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Mark Hominick Confirms Retirement on 'UFC Tonight'

Fight Network Staff / December 12, 2012 - 10:54am

LOS ANGELES, CA – On this week's UFC TONIGHT, Mark Hominick announces his retirement from the UFC. Plus, Carlos Condit confirms he's in for a rematch with Rory MacDonald. UFC TONIGHT Analyst Kenny Florian breaks down the biggest fights from this weekend's UFC ON FX: SOTIROPOULOS VS. PEARSON and THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 16 FINALE. Plus, Jon Jones talks about his newfound respect for Chael Sonnen, Urijah Faber discusses his rival Dominick Cruz's recent injury, and Anderson Silva's camp responds to the GSP/Diaz rumors and brings another fighter into the discussion.

Quote of the Week: Mark Hominick announces his retirement and reasons for it: "Over the last 11 years, I've followed my passion in the UFC. Now, I'll say UFC 154 was my last fight in the Octagon as I'm retiring and moving on to next phase of my career. I have a young daughter at home and another on the way. I'll always be involved in the sport. But I know the commitment I have to make. I have to make a commitment to this as I have to fighting in the past."

Hominick on if his trainer Shawn Tompkins passing away last year affected the decision: "Losing him was a blow to all of us. But it actually motivated me to carry on in his name, tradition and legacy. I want to do the same on the outside of the Octagon. I've reached a lot of my goals in my life. Now I want to carry on with my life and my family."

Hominick on what he'll do next: "Right now I'm not rushing into anything. Mixed martial arts is my passion and it drives me every day. I'm taking a step away from Octagon, but not the sport. I'm sure I'll find my way. The UFC has been one big family for me and I'll always be a part of it."

Hominick if he'll come back from his retirement? "This is a true retirement. With a daughter on way, I know the sacrifices I have to make. I was one of those fighters in cage who would lay it on the line. It's an all-or-nothing kind of thing for me and I'm ready to move on."

Hominick on the highlight of his career: "I'd have to say fighting against Jose Aldo for the title. It put me on the map. I felt like I was competing in obscurity before that fight. I got to fight in front of 55,000 people in my home country and it really put me on the map in MMA world. I got to show people who I was as a fighter and a man."

UFC TONIGHT Reporter Ariel Helwani on Carlos Condit's response to Rory MacDonald asking to fight him: "'I'm in.' That's all Carlos Condit said. He said the fight makes a lot of sense to him and he thinks the fans will love it, so it appears we'll have a rematch."

UFC TONIGHT Analyst Kenny Florian on Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione: "Both of these guys were on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter. Roy Nelson is a guy who is very experienced, he was very experienced back then when they were on season 10, but Matt Mitrione is a guy who has improved so much. He is now training with the Blackzilians in Florida and is really looking to use those new skills against the very dangerous Roy Nelson."

Florian on people discrediting Roy Nelson's athleticism: "Yeah Mitrione, former NFL player, definitely looks more the part of an athlete, but do not underestimate Roy Nelson. This guy is like Kung Fu Panda. He may be a little soft in some parts, but he is very flexible, he is very fast, has an unbelievable chin and he can also knock you out."

Florian's predictions for Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione: "I'm going with Roy Nelson. I think experience is going to be the factor here."

Florian on Colton Smith vs. Mike Ricci: "This is a great fight. Mike Ricci is a guy who I have trained with at Tristar in Montreal and out of all the athletes there, he may be one of the most talented out of everybody at Tristar. He is a very gifted athlete and very well-rounded. But he is a natural 155 pounder. Colt Smith seems like a natural 170 pounder. Colt Smith is a guy who really likes to get after you. He goes forward, he pressures you and he uses his takedowns and his ability to grind you down when you leave it open. It's a very exciting finale."

Florian's predictions for Colton Smith vs. Mike Ricci: "I am going to go with my boy Ricci. He trains at Tristar and I think it'll make the difference."

Florian's predictions for Pat Barry vs. Shane Del Rosario: "Pat Barry matches up better against other strikers. I think he is going to take it."

Florian's predications for Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner: "That is a tough one, but I'm going to go with Varner. He is a little more consistent."

