WWE Elimination Chamber Report

John Pollock / February 21, 2011 - 1:19am

Welcome to our coverage of ‘Elimination Chamber’ from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.


The show starts with a video hyping up WrestleMania and the wrestlers that will ‘put their careers on the line’ tonight headline the show.


The crowd is super heated to start the show when they introduce Ricardo Rodriguez and he introduces Alberto Del Rio.


The commentary team tonight is Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Booker T.


Del Rio does his usual promo, he is ‘committed to excellence’ and calls Kofi Kingston ‘garbage’ and is cut off by Kingston’s theme music.


Kofi Kingston Vs Alberto Del Rio


The crowd is super hot to start and chanting ‘Del Rio’, they are not calling this a title match.


They head to the floor and Kingston is tossed into the steps.


Michael Cole is noticeable subdued from his usual heel persona, which is better for the broadcast if its limited to the WWE Title match tonight.


Kingston uses reverse elbows to break out of the body scissors applied by Del Rio.


Kingston off the top rope with a flying forearm and hits the Boom Drop and sets up for the Trouble in Paradise but Del Rio moves out of the way.


Kingston hits a mid-air DDT but Rodriguez distracts and doesn’t get the pin and then follows up with a sweep into a pinfall for a near fall that the crowd pops for.


Del Rio applies the armbar but Kingston locks his hands but Del Rio breaks Kingston’s hands up and gets the tap for the win. This was a good opener and was the right finish.


They show Randy Orton backstage getting ready for his Chamber match.


Todd Grisham is backstage with Edge, who recaps all the horrible booking of the World Title over the past few weeks. He states no champion has walked in as champion and left with the title but he has also won a Chamber match in the past. Drew McIntyre walks in and mockingly applauds Edge and brings up Kelly Kelly being fired and Edge not caring about Kelly being fired. McIntyre says Edge took something important from him and tonight he will take Edge’s most prized possession. Edge says the title and Kelly will never been seen with Drew.


A video airs on the Elimination Chamber and past Chamber matches and goes over the rules of the matches.


The Smackdown Chamber Match is up next


Teddy Long comes out and says with Dolph Ziggler fired he has a replacement and it will be Big Show. It was not brought up that Wade Barrett beat Big Show his qualifying match.


Edge Vs Kane Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Wade Barrett Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Big Show for the World Title in an ‘Elimination Chamber Match’


Edge and Mysterio will start the show – the same two met at the 2008 show (then called ‘No Way Out’, tune into Review a Wai later tonight)


Mysterio takes a back drop onto the steel floor but lands on his feet to cushion the fall, Mysterio comes back with a huracanrana.


Wade Barrett is the third entrant into the match. Mysterio attempts the 619 but Edge hits him with a boot to the face.


Kane is in next – they state he’s been in four chamber matches and therefore the perfect playground for him – is that really case if he’s lost all those matches?


Kane has laid out everyone as the next entrant comes in, which is Drew McIntyre


McIntyre throws Barrett through the lexon glass, the glass that is so strong it’s what the WWE used to build its ceiling at times.


Booker T’s role on the broadcast seems to be to state the obvious


Edge hits the implant DDT on McIntyre but Kane attempts choke slam Edge but Rey saves and attempts the 619 to Kane but he ducks. Kane sends Mysterio head first into the pod and Mysterio has taken a lot of punishment in this match.


Big Show is the final entrant.


Show chops Barrett numerous times against the steel cage and then knocks him out with a straight right and eliminates Barrett. Show then takes a flying clothesline from Kane and a elbow drop from Edge for a two count, then a future shock DDT by McIntyre for a two and then a seated senton off the pod by Mysterio to Show for another two count. Show takes a 619 and then a spear by Edge, Kane takes out Edge and Mysterio with punches and finishes off with a choke slam to Big Show and Kane eliminates Show.


McIntyre comes off the top and takes a choke slam from Kane to be eliminated. Mysterio then counters a choke slam into a huracanrana but Kane holds onto him for a powerbomb but Edge spears him first and Edge pins Kane.


Kane choke slams both Edge and Mysterio before leaving. The two recovered and worked into near falls.


Mysterio ducks the spear in the corner but then takes it in the middle of the ring but Mysterio kicks out of the spear to a huge pop. Mysterio then hits the 619 and springboard splash but again Edge kicks out and crowd is super hot for this match. The match finishes with Mysterio hitting another 619 and Mysterio goes to the top and jumps off into a super spear by Edge who gets the win.


Solid final 15-minutes to the match especially when it came down to Edge Vs Mysterio.


After the match Alberto Del Rio attacks Edge but Christian makes his return and lays of Del Rio with the unprettier and crowd is really hot for Christian.


