TNA Against All Odds Report

John Pollock / February 9, 2009 - 1:22am

8:00 PM
They start with the Main Event Mafia and Sting entering the
building in separate but pimped out vehicles along with Team 3-D arriving in a
fancy blue car.

8:02 PM
Alex Shelley Vs Eric Young for the X division title starts off the show

8:20 PM
They had a decent opening match and were given time. Finish
came with Young being distracted by the ref and Shelley getting the roll up for
the cheap heel win.

8:23 PM
Borash interviews the Main Event Mafia and Angle says all
the members of the Mafia push one another and tonight he will push Sting in the
main event.

8:24 PM
Scott Steiner Vs Petey Williams is up next.

8:27 PM
Nothing says a grudge match than the victim of an assault coming out dressed up as the attacker.

8:29 PM
This match is going to be a test for both men – you think that would concern them.

8:35 PM
Williams takes a nasty powerbomb on the outside where his shoulder gets clipped on the ring apron.

8:38 PM
Steiner finishes Williams with the Steiner Driver – a move he used to use in New Japan and his earlier days. Looked very good and after the match Steiner delivers a Samoan drop off the second rope onto Williams. This causes Samoa Joe’s music to start. Joe cuts a promo with his new face paint and says there are five men responsible for the sins he is about to commit and Steiner will be the first victim.

8:41 PM
Mick Foley is backstage with Sting. Foley will commentate during the main event (probably without a headset) and present the championship to the winner. He says he hopes it is not Kurt Angle and Sting asks him not to speak that way of a fellow mafia member and then Foley puts over Sting and Sting appreciates the compliment.

8:45 PM
Wrestlecrap just got a brand new page courtesy of Brutus Magnus, who now comes to the ring wearing a ridiculous mask and a male fetish porn outfit. He says he doesn’t fit into the American stereotypes of the British (do argument here) and makes an open challenge, which is accepted by Chris Sabin.

8:53 PM
Way too much give and take in this match if the idea is to make Magnus an undefeated monster and doesn’t pull off that gimmick from a physical standpoint. Magnus won with his finish, which is like an F-5 onto the side. This gimmick has “fail” written all over it.

8:57 PM
Lauren interviews Team 3-D and convince us that they belong in the main event and one of them could actually win the TNA Title…well that was the intent, don’t know if that was the result. Brother Ray asks a hypothetical question if he could have won 21 Tag Titles on his own? I’m presuming no because he won TAG titles. 3-D end the interview by stating they are going to “talk to Sting”.

8:58 PM
Awesome Kong Vs ODB for the TNA Knockout’s Title

9:04 PM
Jim Cornette comes out and throws out Raisha Saeed, Sojourner Bolt and Rhaka Khan. Kong comes out and threatens to attack Cornette but ODB jumps her and the match starts.

9:08 PM
Crowd is very much behind ODB and it builds to ODB finally bodyslamming Kong right out of ‘Mania 3. Kong reccovers from the slam and makes a comeback and hits the implant buster right away for the pin.

9:10 PM
Ray and D-Von confront Sting about the beating Ray took. Ray said he saw into his eyes that night when he walked away but that he also didn’t get involved with the attack. Ray says he would love to respect Sting but doesn’t think it’s time for that yet.

9:13 PM
Booker T. Vs Shane Sewell for the Legend’s Title is up next.

9:25 PM
Booker took most of the match with the storyline that he was taking Sewell lightly. They built to one comeback spot for Sewell to “hulk up” but then Sharmell tripped him and Booker hit the ax kick for the win. After the match Booker goes to attack Sewell but A.J Styles returns and makes the save.

9:30 PM
Styles cuts a promo that he grew up poor and hard work got him to where he is and it’s time for a legend to step up for TNA and it’s him.

9:30 PM
Matt Morgan is interviewed by Lauren. Morgan says he just had shoulder surgery and he’s ready to fight, Lauren wants the match to be cancelled. Morgan cuts a great heel promo – this man should never be a babyface again.

9:31 PM
Matt Morgan Vs Abyss

9:51 PM
They kept the hardcore to a minimum with a constant tease of Abyss using his bag of either glass or tacks. Morgan was recovering from surgery on his shoulder for staph infection and it showed in this match as he wore t-shirt and couldn’t seem to take a flat back bump. A number of ref bumps during the match and ends with Abyss hitting the black hole slam and getting the win. Abyss spills the tacks on the ring after the match but Morgan escapes.

9:52 PM
In the Main Event Mafia locker room Angle gives Sting a pep talk stating that 3-D “doesn’t give a shit” about him. He says they will still be a strong family tomorrow no matter who is TNA champion. Sting hugs Angle and after Sting leaves, Angle tells Nash to watch Sting.

9:56 PM
Beer Money Inc. Vs Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed for the Tag Titles

10:16 PM
Beer Money retain the titles as Storm gets a chain and punches Lethal in the face to allow Roode to get the pin. This match was good but not great and the crowd wasn’t into the latter part of the match.

10:17 PM
Sting Vs Kurt Angle Vs Brother Ray Vs Brother D-Von for the TNA Title to close the show

10:48 PM
Match went 15 mins with Sting hitting the scorpion death drop on Ray and retaining the title. The match was decent for what it was but overall a lackluster Pay Per View and a perfect example of 12 Pay Per Views being too much.