The Sweet Science: The Boss Nominated for Award

Press Release / December 1, 2010 - 3:36pm

The Sweet Science: The Boss by Evan Chan from Coquitlam, BC has been selected for the NSI Online Short Film Festival. The festival is hosted by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) a national training school widely known for its prestigious training programs for Canadian writers, directors and producers working in film and television.

The Sweet Science: The Boss is about Vancouver fighter Kevin “The Boss” Reynolds, who in late 2007 fought to become the #1 ranked cruiserweight boxer in Canada.  Interviews with Reynolds, his trainer Jerry Veerasammy, along with his manager, former Canadian champion Manny Sobral, give insight into the politics and the nature of the sport of boxing.

The film also features original music from Steve Karagianis (, as well as a track from Titans Eve (, an up and coming metal band from Vancouver, BC.

The NSI Online Short Film Festival is the only year-round, 100% Canadian online film festival. New films are added to the NSI website weekly and over 140 Canadian short films are available to watch in the growing archive of short film. All NSI website content can be accessed for free.

Evan Chan says, “This is a really good opportunity for young filmmakers in Canada.  I’m glad that I had an opportunity to make a documentary on a professional fighter.  I love making movies and I love boxing, so this was a really positive experience.”

Director Uwe Boll (Bloodrayne, In the Name of the King, Postal), who recently had the premiere for his own boxing movie “Max Schmeling” and is currently working on Dungeon Siege 2, viewed the documentary last year soon after it was completed.

“His talent is obvious and he showed it with his intelligent and interestingly made documentary” said Boll.

The Sweet Science: The Boss was aired earlier this year on The Fight Network, and won “Best Canadian Short Documentary” at the 2010 Okanagan International Film Festival.  Watch the documentary online starting December 6th, 2010 at

All films selected to play in the festival are automatically considered for the A&E Short Filmmakers Award which recognizes excellence in filmmaking and awards $2,500 to the winner.