Golden Glory Dominates ‘United Glory’ World Series

Press Release / March 23, 2011 - 4:02pm

Saturday March 19, 2010 in Charleroi, Belgium saw legend Bas Rutten announce a great night of spectacular fights during Ultimate Glory 13, and the semi-finals of the United Glory World Series ($150.000.- tournaments).  The Welterweight MMA Tournament & Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament capped the nights event, where Golden Glory team members continue to dominate the competition.

Golden Glory’s K-1 Grandprix Kickboxer Gokhan Saki, coming off an injury won a unanimous decision over Wendel Roche.  Next up for Saki in the $150,000 finals is Brice Guidon from France.  Saki, one of the most dominant strikers in the world, whom is often massively out weighed, never backs off from his opponents.  Constant pressure and an impressive skill set that is unmatched in the Fight Game.

Another Golden Glory MMA star, Siyar Bahadurzada on a three year win streak, brutally knocked out his second straight UFC veteran in the Xtreme Couture trained John Alessio in the first round. Facing Bahadurzada in the finals this May in Russia is his Golden Glory teammate Tommy Depretz whom forced brazilian Roan Carneiro to submit in the first round via a perfectly executed Armbar.

Also on the card was the ever impressive Nieky Holzken, who viciously knocked out Wendy Annonay and Filip Verlinden continued Golden Glory’s dominating night with decisive decision over Frédéric Sinistra.  Robin van Roosmalen defeated his second straight teammate.  After a battle with Golden Glory Russia’s Maxim Vorovski, Roosmalen went to war in perhaps fight of the night against Golden Glory ” Zuid Laren” David Kiria.

In just his third professional fight 19 year old Robbie Hageman, looked more like a young Robbie Kaman in defeating his much more experienced Russian foe.  Training religiously with Golden Glory and trainers Cor Hemmers and Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers, he is yet another champion in the making.

Also over the last week, Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix semi-finalist Golden Glory Sergei Kharitonov much like the rest of his camp, wasted no time in returning to the battlefield, where he made an overwhelming appearance onto the boxing circuit.

Kharitonov blasted through his opponent quickly and so viciously, the corner was forced to throw in the towel.  Errol “The Bonecrusher” Zimmerman lived up to both his billing and his name, by breaking his opponents forearm with a powerful Thai kick.
May 2011 in Moscow Russia will be the finals of the Glory World Series.  Continuing to build on its current success and offering large championship prizes, United Glory is the premiere event outside the monumentally impressive UFC and Strikeforce, owned by Zuffa.

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Official MMA results

1. Pierre Parmentier defeats Denis Akao by TKO (gnp), round 1 at 3:55 min.
2. Christophe Chapuis defeats Damien Berteaux by triangle choke, round 1 at 1:20 min.
3. Uriel Albamonte defeats Nicky Covyn by guillotine choke, round 1 at 45 sec.
4. Kriss Larcin defeats Omar Samb by TKO (gnp), round 1 at 3:10 min.
5. Sebastien Thirion defeats Danny Covyn by knee bar, round 1 at 4:00 min.
6. Siyar Bahadurzada defeats John Alessio by TKO (gnp), round 1 at 1:55 min. Tournament half finals
7. Tommy Depret defeats Roan Carneiro by armbar, round 1 at 2:36 min.  Tournament half finals

Official Kickboxing results
1. Hidouche Lahoucine defeats Allan Gozdizki by decision
2. Robbie Hageman defeats Peter Chobanov by decision
3. Robin Van Roosmalen  defeats David Kyria by decision
4. Filip Verlinden defeats Frédéric Sinistra by decision
5. Errol Zimmerman defeats by Mohamed Benyaich by TKO, round 1
6. Nicolaj Falin defeats Nathan van t Hof by decision
7. Nieky Holzken defeats Wendy Annonay by KO, round 1
8. Brice Guidon defeats Mourad Bouzidi  by KO, round 1 Tournament Fight half finals
9. Gokhan Saki defeats Wendell Roche by decision  Tournament Fight half finals

By: Rey Miles