Latest ‘Hook to the Body’ Column from WBC President Sulaiman

Press Release / April 26, 2011 - 9:19pm

From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán:

The following is one of the weekly “Hook to the Body” columns by WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán that are published in El Universal every Sunday. From April 24, translated from Spanish:

By José Sulaimán

Female Boxing Definitely a Fact.

The contemporary world, especially the Latin world, seems to have forgotten the reasons for the Holy Week to be kept in remembrance and strengthening of faith after suffering 2,000 years ago the crucifixion of our Jesus Christ – a good man who came to the world to carry the word of our Almighty God and to struggle as a humble man for peace, for the compassion and care for the poor, to pray for the good hearts of mankind, and to leave a legend for all generations to come.

Even those unbelievers cannot deny that millions and millions around the whole world love, respect, and follow the religion and teachings of that kind heart crucified on a cross, to have been the most notable human being ever to live on this world after our millions of years in the universe. Once again, I hope that after these days of reflection we will have a new attitude of mutual understanding, and a new attitude for an ideal of peace.

Back in our life in boxing, I must celebrate with pride the double shining impact of boxing on the same day, April 16, first when WBC welterweight world champion Andre Berto, from Haiti, surprisingly lost his title to Mexican-American Victor Ortiz on a unanimous decision, after both having been knocked down to the canvas twice in a 12-round battle that had everybody on their toes. Victor was overwhelmingly happy celebrating having won the green and gold belt that has been his dream.

In Veracruz, Mexico, on the same night, two Mexican female lionesses met in the ring: Jackie Nava, the WBC super-bantam champion for five years, and Ana María Torres, the WBC super flyweight world champion, also for several years, in a bout that ended in a fair draw. It had been myself who had called Ana María the best female champion of the world after her tough but clear defeat of the great German female boxer Alesia Graf, a qualification or appointment that Jackie Nava went to Veracruz to take for herself. With the draw, Ana María confirmed being the best fighter in the world, but there is no question that Jackie Nava won in the ring. The qualification of being the best female professional BOXER in the world, after excelling in the ring with an outstanding performance of excellent boxing! And to think that some wanted to steal from the WBC this fight between two great long-reigning female champions fighting in our home, Mexico!

It is here where I would like to extend my congratulations to my friend Gilberto Mendoza, President of the WBA, for his understanding this attempted low blow and calling me to let me know that the WBA would not approve such a fight, as it might have meant an intromission between two friendly organizations.

All of the above made me remember the almost 17 years of the WBC in female boxing, which was included as an important item of the agenda of the First World Boxing Medical Congress held on the beautiful island of Aruba, organized by the WBC, and from which about 15 rules were implemented to help in the protection of female boxing.

The great WBC title match between the new champion Ortiz and former champion Berto, and this great female bout between two great WBC world champions, Jackie Nava and Ana María Torres show openly that boxing is standing as great as ever, and those two ladies showed that female boxing is absolutely a professional sport, standing at high levels of performance for the benefit of women themselves as well as for the boxing fans of the world, as there are also great female champions in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America.

At these moments of reflexion during the Holy Week, enjoying the pride of that boxing Saturday among many other things, it comes to my mind at this time of my life, that human beings go into a journey through life when we are due to encounter many satisfactions, as boxing has been in my life. We shall meet also triumphs and failures, happiness and sadness, smiles and tears, gratitude and ingratitude, facts and non-facts, loyalty and treason. But the most important is for all to be satisfied with ourselves, for the efforts offered to be what we are; to be sure that we have led our life through solid principles; to feel that we have done everything possible to be of service to others, especially the most needy; to have compassion even for a starving, unhelpful little dog; to have dignity as the only non-compromising value; to love, respect and fear our Almighty God; to love our country as we love our own lives, and to bless all the friends that you have found in your life who have cared for you and who have given us a reason for our lives.

Thank you for your attention and have a great and peaceful Easter.