A Preview of RAW 1000

Sam Pierce / July 23, 2012 - 5:42pm


In what has seemed like an eternity since WWE announced the date of Raw’s monumental 1000th episode, the 3-hour celebration is finally upon us. On Monday, July 23rd, 2012 from the Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri, history will be made. Let’s see what the WWE has in store for us.

Being advertised are 6 main attractions. They are: The reunion of DX, Brock Lesnar answers Triple H’s challenge, the wedding of AJ and Daniel Bryan (YES!), the naming of a new general manager for Raw, the return of The Rock and last, but not least, John Cena will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase to face CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

Now, that sounds like a pretty promo heavy, lack of actual wrestling, lineup. But on a show like this, especially from WWE, that’s to be expected. And at least the majority of announced promos sound half interesting. So, let’s address each attraction in more detail, shall we?

The Reunion of DX:

Considering this is a celebration of Monday Night Raw, I have a feeling that many of the promo’s will be focused on creating nostalgia for the fans. This is the 1000th episode and WWE wants to make it clear how far the show has come. DX will come out to their usual Break It Down theme song, in their matching t shirts, holding their DX glow sticks high above their heads and do their legendary two man taunt in the ring. Is this something that I get excited about? No, been there, done that. But for what it is, I strongly believe that most people will enjoy hearing DX ask them if “they’re ready” one more time. But, of course, if they’re not down with that, then DX has two words for them… See, you know the drill. My hopes are that they incorporate Lesnar in here and possibly mere the two promos togeather.

Brock Lesnar answers Triple H’s challenge:

Okay, it’s not like WWE is going to do all of this buildup for Triple H vs Brock Lesnar and then not have the match actually take place because Lesnar refuses the challenge. We all know whether or not Brock accepts now or later, or not at all, that this match WILL take place at SummerSlam. It would be interesting for this promo to take a different direction. Rather than just have both men enter the ring, go back and forth for 15 minutes and then leave; I’d like to see it take place multiple times over the course of the three hour show. Have Triple call out Lesnar early in the show, only to learn that Lesnar hasn’t arrived at the arena yet. Or, have Lesnar make a decision and then something occurs during the course of the show that makes him change his mind by the end of it. Brock has to do something interesting here because ever since his loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules and his lack of appearances on WWE TV, he’s lost a whole lot of credibility. No longer is it “here comes the pain”, it’s more like “here comes the LAME”.

The Wedding of AJ and Daniel Bryan:

Daniel Bryan, do you take AJ to be your lovely wedded wife? YES! YES! YES! Okay, now that I got that out of the way, we can begin. No one can honestly expect that this will be the first wedding in wrestling history to go down smoothly without someone getting beaten up or stripped of their wedding attire. Like I said before, WWE is really focusing on the nostalgic factor for Raw 1000, and watching yet another wrestling wedding is an entertaining way to bring back some memories. And considering that the whole angle with AJ’s crazy (pun intended) rise to the top and her love triangle with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk has been one of the most unique and entertaining storylines this summer, I’m all for it. This is, by far, the promo I am most looking forward too.

The Naming of a New General Manager:

I don’t see this being a huge deal unless they bring in a returning legend or top name to become the general manager. Personally, I’m a fan of heel GM’s, as I am heel wrestlers as well. It’s just more interesting that way. The first name that comes to mind is John Laurinitus. Raw has been an extremely unsafe working environment ever since People Power was put to an end by John Cena with his win over the Big Show, back in June at No Way Out. I sit here typing with my fingers crossed that he somehow comes back as the GM but it doesn’t seem likely now. We will see him back at some point, no question, but I’m doubtful that it’s on the 1000th episode of Raw.

The Return of the Rock:

The fact that people still get excited about the Rock returning really pisses me off. Yes, I get that he’s a movie star and definitely does not need to be in professional wrestling for the money, but the fact that he beat Cena at WrestleMania is what did it for me. That had absolutely zero significance because the Rock isn’t competing month to month, hell, he isn’t even competing on the rate that Triple H is which is about twice a year. The Rock will wrestle one match a year, for a bajillion dollars, and won’t put other guys over. If Cena had won at WrestleMania, I’m sure they would’ve been okay with him taking a loss to Brock the next month at Extreme Rules. But no, they don’t want Cena to be defeated two months in a row so they had him beat Lesnar which caused Brock’s character to lose a lot of it’s power. Phew, that was intense. I’m sure he will address the crowd, maybe exchange a few words with Cena and possibly deliver a Rock Bottom to someone at some point of the show. Who cares? Oh wait…

John Cena Cashes in his Money in the Bank Briefcase to Face CM Punk for the WWE Championship:

Notice that this is the only main attraction for the 1000th episode of Raw that is an actual WRESTLING MATCH. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It was only a year ago that the highly acclaimed rivalry between John Cena and CM Punk took place. And many will remember that it was CM Punk who won both of those matches. Will the third time be the charm? We also have to note that this is the first time that Cena has won Money in the Bank, let alone it being the first time he ever took part in the match! John’s taking the honourable route by telling Punk in advanced that he will be cashing in on him, likely setting up a traditional matchup between the two in the main event spot of the show. It doesn’t seem like it’s time for Punk’s lengthy reign as WWE champion to come to an end but does that mean Cena should be the first man to LOSE when cashing in his MITB contract? It could go either way. I have a funny feeling that the match won’t end cleanly, won’t end at all or might not even get started, possibly setting up a rematch between the two at SummerSlam. We’ll have to wait and find out. All I know is that when these two meet, I’m always watching closely.

The night is finally here. On July 23rd, 2012, Raw will celebrate its 1000th episode with a 3 hour spectacular. Expect the… expected. That’s my motto for the event. Thanks for reading.