WWE Smackdown Report for Dec. 21 - AJ Explains Herself

Joseph Bernard / December 22, 2012 - 5:05pm

Tonight's show starts with a Miz TV segment that took forever and a half.  Crazy A.J. comes out with Dolph Ziggler and Nation of Domination 2012 member Big E. Langston.  Ziggler was the only decent part of this awful segment that ends with Big E. hitting Miz with his finisher.  



Damian Sandow is accompanied by Cody Rhodes (still rockin' the moustache).  Sin Cara makes his way down the ramp.  Rey Mysterio's music hits but Rey?  Nope.  Match begins and Sin Cara does his standard flashy move set (for a guy with a legit knee injury he moves great).  Rhodes takes advantage of a distracted ref and launches Sin Cara face-first into the apron.  Sandow goes on the attack with a suplex and a cover.  Sandow locks on a rest hold.  Sandow misses a charge in the corner and Sin Cara follows up with a backward springboard elbow.  Headscissors by the luchadore.  Sin Cara hits a high cross body block from the top rope and then takes out Rhodes and Sandow with a plancha.  The Shield make their way through the audience and Roman Reigns has the mask of Rey Mysterio.  Sandow hits a finisher in the distraction and the Shield commence with a 3-on-1 attack on Sin Cara.  Seth Rollins hits a knee drop from the top rope onto the knee of Sin Cara and it looks like the Masked Marvels have been written off the show until Sin Cara can recover from his actual real-life injury.

Winner - Damian Sandow

Back from the break and we get a recap from Monday's Slammy Awards (man was Punk great or what?).  The Shield got involved and this brought out Team Hell No! and they had that nice moment with Ric Flair (apparently the last one we're gettin' for awhile as this was a guest appearance and not a return to regular TV for the Nature Boy).  



The feud between Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston continues.  Kofi starts the match and goes to the floor to attack the former Nexus leader.  In tags Darren Young.  In tags Daniel Bryan who applies the surfboard (very cool).  In tags Kane who hits a low dropkick.  Bryan tags back in and hits that mean running dropkick.  Young tags out to Barrett who really works over Daniel Bryan in the corner.  Cover by Barrett.  In tags Kingston who hits about 8 high octane moves in 15 seconds.  Darren Young causes a distraction and Barrett clotheslines Kingston to the floor as we go to the commercial break.  Back from the break and my Rogers box reset itself (d'oh!).  After a minute things were back on and Kingston makes the tag to the Big Red Monster.  Kane runs through Titus O' Neil.  Sidewalk slam and a cover by Kane.  Kane goes to the top rope, misses a move and takes the Clash of the Titus finisher but Bryan makes the save.  In comes Barrett who sends Kingston to the floor.  Kane hits Young with a chokeslam for the finish.  

Winners - Team Hell No! & Kofi Kingston

C.M. Punk makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman.  Before he even speaks I'm already convinced that this will be the best part of tonight's show.  Punk cuts a typically brilliant promo on the WWE Universe for not voting him Superstar of the Year (he would've got my vote).  Ryback appears and makes his way down to the ring.  This was pretty funny stuff with Punk hopping on one leg and holding his crutches in front of himself for protection as Heyman tries to talk Big Hungry out of doing anything rash.  Ryback announces that he has a title shot on the first RAW of this year.  Punk and Heyman retreat as the audience cheers the challenger.



This is a rematch from Monday Night where Cesaro got counted out.  Ryback shoulderblocks the U.S. champ to the floor.  Cesaro attempts a Sunset Flip into the ring and Ryback slams his head to the mat 3 times.  Cesaro makes like he's leaving and even grabs his belt but Ryback follows him to the floor and presses him in the air.  Somehow Cesaro slips out and sends Ryback into the steel steps.  There's actually a lot of back and forth in this match and it's weird to see Ryback selling.  Ryback takes a lot of punishment but still powers up and hits and the meat hook clothesline.  Ryback follows up with the Shellshock for the win.

Winner - Ryback

Big Show, Dolph Zigger, Big E. Langston and A.J. Lee are backstage.  Big Show lets Ziggler know that if he double-crosses him he will spend Christmas in a body cast.  



Brad Maddox introduces himself as he walks down the ramp.  The idea is that tonight if he beats Brodus Clay he gets himself a WWE contract.  Scoop slam by Brodus.  Numerous trapped headbutts and an elbow drop by the big man.  Maddox Hot Shots Brodus and hits a quick dropkick.  Cover by Maddox.  Fallaway slam by Brodus is followed by the splash for the win.  After the match the Shield attack big Brodus as the commentary team plays up the random nature of this attack.

Winner - Brodus Clay



I love this Big Chair gimmick that Big Show debuted at the TLC ppv (the Big Chair rules!).  Ziggler and Cena start the match and Big Show tags in.  Cena unloads on the giant but is easily overpowered.  Dropkick by Cena staggers the giant.  Big Show hits his Spear (I've said it time and time again but this should be his finisher - I mean c'mon!).  Big Show stalks Cena and follows up with a head butt before tagging in Ziggler.  Zigger does the 10 consecutive elbowdrop spot (awesome!).  Cover by Ziggler.  Neckbreaker by Zigger who follows up with a rest hold.  Big Show tags in and drops a big elbow.  Big Show hits a butt smash into the corner and Ziggler tags back in.  Ziggler misses a Stinger Splash into the corner and Cena gets the hot tag.  Sheamus hits the old Sheamus Spot on Ziggler and knocks Big Show off the apron.  Sheamus is sent to the floor and taken out by Big Show as Big E. Langston looks on.  Big Show hits Sheamus with the Skillet Chop to the chest.  Sheamus tries to fight out from underneath but Big Show grounds him with a rest hold.  Ziggler tags back in and goes to work on the Celtic Warrior.  Sheamus fights to a vertical base and they trade rights.  Big Show tags back in and hits that short drop clothesline move.  Cover by Big Show.  Big Show positions for the chokeslam but Sheamus reverses it into a DDT.  Simultaneous hot tags.  Spinning suplex by Cena and the 5-knuckle Shuffle.  Cena goes for the A.A. but Big Show makes the save.  Sheamus gets involved and the two go to the floor.  Ziggler hits Cena with the Zig Zag and goes for the cover.  Attitude Adjustment by Cena.  Big E. Langston makes the save, taking out Cena and getting his team disqualified.  After the match A.J. and Dolph make out.


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