TNA Bound for Glory Report

John Pollock / October 12, 2008 - 11:28pm

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA’s “Bound for Glory” show. The weekend has been a big success for the company with TNA selling out their Fan Fest yesterday and a huge crowd is expected for tonight’s event. The company set their bench mark earlier this year for the “Lockdown” Pay Per View in Lowell, Massachusetts that drew 5,400 paid and was the company’s most bought show of the year. TV has been stronger than usual for this show built around a major title match and the return of Jeff Jarrett and debuting Mick Foley.

8:03 PM
We are starting with the X Division Steel Asylum Match – Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, Curry Man, Eric Young, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, Shark Boy, Johnny Devine and Petey Williams.

8:06 PM
They haven’t changed the color of the red Asylum, which is very difficult to watch it on TV.

8:07 PM
Poor Sabin and Shelley – they should be so much higher on the card than this.

8:08 PM
Sonjay and Petey look “well”

8:12 PM
Tokyo Dangerous back break by Daniels…err Curry Man onto Rave from the top rope, which looked great.

8:13 PM
Great sequence with Lethal hitting a huracanrana onto Rave off the top rope and then Shelley follows up with a picture perfect frog splash onto Rave – huge pop for that.

8:13 PM
MCMG with a double team ace crusher off the top rope.

8:15 PM
Williams runs off the ropes and hits the Canadian Destroyer on Shelley. These guys are hitting everything perfectly – quite the opener thus far.

8:16 PM
Devine attempts a pedigree type maneuver and nearly drops Rave right on his head. Devine then F-5’s Lethal and hits a followup moonsault on Lethal.

8:17 PM
Dutt knocks Curry Man off the ceiling – Dutt and Lethal are fighting to the hole and start attacking each other upside down – Lethal wins the exchange and gets the victory. Excellent!

They announce that Lethal is now the # 1 contender for the X Division Title and will face the winner of Sheik Abdul Bashir Vs Consequences Creed.

8:21 PM
Jeremy Borash is in Jim Cornette’s office. Mick Foley comes in and Cornette marks out for him. Foley says he remembers travelling with The Midnight Express and listening to Stan Lane service the locals. Cornette says Borash is his personal bitch for the rest of the evening.

The Beautiful People come in and complain that they only wanted blue M&M’s and throws them at Foley and complain about his clothing. Foley points out that they are throwing blue ones away too, which is counter productive. Useless segment but I laughed.

8:25 PM
Kip James & The Beautiful People Vs Rhino & ODB & Rhaka Khan in a “Bimbo Brawl Match” is next

The voice over is great with the tease that Rhino will try to knock the botox out of Kip James face.

Traci Brooks is the guest referee for this match.

8:27 PM
There is no reason for this match to be on the show.

8:29 PM
Highlight is Mike Tenay calling ODB “One Dirty Bitch”

8:29 PM
Why is Rhino teaming with ODB the alcoholic?

8:31 PM
Rhino comes in and irish whips Velvet Sky and gets suplexed. Kip runs in to grab her out of the ring but totally misses her.

8:32 PM
They do an exchange with Rkaka and Kip where she grabs his balls and he tags out.

8:34 PM
Kip comes in and hits ODB with a makeup kit, but I’m guessing on this because the camera cut away as he went to hit her.

8:36 PM
Rhino attempts to pin James but the Beautiful People interrupt the pin and all the women fight to the outside. James goes for the famouser but Rhino turns it into a gore and gets the win.

8:37 PM
Consequences Creed cuts a promo saying he detests the words that Sheik Abdul Bashir says about America and “if you don’t love it, leave it”.

Sheik Abdul Bashir Vs Consequences Creed for the X Division Title is next

8:41 PM
They bring an Iraq veteran that was awarded a Purple Heart as the guest ring announcer to welcome Creed.

8:44 PM
Creed starts the match with an over the tope rope somersault plancha onto Bashir. Creed has been injected with more charisma tonight than he has ever shown.

8:45 PM
Bashir gets the heat knocking Creed off the apron and in the steel barricade.

8:46 PM
I was just thinking how it seems a given they put the title on Creed with this build tonight but then Mike Tenay brought up how Bashir won the title last month in Canada with Petey Williams dropping the title and realized logic is a dark path to travel down in this promotion.

8:47 PM
Creed goes into the corner turnbuckle chest first – I think he took Bret Hart’s challenge on Wrestling Observer Radio this week literally…and he failed.

8:52 PM
Bashir hits a top rope huracanrana for a near fall

8:53 PM
Bashir rolls up Creed from behind and grabs the ropes for the win – this company is AMAZING!

8:54 PM
Cut to Foley with Jeremy Borash telling a story about the 1998 Hell in a Cell Match and Jim Ross thinking he was smiling with his tooth in his nose. Raisha Saeed comes in and yells and Foley and says it doesn’t matter what he thinks and Foleys says that’s gimmick infringement and has The Rock on speed dial. Foley says that Saeed needs a visit from Yurple the Clown (??), for fans that recall that angle with Vince McMahon…10 YEARS AGO.

8:56 PM
Taylor Wilde Vs Roxxi Vs Awesome Kong for the TNA Knockout’s Title

9:00 PM
Roxxi and Taylor Wilde make the worst double drop kick attempt in history – as Wilde left her feet a taxi drove through the space between Kong and Wilde

9:04 PM
Roxxi hits the double knee spot off the top rope onto Kong that Evan Bourne has been using

9:04 PM
Roxxi has Wilde on her shoulder and Kong just boots Roxxi right in the face and drops both

9:05 PM
Kong climbs to the top, Wilde climbs up to kick her but struggles climbing and takes an awkward fall to the mat after the kick to Kong

9:06 PM
Wilde hits the German Suplex on Roxxi with Kong on the outside and scores the pin – not a great match.

