WWE Royal Rumble Report

John Pollock / January 27, 2013 - 7:54pm

Welcome to The LAW's coverage of the WWE Royal Rumble from the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The pre-show match featured Antonio Cesaro Vs The Miz for the U.S. Title. 

Miz took a spill coming off the top rope and was selling his knee. They went to the floor and Miz got thrown into the apron. Cesaro hit him with The Neutralizer back in the ring and pinned Miz clean. 

The first match is the “Last Man Standing Match” for the World Title with Big Show coming out first.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are walking in the back and Bret Hart makes a cameo appearance telling Del Rio that he reminds him of a “Mexican Bret Hart” and put a pair of glasses onto Ricardo. They were taking no chances of the audience rejecting Del Rio with this big endorsement segment by Hart.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Big Show in a “Last Man Standing Match” for the World Title

Big Show brings the first weapon in the match with a chair but Del Rio stops him and attacks with the chair first. Del Rio comes off the top and is caught with Show choke slamming Del Rio but makes it back up and Show attacks him back.

They fight in the aisle and Big Show is hit low and takes another kick but gets up at the count of nine. They fight by the entrance and Show gets a light tube he breaks on the back of Del Rio and sets up a table and climb onto a structure at the entrance and Del Rio is choke slammed off of it and through a table and Del Rio is up at nine for a big pop.

They go back into the ring and Del Rio rolls to the floor to avoid the knockout punch. Show tosses Ricardo into the barricade and runs at Del Rio, who side steps and Show collapses through the barricade. Del Rio attacks with repeated chair shots. Del Rio then attacks the arm of Show with a chair shot and then uses a fire extinguisher on Show.

Del Rio applies the arm bar in the ring as Ricardo duct tapes Show’s feet to the bottom rope and how cannot get up and Del Rio wins at 16:58.

Matt Striker interviews Dolph Ziggler with AJ and Big E. Langston and Ziggler says he will be #1 in the Rumble. Langston then takes the microphone and does his announcer voice to interview Ziggler, this was not good.

They aired some taped promos from Antonio Cesaro, Titus O’Neil & Darren Young, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett and Ryback on why they will win the Rumble.

Team Hell No Vs Team Rhodes Scholars for the Tag Titles

Early on Bryan attacks Sandow with kicks as they chant “No” for each successive kick. The heels get the heat on Bryan, who hits a big DDT to Cody Rhodes and makes the tag to Kane.

Sandow went for a neck breaker to Kane that was badly done. Kane goes for a double choke slam and Bryan with the blind tag as Rhodes Scholars vertical suplex Kane and Bryan with missile dropkick to Sandow.

Kane choke slams Rhodes and Bryan applies the No Lock to Sandow for the submission at 9:25.

They air the video on all of the stats from the Rumble over the years.

Daniel Bryan and Kane are celebrating and Vickie presents them with their Rumble numbers. This turns into a series of penis jokes with “show me yours, show you mine”.

A video on Fan Axxess from the weekend airs.

Royal Rumble match

1. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler comes out cuts a promo before the match that he stands in the spotlight alone.

2. Chris Jericho

3. Cody Rhodes

The crowd is super hot for everything Jericho does including going for the Walls of Jericho on Rhodes.

4. Kofi Kingston

Kingston is thrown and bounces off the top rope using his shoulders.

5. Santino Marella

He tosses everyone over but they all remain in the match and he celebrates like he has eliminated them all and then Rhodes eliminates Marella.

6. Drew McIntyre

7. Titus O’Neil

Drew McIntyre is dropkicked off the outside apron by Jericho for the second elimination of the match.

8. Goldust

Goldust gets big reaction and goes after Cody Rhodes.

9. David Otunga

10. Heath Slater

11. Sheamus

Sheamus beats down Titus’ chest and throws Otunga into him and eliminates Titus.

Sheamus then brogue kicks Otunga out.

12. Tensai

13. Brodus Clay

Rhodes and Goldust fight on the outside apron and ends with Rhodes sending Goldust into the post and out.

14. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio comes in with pair of 619s to Ziggler and Jericho and then a splash to Jericho.

15. Darren Young

They all group together and dump out Clay.

Tensai is out next as Kingston lower the top rope and he falls over.

Kingston is knocked off and lands on the back of Tensai and then onto the Spanish table and grabs JBL’s chair.

16. Bo Dallas

Kingston is still on the desk and uses the chair as a pogo stick to get back into the ring. Kingston then dumps out Young but is then eliminated by Rhodes.

17. The Godfather

He climbs in and instantly gets knocked out by Ziggler.

18. Wade Barrett

19. John Cena

Cena immediately eliminates Heath Slater and Cody Rhodes.

20. Damien Sandow

Barrett knocks Mysterio off the apron and to the floor to eliminate him.

21. Daniel Bryan

22. Antonio Cesaro

23. The Great Khali

JBL with a great line as he asks if Bret Hart is aware this could be his future nephew in reference to Khali.

24. Kane

25. Zack Ryder

Kane eliminates Khali and Bryan then dumps out Kane but then Bryan is knocked off the apron and into the arms of Kane, who drops him and Bryan is gone.

26. Randy Orton

Ryder takes a RKO and is eliminated by Orton.

27. Jinder Mahal

Cena eliminates Cesaro and Cena is booed.

28. The Miz

Sheamus eliminates Jinder Mahal.

29. Sin Cara

Bo Dallas eliminates Barrett with the guillotine over the top rope, which was a good spot to have him get a moral victory in his debut. Barrett yanks Dallas to the floor and hits him with the bull hammer.

30. Ryback

Ryback dumps out Sandow first and then military presses Sin Cara out, dumps out Miz.

Jericho is superkicked off the apron by Ziggler after an awesome sequence of spots with Sheamus and Ziggler interacting with Jericho.

Orton hits a bunch of RKOs and then gets clotheslined out by Ryback.

Ziggler takes a huge brogue kick off the apron from Sheamus and is out after 49:46 in the Rumble.

It’s down to Cena, Ryback and Sheamus.

Ryback catches the brogue kick and sends Sheamus out.

Cena applies the STF and tries to dead lift Ryback, who recovers and gets on his shoulders but Cena pops off and sends Ryback out at 55:04.

They air a video for the main event.

Josh Mathews is with The Rock and he cuts a promo on The Shield attacking him. He calls attention to his mother in the crowd battling cancer and not giving up – there is zero chance he is losing this one.

CM Punk Vs The Rock for the WWE Title

The fight to the floor and Punk teases using the Spanish table but just fixes the top and won’t use the table.

Punk starts selling the knee after coming off the top rope and the announcers did a great job of calling attention to it and his recent surgery. Of course then Punk hit a suicide dive to the floor.

The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but Punk uses elbows stop him and lifts up Rock for the GTS but Rock counters and goes for the sharpshooter and Punk avoids and into the anaconda vice but Rock gets out.

Rock goes for a Rock Bottom but Punk counters with a crucifix and Rock escapes and into the sharpshooter.

They fight onto the Spanish table with Punk going for the GTS and Rock stops him and sets him up for the Rock Bottom and the table breaks from underneath him and then Rock recovers and hits a Rock Bottom to Punk on the floor and then gets a two-count in the ring. Punk staggers to his feet and kicks Rock in the head.

The two exchange standing and Punk goes down as Rock goes for The People’s Elbow but the lights go out and Cole yells that it’s The Shield but no one can see them and Rock is put through a table.

The lights come up and Rock is out, Punk rolls Rock into the ring and pins him at 21:29.

Punk is celebrating when Vince McMahon comes out and says it is his duty as chairman of the board to officially…before he can finish The Rock says we aren’t ending the night like that and says he is going to take the title from him not Vince and wants the match re-started.

Punk stomps Rock and climbs to the top and hits an elbow drop but Rock kicks out. Punk calls for the GTS but Rock blocks and hits a spine buster and then hits the people’s elbow and pins Punk at 1:53 of the re-started match.

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