Florian on Ross Pearson vs. George Sotiropoulos: "Ross Pearson is a guy we have seen fight at 145 and 155 with success. George Sotiropoulos is a guy who has been a contender at 155 pounds. George is very dangerous on the ground. This is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and a guy with a ton of experience. Ross Pearson is one of the best strikers at 145 or 155 that the UFC has. He is very explosive. He has really been improving his wrestling. He's been training both in the UK and in San Diego at Alliance. These guys do not like each other. This is going to be a great fight because of the way they match up, and especially because of the hate they had for each other throughout the season."

Florian on Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares: "I cannot wait for this fight. I have been talking about wanting to see this fight for a while because both of these guys look so much alike. They are both stocky, muscular grapplers, but Lombard has devastating knockout power. Palhares is a guy who will not stop until he gets ahold of something and when he gets ahold of your leg or your arm, he is ready to rip it off. This is going to be very explosive. It's going to be a great fight."

Helwani on who and when Anderson Silva will fight next: "Anderson Silva and his managers met with UFC brass last week in Las Vegas. One of his managers, Jorge Guimarães wouldn't talk about contract negotiations, but the UFC gave Anderson a Bentley afterwards, so they must have went well. His manager doesn't think the GSP super fight will happen right now, but they'd love for it to happen at some point. I brought up the possibility of fighting Michael Bisping if he wins against Vitor Belfort, and Jorge told me they'd love that fight, but he said he didn't think Bisping has a good shot against Vitor Belfort. So they think Anderson will be back fighting in the summertime, but they're not sure who he will fight then."

Helwani asks Jon Jones if he has more respect for Chael Sonnen now that they are both on TUF: "I think I have a little more respect for him after spending six weeks with the guy. He is not as bad a character as I thought. He is actually a pretty cool guy when he is not trying to promote a fight."

Jones on how his elbow is recovering: "I feel good. My elbow is heeling up really good. I fought through it in the Vitor Belfort fight and I'm sure I'll fight through it in any other fight if it should come up."

Jones on the criticism that Chael Sonnen got the title fight against him: "I think it is really important that we try to stick to some kind of system; that the champion fights with the next contender. But entertaining the fans is also important. In a situation like mine where I have pretty much fought every top contender in the division, I think it is okay to give the fans a fight they want to see."

Jones' opinion on a fight against Anderson Silva: "Nothing is guaranteed right now. Sonnen is the only challenge that I have and that is my super fight. If I win this fight, I'll be tied with Tito Ortiz, who is the greatest light heavyweight of all time. And that is my ultimate goal. My door is not really open for the fight, but who knows what the future holds?"

Helwani asks Jones why he doesn't want to fight Silva: "You know, everything is possible and we are put on the show to dream big and not limit ourselves. But I am happy with what I'm doing and how I've been able to provide for my family with my championships. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If he moves up and wants to challenge me to my own belt, then that is a different story."

Florian on if Ronda Rousey should be headlining UFC 157: "At first, I was a little surprised. But you have to look at what's happening here. It is a title fight and as of right now there is no other title on the line that night. She is a big draw. She is a big star, so absolutely I think it is a go."

Florian on if BJ Penn should retire after his loss to Rory MacDonald: "I don't think he should retire. I think Rory would have [beaten] 98 percent of the division. I think BJ should come back and fight again. The thing with BJ Penn is he chose the wrong division and the wrong opponent. I think he is great at 155 pounds and I think he can make a run for the belt at that division."

Florian on Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz: "GSP doesn't like Diaz. He wants to fight him. Remember, this is the guy he was supposed to fight and Georges told me that they were in a lobby one time and Diaz's camp was mad dogging him. Diaz has been doing everything he can do to get this fight and it is working. Georges just doesn't like this guy, he wants to fight this guy. It is going to be a huge fight. So why not?"

Urijah Faber on Dominick Cruz's injury: "I definitely feel for him. When it comes down to the fact, the guy loves the sport, he works hard and there are a lot of admirable things about him. I want him to heal up so I can beat him. I've got to win a couple of fights against top dudes like Ivan Menjivar. Then I'll be back in there again with him. I wish him a speedy recovery. I hate to hear it, really."

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