9:07 PM
More Foley backstage as A.J Styles welcomes him to TNA. Team 3-D comes in and calls Styles a mark. 3-D says Foley isn’t even that big of a deal. Foley asks why Ray had to steal his flannel look. Ray says he looks better in flannel than he does. 3-D says they do whatever they want in TNA just like ECW and WWE.

Jim Cornette returns and Foley says it’s been relatively quiet. Foley says tonight he’s going to be the “sack of thw walk” and Cornette responds “you said sock of the walk right?”…SILENCE.

9:11 PM
Beer Money Inc. Vs LAX Vs Team 3-D Vs Matt Morgan & Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match for the Tag Titles

Abyss has been in all the 4 previous Monster’s Ball matches

Steve McMichael is the Guest Referee and he has grown!

9:14 PM
James Storm comes out with a football helmet beer bong

9:18 PM
Homicide hits a tope con hilo on Beer Money Inc. and then high fives Don West, Hernandez follows up with a plancha landing on his feet on Beer Money Inc. as well

9:20 PM
Homicide pulls out a fork and Don West comments “that’s what makes the Monster’s Ball so wicked”

Homicide opens up the forehead of D-Von with the fork though Tenay says that Homicide may have caught D-Von in the eye with the fork

9:22 PM
“Cheese grater right to the nuts” – Don West

Brother Ray opens up Abyss with the cheese grater and then licks the blood off of it – I guess they’ve given up on the PG audience WWE is attracting

9:26 PM
Beer Money challenges Mongo to a football face off with McMichael in the 2 point stance, he clotheslines Roode to set up a near fall for Homicide but Roode kicks out

9:27 PM
Matt Morgan hits a cross body to the outside onto Hernandez and Beer Money Inc.

9:28 PM
Team 3-D gets a staple gun and attacks Abyss with it. Johnny Devine comes out from backstage and attacks Abyss with a kendo stick. Devine then brings out a table.

9:30 PM
3-D light the table on fire and choke slam Abyss off the stage and through the flaming table. Abyss was on fire for way too long as officials had to use a fire extinguisher on him twice. I hope Chris Parks can remember the “this is awesome” chants when he’s in his 50’s.

9:32 PM
Steve McMichael has to be one of, if not the worst guest referee in history. He has killed the heat on about 4 near falls because he can’t get down fast enough. Homicide is clearly pissed at Mongo.

9:38 PM
3-D puts Hernandez through a table with thumb tacks on it and Beer Money spits beer in the face of D-Von and steal the pin, despite Mongo taking 5:00 to get on the ground and count – he hurt this match significantly.

9:45 PM
A.J Styles Vs Booker T. Vs Christian Cage is next

9:48 PM
Huge moonsault by Styles off the top rope to the outside

9:54 PM
Terrific match thus far, Styles gets a near submission with an armbar on Booker but Cage breaks it up and takes a Styles up kick from the ground to the head

9:55 PM
Cage teases a spin-a-roonie and Styles leaps off his knee and into Booker

9:56 PM
Styles misses a spiral tap onto Cage on the apron

Booker hits a double axe kick on both Cage.

9:58 PM
Cage lays out Styles with the unprettier and then Booker hits a top rope axe kick for the pinfall on Cage

9:59 PM
Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Jarrett is next with Mick Foley as the Guest Enforcer

10:01 PM
Angle interview with Lauren asking why Foley is in this match and that it is 2 on 1. He tells Jarrett’s kids that their Dad will stop bleeding eventually.

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett who cuts a tearful promo on his return and says he is going to do this for his children

10:04 PM
Foley is only on the outside of the ring with Rudy Charles as the in ring official

10:11 PM
Angle has been excellent in this match so far, his selling and timing are making this a very good match

10:19 PM
Joe and Sting are looking at their watches

10:19 PM
Angle teases a belly to belly suplex off the top rope and to the outside but Jarrett reverses into a superplex into the ring

10:20 PM
Jarrett applies the figure four leglock

10:22 PM
Angle hits three German suplexes on Jarrett but only gets a 2 count

Angle rolls out a pin attempt and applies the ankle lock – Jarrett rolls out

10:24 PM
Angle hits the Angle slam for a 2 count

Angle misses a moonsault off the top rope (with his knee pads not even covering his knees)

10:25 PM

10:25 PM
Jarrett hits the stroke and Foley runs in but Angle kicks out at 2

Angle recovers and hits a low blow and then goes to the floor and grabs a chair, as Foley tries to stop him Angle hits him right in the side of the head and then into the ring and hits Jarrett with an unprotected chair shot

Angle goes for the pin but Foley pulls the referee out

10:27 PM
Foley applies the sock onto Angle and then Jarrett hits Angle over the head with the guitar and gets the win, weak final 2:00 but this was a very strong match for both men

10:34 PM
Samoa Joe Vs Sting for the TNA Title closes the show

10:50 PM
Joe has played heel the whole match no selling Sting and just brutalizing Sting.

Joe is refusing to break the 5 count and grabs the official, which leads to Kevin Nash coming to ringside

10:52 PM
Sting reaches for the bat but Nash pulls it away from him

10:53 PM
Zero idea who is the babyface and heel in this match

Nash then clocks Joe with the bat

10:54 PM
This allows Sting to hit the Scorpion Death Drop and pins Joe for the win and the title