurt Angle

Devon is trying to go after the neck of Angle and the announcers play up all of Angle’s neck problems in the past.

They zoom in on Devon’s belt and it has metal on it.

Devon climbs and gets suplexed off by Angle running up. Angle then applies the ankle lock but Devon kicks out of it.

Angle countered a powerbomb but slipped and landed on his tailbone and then hits three german suplexes and gets a two-count. Angle climbs to the top but Devon comes under and powerbombs him.

Devon hits a spinebuster but the misses a splash off the top and takes an Angle slam but kicks out.

Aces and 8’s come out and surround the ring and Angle gets speared but kicks out. Angle then applies a heel hook and gets the tap at 11:48 as Aces and 8’s storm in the ring and he escapes.

Doc yells that Angle is a “dead man”.

They find A.J. Styles in the back and ask what he will do for the next year and he just stares at him and walks off.

Borash is with Austin Aries wearing his cape towards the camera. Aries says they are about to write the final chapter in the Jeff Hardy saga and it will end in tragedy.

Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries in a Ladder Match for the TNA Title

Aries wants the ladder right away but won’t fight Hardy near the ladder.

Hardy hits a plancha to Aries on the floor and nearly crashes to the ladder right by them. Hardy hits the poetry in motion to Aries against the guard rail.

Aries puts the ladder against the guard rail and the apron and places Hardy onto it and drops a forearm onto him and then a knee.  

Aries pulls out another ladder from under the ring. He traps Hardy in between a ladder with the steel steps on top of him on the floor and goes to climb the ladder but Hardy disappears under the ring and Aries goes to look as Hardy runs up ladder and Aries takes the ladder out and Hardy spills on the mat.

Aries with a running dropkick and goes for the brainbuster but drops Hardy awkwardly. Aries runs at Hardy and is arm dragged into the ladder in the corner. Hardy climbs the broken ladder and it falls forward and he splashes Aries.

Hardy grabs a third ladder and starts to climb when Aries dropkicks the ladder and Hardy falls.

The two climb the ladder and fight at the top and hits a twist of fate off the ladder and then hits the swanton.

Hardy climbs the ladder and this time the titles are elevated and show Aries controlling them so Hardy grabs a giant ladder. They climb the big ladder and fall over onto another ladder draped on the top and Hardy hits a twist of fate on that ladder as Aries goes to the floor. Hardy climbs and grabs the title at 20:59.

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