Golden Glory Sends Relief Efforts to Japan with Semmy Schilt

Press Release / April 13, 2011 - 8:22pm

One short month ago Japan was hit by a terrible Eartquake (9.0) followed by a huge tsunami which resulted in a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant which is still not under control and now is in the most dangerous state (7) of worst nuclear disaster in history.

In December the K-1 was won by Alistair Overeem and Golden Glory had a dominant presence with Kharitonov, Gokhan Saki and Errol Zimmerman and 4 x K-1 champion Semmy Schilt.

So moved by the respect and admiration our fighters received, Golden Glory has teamed up with main sponsor Fight Game ( to help japan in a very special way.

Our ‘Team’ prepared something very special for the victims in Japan during this last month.  Fight Game ( along with the Golden Glory fighters, coaches, trainers and management collected money for the last month and purchased supplies (see list) worth over $120,000.00 which will be delivered personally by Semmy Schilt the International K1 Icon to the victims of the earthquake in Japan.

Where embassies in Japan are evacuated, most foreigners fleeing and even as Japanese people rush to exit Japan, The 7 foot tall Semmy Schilt hopes his presence and fame in Japan will help rebuild a country and community, one small step at a time.  Schilt personally witnessed 2 earthquakes in Japan  measuring over 6.2 each, but is not deterred from reaching out, and with precautions still will arrive, driving a huge truck on the 13th of April to the Saitama Prefecture in Japan (where only the Emperor of Japan has been) to personally hand out supplies to those in need of aide from this catastrophe.

For 4 x K-1 champion Semmy Schilt and Team it was not enough to gather 15 years of trophies and training gear for an auction in Japan where that money would go to the tsunami victims. So the gracious team from Golden Glory and sponsor Fight Game will arrive with the memorabilia as well as this Truck driven by Schilt full of support goods.

In company of his father Gerrit, the ‘super sized samurai’ Schilt is driving the huge truck with goods over the deserted streets into the a territory in Japan which looks like a ghost town from a horror movie of Stephen King.  Semmy’s actions along with the full Team’s involvement is nothing short of an act of heroism.

The other K-1 winner and MMA superstar Alistair Overeem was just professionally photographed in support which through Yoshimoto in japan can be uploaded  by your mobile phone  the profits go to the victims of the earthquake/tsunami.

Alistair Overeem also made himself available for the red cross in Holland and will collect during a soccer match of Ajax in the Amsterdam Arena to then hand over a check for the victims of the tsunami in Japan.

Alistair’s shirt in the picture above says it all.  “We are all One”, every bit counts in support of our friends in need.  Anyone looking to aide Golden Glory and Fight Game in the relief for Japan, please contact “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. 

Golden Glory continues to raise funds for the tsunami/earthquake victims of Japan and hope this will inspire every fighter and individual on the planet to contribute in anyway possible.

Our Team along with sponsor Fight Game will continue to raise relief goods and funds through the Glory event in Moscow May 28th at the Glory World Series Finals.   Many GG fighters will attend as well as fight yet again to support the Japanese community in which part of this events profits will send many more trucks with relieve goods
Golden Glory Stars Alistair Overeem, Sem Schilt, Gokhan Saki and Marloes Coenen can also be seen in the film Amsterdam Heavy which will premiere at Cannes Film Festival. Overeem and Schilt will also be featured star in the new Microsoft Windows 7 phone Video Game titled Fight Game Rivals where a portion of the proceeds will be used in the Japan Relief.