ShoFight 20 Live Play-by-Play

Cody Saftic / June 17, 2012 - 12:53am

Follow the live blog for ShoFight 20 from Springfield, MO. airing live only on Fight Network.

Main Card:

-John Gunderson vs. Karo Parisyan (welterweight title)

Round 1

Main event underway. Parisyan on Gunderson immediately as he takes him down. Into side control but he loses position and allows Gunderson to get up. Big right hand by the judoka Parisyan but Gunderson looks unfazed. Big knee by Gunderson lands that forces Parisyan to force him against the fence. Gunderson up against the cage now and decides to pull guard into a guillotine that forces Parisyan to quickly tap out. John Gunderson becomes the new ShoFight welterweight Champion.

Result: John Gunderson def. Karo Parisyan via Submission (guillotine choke) at 2:47, Round 1

-Kendall Grove vs. Derek Brunson (middleweight title)

Round 1

Brunson backs Grove up to the fence early and avoids Grove’s lengthy reach. Solid slam from Brunson as he assumes top position on the UFC veteran. Grove quickly up to his feet and starts to find his range with strikes. Brunson looking for a takedown against the cage again but Grove doing a good job staying up. Both men separate and Grove again lands with some good strikes but overcommits and gets taken down by Brunson. Grove scrambling to get up but almost gives up his back. Back to guard now as Brunson scores points with top control. 10-9 Brunson.

Round 2

Round two starts and Grove is aggressive immediately. Couple of good punches land for the Hawaiian but he can’t handle the wrestling of Brunson and gets taken down. Brunson smothering Grove but not doing a whole lot of damage. Grove looking to scramble underneath Brunson but he’s unable to break his opponent’s base. Brunson stands up now before ultimately diving back in, landing in north-south position. Back to guard now and Brunson stands up again. Grove lands a nice upkick and then jumps back to his feet. Brunson looks exhausted as he back away from his opponent. Sloppy takedown attempt but Grove easily shrugs it off. Nice rally by Grove, but it’s not enough. 10-9 Brunson.

Round 3

Brunson took the fight on four days’ notice and he’s showing every bit of it to start the last round. Grove stalking Brunson around the cage and lands a couple of low kicks. Solid body kick by Grove but he’s hesitant to let loose. Solid double-leg by Brunson lands but he’s too tired to do anything with the position. Grove explodes and gets up, but Brunson wastes no time taking him back down. Grove now lands an illegal upkick but no point taken. Grove gets up and with 30 seconds left he decides to unload. Punches and kicks from Grove but he can’t land anything hard enough to finish the Strikeforce vet Brunson. 10-9 Brunson for a 30-27 score on Fight Network’s card, but judges disagree.

Result: Kendall Grove def. Derek Brunson via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

-Lyle Beerbohm vs Marcus Aurelio

Round 1

Beerbohm with a low kick early as both men take the centre of the cage. Beerbohm ducks a couple of strikes and takes the Pride vet Aurelio down. Beerbohm in guard but is having trouble getting anything going against the highly regarded BJJ black belt. Aurelio now looks to isolate an arm but Beerbohm does a good job keeping him down. Couple of shots get through for Beerbohm but not a whole lot of damage scored as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Beerbohm.

Round 2

Second round starts and Beerbohm quickly lands a single-leg. Aurelio manages to get up momentarily but Beerbohm is quick to get the fight back down. Guillotine choke attempt for Aurelio, but it’s not enough to seriously threaten. Big elbows from Beerbohm and he splits Aurelio open. Blood everywhere as Aurelio scrambles and gets back to his feet. Aurelio goes for the guillotine again, but just can’t manage to lock up the move. Beerbohm brutalizing Aurelio with ground and pound, but it’s not enough to put the fight in danger of getting stopped. 10-9 Beerbohm.

Round 3

Aurelio’s corner does a good job of cleaning the cut in between rounds and the Brazilian comes out hard. Big overhand right for Aurelio but Beerbohm easily scores with a takedown. Constant barrage of punches from “Fancy Pants” but Aurelio quick to snatch up an arm. Armbar momentarily followed by a possible triangle choke but Beerbohm is too savvy for his submission attempts. 20 seconds left and Aurelio lands an illegal upkick. Beerbohm is furious as the referee takes away a point from the Brazilian. Fight resumes and Beerbohm slips on a kick allowing Aurelio to get on top for the first time in the fight, but the clock runs out shortly thereafter. 10-8 Beerbohm.

Result: Lyle Beerbohm def. Marcus Aurelio via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

-Mike Wessel vs. Matt Kovacs

Round 1

Both men touch gloves and this heavyweight contest is underway. Wessel the aggressor early as he looks to size up Kovacs. Wessel explodes with a flurry of punches now and backs Kovacs up against the cage. Takedown scores with ease for the UFC veteran as he rips Kovacs to the mat. Short elbows for Wessel from half-guard but not a whole lot of action going on the ground. Kovacs working to stand up now and does momentarily but Wessel takes him back down. Kovacs up again but it’s short-lived as Wessel uses his superior wrestling to take the fight to the ground. Short shots from the former TUF contestant Wessel as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Wessel.

Round 2

Early exchange to start the second round. Wessel immediately goes back to the wrestling and takes Kovacs down. Sloppy transition from Wessel leads to Kovacs getting up but once again, it’s Wessel with the takedown.  Light ground and pound from Wessel as he simply looks to keep Kovacs on the ground. 30 seconds left and Wessel starts to pour damage as Kovacs turtles up, prompting the referee to stop the fight.

Result: Mike Wessel def. Matt Kovacs via TKO (strikes) at 4:50, Round 2

-Jonatas Novaes vs. Drew Fickett

Round 1

Fickett comes out southpaw and immedietly gets dropped by a hard Novaes head kick. Fickett covers up from his back and appears to be regaining his composure when the referee steps in and ends the fight from strikes.

Result: Jonatas Novaes def. Drew Fickett via TKO (punches) at 0:51, Round 1

-Chris Gruetzmacher def. Roli Delgado via TKO (strikes) 3:24, Round 3

Preliminary Card:
-Dustin Phillips def. Allen Gibson via unanimous decision
-Matt Lucas def. Lucas Overcast via unanimous decision
-Mike Brazzle def. Karen Darabedyan via TKO, Round 1
-Jacob Ritchie def. Robert Saborudden via TKO, Round 3
-Jason Ignacek def. Gary Michaels via unanimous decision