WWE SummerSlam Report

John Pollock / August 17, 2008 - 11:47pm

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE “SummerSlam” tonight. The show is taking place from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. The show will begin soon.


8:00 PM

We start with a trailer where they state that for 20 years, SummerSlam has been a blockbuster hit, no stand ins and never a box office bust (I think they need to review that 1993-97 period a bit better).


8:04 PM

MVP Vs Jeff Hardy is up first.


8:05 PM

It’s Jim Ross and Tazz on the announce crew for “Smackdown” so no miracle reconciliations by Mick Foley and WWE. Ross says about Jeff that “it’s better to be a diamond with a flaw, than a stone without”.


8:06 PM

Charles Robinson goes to make a 2-count and Ross states how Robinson “doesn’t want to miss that call”, I guess that was a nod to Wes Adams from ECW this week.


8:16 PM

Shelton runs to ringside as Jeff is setting MVP up for the swanton and Jeff dives to the floor to take out Shelton. Jeff attempts to hit the swanton but MVP gets out the way and hits the ‘drive by kick’ and gets the pinfall on Hardy. They push that Jeff “being reckless” with Shelton, cost him the match.


8:18 PM

Maria is back to being an interviewer backstage. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix are interviewed by her. Santino says he can see that Maria has let herself go since they broke up. Maria makes a crack about his unibrow and then Phoenix says that “He’s all mine”. Marella says they are now called “Glam-Marella” and she is his “broad-zilla”. Funny segment.


8:20 PM

Kofi Kingston & Mickie James Vs Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix in a “Winner Take All” match for the Intercontinental Title and Women’s Title is up next.


8:25 PM

Marella gets knocked to the floor and Phoenix starts yelling at him that he is ruining this for her. Kingston teases a suicide dive and Marella jumps into Phoenix’s arms to avoid.


8:27 PM

Mickie James is throwing elbows like she’s Kenta Kobashi at Phoenix. Kingston attempts to take Marella out, but misses and spills over the top rope and onto the floor. James hits an Implant DDT on Marella but Phoenix attacks James and scores pin and they win the titles. Lawler notes that Marella was unconscious when he won the title. Phoenix hoists Marella on her shoulders and takes him to the back.


8:30 PM

A video recapping the Shawn Michaels injury airs and then he comes to the ring with his wife, Whisper! He says that his doctor has told him to retire and he is going to take his doctor’s advise. He says he remembers his first SummerSlam and thanks the fans. He says he’s known for a lot of good things and also is known as the guy that screwed Bret Hart, started DX and lost his smile in addition to retiring Ric Flair. He says now he wants to be known as a full time husband and father.


Jericho comes to the ring and says he won’t allow Michaels to couple all his injuries for the reason behind his retirement. He wants Michaels to admit that Jericho retired him. Michaels says fine, but that Jericho has to look his wife and kids in the eye and say that he will never be Shawn Michaels. Jericho then punches Michaels wife. Words cannot describe how strong this angle was. The fact they just let the actions speak for themselves, no commentary and just listening to the crowd react is why the worked so well and should be required viewing by everyone on the TNA creative team on how to shoot a money angle.


8:49 PM

Wow was that angle great! Mark Henry Vs Matt Hardy for the ECW Title is next. Matt Striker notes that he spoke with Tony Atlas and he said that Henry is in the best cardio shape of his life.


8:52 PM

Hardy hit the twist of fate right away and had the match won but Atlas broke up in the pin and Henry was DQ’d in less than a minute. I guess Henry’s cardio work was all for naught. Jeff runs down to help Matt and hits a swanton on Atlas on the outside and they powerslam Henry together. Striker reminds us that “championships are for champions and the title cannot change hands on a DQ”.


9:00 PM

CM Punk Vs JBL for the World Title is next


9:09 PM

Decent match back and forth with the crowd really behind Punk. Punk hits the GTS for the clean win. This was the right finish as putting the title on JBL would have just been a swerve and his health right now is not condusive for a title run, even a quick 1-month one.


9:16 PM

The biggest challenge of Paul Levesque’s career is up next so they are going to close the show with two matches that don’t involve a single title – probably a first in WWE history. Correct me if I’m wrong.


9:18 PM

I did enjoy Tazz’s line in the video where he states that “it’s anatomically impossible” for Hunter to hit the pedigree on Khali. There’s the finish for you.


9:27 PM

Loud chants of “You Can’t Wrestle” as Hunter ponders why he didn’t keep his program with MVP going when he moved over from “Raw”. Ross compares Khali’s hand strength to that of the Von Erichs.


9:28 PM

This is a Hogan Vs Andre the Giant match with Triple H selling all match for the limited offense that Khali has. They are telling the story that HHH is determined to hit the pedigree and Khali keeps stopping him for using it including a back body drop over the top rope.


9:35 PM

Any guesses on the finish? Clean finish with the pedigree and Hunter keeps the strap.


9:35 PM

John Cena Vs Batista is up next.


9:38 PM

They cut to a sign that read, swear to God, “2008 Match of the Year: Batista Vs John Cena”


9:39 PM

Michael Cole yells about this match “no hype needed” – I would disagree as 3-weeks didn’t cut it.


9:40 PM

Cena is getting a lot of boos from the audience.


9:53 PM

They’re doing the match 50/50 and the crowd is really into the match. Cena reverses a slam attempt by Batista into an FU for the 2 count. Cena attempts a top rope guillotine leg drop but Batista catches him and hits a Batista Bomb for a 2 count.


9:56 PM

Batista hits another Batista Bomb for the clean win. This was very good and the hottest crowd has been all night.


9:59 PM

78% of the WWE audience believes that Edge and Vickie are getting a divorce.


9:59 PM

The Undertaker Vs Edge in a Hell in a Cell Match is next 


10:23 PM

Lots of plunder in this match with chairs, steel steps and a ladder. No blood yet but this is a match that seems to call for it. Edge spears The Undertaker right through one of the sides of the cell and they go to the outside. Outside Edge hits ‘Taker with the monitors and then on top of one table, he spears ‘Taker through the ECW announce table.


10:29 PM

Edge hits ‘Taker with a camera – playing off of the Survivor Series finish from last year. ‘Taker comes back with a chokeslam but Edge kicks out at 2.


10:35 PM

Big bump as Edge is choke slammed off the top rope and through two tables on the floor. Edge gets back in the ring and is speared by Undertaker. He then breaks a camera over the head of Edge with Ross yelling “that was more than HD”.


10:37 PM

‘Taker delivers a concerto to Edge and then the tombstone piledriver for the win. The show La Familia clapping backstage.


10:40 PM

Undertaker comes back to the ring and sets Edge up on a ladder, grabs another ladder and choke slams Edge off the ladder and goes through the gimmicked ring arpon and “into hell”. The hole that Edge fell into exploded in flames at the conclusion.