A promo for WrestleMania featuring The Rock airs including Steve Austin included in the promo.


Jerry Lawler is getting ready backstage and Matt Striker approaches. This was an awesome promo from Lawler describing the past week of his life with his Mom passing away and having the opportunity to win the WWE Title and go to WrestleMania tonight. This was great.


Booker T. enters the ring and introduces Trish Stratus as one of the trainers for ‘Tough Enough’ that debuts in April. Stratus does a catchphrase combining The Rock, Stratus and Booker’s catchphrases. Stratus says she is here tonight to see Jerry Lawler defeat The Miz. And yes, she was wearing a Stratusphere yoga shirt.


A trailer for ‘The Chaperone’ airs – anyone see it?


Michael Cole buries the segment with Booker T. and Stratus.


Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov Vs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater for the Tag Titles


Kozlov makes the tag to Marella, who comes in with a hip toss to Slater and then another to Gabriel on top of Slater. Marella goes for The Cobra but is cut off.


Kozlov in and lifts Gabriel, with Slater making the blind tag and comes in and attacks the leg of Kozlov. Gabriel recovers, tags and hits the 450 splash on Kozlov for the win and they win the Tag Titles.


A promo airs for the Hall of Fame in April.


Todd Grisham is with The Miz and Alex Riley and is asked how nervous he is. The Miz says it’s not 1983 when it was good to be King, it’s not 1999 when people smelled what The Rock was cooking and its 2011.


Vickie Guerrero comes out and says Smackdown suffered a tragedy this week when Dolph Ziggler was fired. She pleads for fans to demand Ziggler be hired back. Teddy Long comes out and tells Vickie to stop. Long announces he has rehired Kelly Kelly, who teases attacking Vickie but is attacked by Michelle McCool and Layla. Trish Stratus runs out for the save, she hit a high kick to McCool and then went for the huracanrana into the ropes on Layla but grabbed the bottom rope and Layla needed to save the spot. She finished off with a double bulldog and the heels left the ring.


A fantastic video for Jerry Lawler aired, there was no excuse for this not airing on TV leading into the show.


The Miz Vs Jerry Lawler for the WWE Title is next


Booker T. compares Lawler to Buster Douglas when he fought Mike Tyson in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan and shocked the world.


The match built well to the finish where the audience got behind the near falls. With The Miz and Lawler on the floor Lawler threw Miz into Michael Cole and took Cole out for the rest of the match.


Lawler went for the piledriver but Miz avoided it, Lawler eventually hit the second rope fist drop but Miz got his foot on the ropes. Booker was going insane on commentary trying to call a Lawler win but Miz recovered and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the clean win.


They left the camera on Lawler in the ring and played his theme on his way out.


John Cena is backstage eating Fruity Peebles and tells Todd Grisham he feels ‘yabba, dada delicious’ and they wonder why half the audience hates him.


CM Punk with Matt Striker says he is batting 1.000 against Cena.


The Raw Elimination Chamber closes off the show.


Randy Orton Vs John Morrison Vs R-Truth Vs CM Punk Vs Sheamus Vs John Cena in an ‘Elimination Chamber Match’


R-Truth once again is not given a live mic for his entrance.


Sheamus and John Morrison start off the match.


The fans were super hot in the opening 5:00 with chants for Punk as well as pro/con Cena chants.


Right now Trish Stratus, Michael Cole, Alex Riley and Fruity Pebbles are trending on Twitter.


Randy Orton is next in and delivers a draping DDT to Sheamus on the steel floor. Morrison is selling throughout as Orton works with Sheamus.


CM Punk is out #4 but the door won’t open as Orton waits for Punk. Orton attacks Punk, pulls him out and instantly delivers a RKO and eliminates Punk in seconds.


An e-mail comes in and says that due to a malfunctioning pod that Punk wasn’t given a fair chance to compete and Punk can re-enter his pod and back in the match.


John Cena is next in and gets a lot of boos


R-Truth is in #5. Truth hits a spinning clothesline to Cena and then walks into a Brogue kick and Sheamus eliminates Truth.


Orton throws Morrison through the glass of the pod.


Cena and Orton square off going back and forth with shots. The crowd responded much more than at the Rumble last month.


CM Punk comes in as the last entrant. Cena goes for the AA but Orton counters and hits the RKO on Cena but takes a bump onto the steel floor. Punk gets a near fall and then mocks the RKO set up as he goes for the GTS on Punk and hits it on Orton and eliminates Orton.

Morrison scaled the top of the chamber and came off the ceiling to take out Sheamus and eliminate him. Morrison was selling his knee and missed the starship pain on Punk and was eliminated with the GTS.

Finish came with Cena hitting the AA onto Punk on the steel floor and getting the win.