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Nov. 13 Edition of Bauer & Pollock

Live Audio Wrestling / November 13, 2013 - 3:56pm



John Pollock and Court Bauer have another packed show as two time zones come together for this week's show chatting:

**The release of Kassius Ohno / Chris Hero by the WWE last week

**His independent schedule that is already filling up

**His positives and how TNA could benefit by signing him

**Life outside of the WWE for performers that have been in the company

**The WWE NXT system

**The future of the WWE Divas and some of the prospects to keep your eye on

**Eva Marie and how she best be utilized

**One of the more underrated signings of the past year for the WWE

**A look at the inductees into this year's Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame

**A look at some of the candidates that didn't make it in and why

**The legacy of Carlos Colon and whether either Bauer or Pollock voted for him

**Candidates added to the ballot next year

**The recent NJPW Power Struggle iPPV

**The fan vote for the Tokyo Dome main event

**Remembering the late Eddy Guerrero, who passed away November 13th 2005

**Memories of the day he passed away, how Bauer found out and the four-hour television taping they had that night

**His final months with Bauer working alongside Guerrero in the WWE

**The Rey Mysterio program he had that year

**How Konnan played a role in the Guerrero vs. Mysterio program

**The original plans for WrestleMania 22 and who Guerrero was scheduled to work against

**Another plan for WrestleMania 22 with an unlikely participant at the time, who ultimately changed his mind

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