WWE Elimination Chamber Report

John Pollock / February 17, 2013 - 7:51pm

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of the WW Elimination Chamber event from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The announcers are Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler.

The pre-show match featured a quick match with Brodus Clay and Tensai defeating Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow with a double splash in the middle of the ring onto Rhodes and pinned by Clay.

The show kicks off the World Title match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show for the World Title

Del Rio hits Show with a super kick while Show is on his knees and goes for the armbar but Show blocks and spears him.

Show with a Vader bomb and gets a two-count. Del Rio leaps off the turnbuckle into a bear hug by Big Show.

Show grabs the bucket from Ricardo and throws it to his head. Del Rio sends him to the floor and hits a suicide dive and Show returns at the count of nine. Del Rio then hits a seated senton off the top for a two-count.

Show hits the chokeslam but Del Rio kicks out to a big pop. Del Rio comes back with the running enzigiri and gets a two-count and then applies the armbar but Show lifts him and slams him to break the hold.

Show holds up the bucket and looks to Ricardo on the floor as Del Rio goes for a running enzigiri but misses the bucket and does it again to hit it (crowd booed the blown spot) and then applied the armbar for the tap out at 13:05.

The air a trailer and interview two of the co-stars from G.I Joe “Retaliation” with The Rock.

Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz for the U.S. Title

The Miz starts off on the offensive and then takes a shoulder breaker from Cesaro, which is taped up from the giant swing spot on Raw.

Cesaro runs into a boot from The Miz in the corner. Miz comes off the top rope and Cesaro goes for the Fujiwara armbar but Miz turns it into a roll up and then sends Cesaro to the floor.

Miz with a SHOULDER BLOCK off the apron and caught by Cesaro but gets off his shoulders and rams him knee first into the steps.

Back in the ring Miz continues to attack the knee and fans start to “woo” as he teases the figure-four but The Miz accidentally hits Cesaro low when Cesaro kicks the leg out from Miz and the referee calls for the DQ at 8:20.

The finish was really bad and crowd responded as such.

After the match The Miz gave him another low blow and his music played.

The Elimination Chamber match is next.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter come out first with Swagger having new theme music that reflects the new character. Swagger hands mic over to Coulter. He discusses the “Louisiana Purchase” and how Thomas Jefferson would feel about today’s America and that tonight will be the start of “Jack Swagger’s America”.

Jack Swagger vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in the Elimination Chamber Match

A new participant comes in every 4:00.

Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan start the match.

They fight on the steel floor with Bryan attempting the No Lock but is then catapulted into one of the chambers.

Jack Swagger comes in third and goes after Jericho.

Bryan with running knee to Swagger on the steel floor off the top rope.

Kane is the next one in and attacks Swagger and works with Bryan until Bryan goes for a roll up from behind and Kane kicks out and is pissed and Bryan tries to calm him down and wants a hug but Kane says “no” and Bryan yells “yes” and they go and forth. Bryan pie faces him and they fight.

Jericho lifts Bryan and Kane off the top and they hit the Doomsday Device on Bryan.

Randy Orton comes in fifth and hits a draping DDT to Kane on the steel floor. Orton hits a superplex to Swagger and then Jericho with a superplex to Bryan.

Mark Henry comes out last and attacks everyone, who are selling the superplexes.

Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam to eliminate Bryan at 16:35.

Henry then sends Orton right through the chamber plexiglass.

Kane jumps off the top and is caught by Henry and hit with the World’s Strongest Slam and is out at 16:20.

Swagger and Jericho double team Henry with a vertical suplex to the steel floor.

Henry came off the ropes with a Vader bomb, missed and took a big boot from Swagger, the code breaker and then a RKO from Orton and Henry is eliminated.

Henry leaves to cheers but comes back in and gives slams to all three and then leaves.

Booker T and officials are swarming the ring to get him removed.

Orton with a dropkick to Jericho coming off the top and then power slams Jericho and Swagger.

Swagger goes for Swagger bomb but Orton with boot up and Swagger with the Patriot Act and Jericho breaks it and Swagger puts the ankle lock onto him but Jericho escapes and applies the Walls of Jericho to Swagger and Orton breaks it – makes no sense why you would break someone’s hold.

Orton hits double draping DDTs to both and Jericho blocks the RKO, Orton gets his knees up for the lionsault and Jericho takes the RKO and is eliminated and then Swagger immediately rolls up Orton at 31:17 to win.

John Cena & Sheamus & Ryback vs. The Shield

They brawl at the start with Cena, Sheamus and Ryback hitting simultaneous vertical suplexes.

They spend a long time working down Cena in their corner until Cena knocks Ambrose to the floor and makes the hot tag to Ryback.

Ryback hits them with powerbombs and tosses Ambrose recklessly into Rollins in the corner.

On the floor Reigns spears Sheamus right through the barricade.

Ryback catches Rollins off the top but Ambrose and Reigns run in and attack him and set up for the powerbomb but Cena pulls Reigns out.

Cena is in and Ryback lifts Rollins for the shell shock but Reigns spears Ryback and Rollins lands on top to pin Ryback at 14:50.

Dolph Ziggler comes out with AJ and Big E. Langston and says Swagger isn’t guaranteed the World Title only his briefcase is a “guarantee”. Booker T comes out and makes an impromptu match.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston sends Ziggler to the floor and goes for a suicide dive and hits Langston when Ziggler moves out of the way.

Back in the ring Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise but Langston pulls him out of the ring.

Ziggler goes for a superplex but drops him on the top turnbuckle and then hits the Zig Zag for the win at 3:50.

After the match Langston attacks Kingston in the ring.

Then we got a segment with Tensai and Brodus along with Cameron and Naomi playing with the new Power Slammer toys and ending with Tensai saying he doesn’t know what is written on his face and it might be a sushi menu – they danced.

Kaitlyn vs. Tamina for the Diva’s Title

Tamina controls most of the match and goes for the superfly splash and Kaitlyn moves out of the way and spears Tamina for the win at 3:15.

The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title

Punk starts off with a few leg kicks as Heyman yells he is up “2-0”.

Punk spits in the face of Rock and Rock sends him to the floor and they fight by the announce table.

Punk is wearing him down as Heyman shouts words of encouragement to Punk and was so great during this match.

Punk continues with the heat and hits a running knee in the corner and elbow off the top rope.

Punk with a head kick in the ring and gets a two-count and then they go to the floor and Punk goes for a Rock Bottom on the Spanish announce table but it doesn’t break.

Rock breaks the count and they exchange standing. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom and Punk stops him with repeated elbows. Rock gets back up and hits a Rock Bottom but Punk kicks out.

Rock is Irish whipped into the referee on the apron and knocks him out and then Rock is out but so is the referee.

Rock is back up and hits a spine buster and hits the People’s Elbow but Punk kicks out as another official comes in to count.

Punk hit the ankle of the referee and then a head kick to Rock.

Heyman gets the WWE Title and passes it to Punk, Heyman holds up Rock and Punk knocks Heyman with the title and hits a Rock Bottom to Punk and pins him at 20:54.

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