Roots of Fight Honors Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Influence

Press Release / July 31, 2012 - 9:40pm

Vancouver, BC (July 31st, 2012) – Roots of Fight has released its latest short film featuring a “fighter’s” look at Bruce Lee and the influence his philosophy/art Jeet Kune Do has had on the culture of combat sports. The new film, Bruce Lee JKD, features combat sports luminaries describing Bruce Lee’s impact on the fight game and how Lee was the first man to practice mixed martial arts.

“He was the first one to create mixed martial arts because he took the first forms of fighting and made his own form, Jeet Kune Do,” says UFC middleweight contender Mark Munoz, “Which is about taking each style and make it part of your own.”

Former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten praises Lee for his dedication to continually evolving and improving his technique and never settling for falling into a set form.

“My father looked at Newton’s laws of physics. He looked at what is the best type of footwork? What is the best way to bridge the gap? What is the best way to effectively strike?” says Shannon Lee,  “And so it’s about, ‘How do I express myself with my body.’”

Boxing legend Mike Tyson also voices his admiration for Bruce Lee, saying, “Bruce Lee was a killer. You hurt the man, do as much damage as you can and get out.”

Regardless of age, gender, or occupation, Bruce Lee’s influence has reached the four corners of the earth and the combat sports world holds a special place for Bruce Lee’s contributions to the fight world. Roots of Fight is proud to produce this short film and pay tribute to Lee, adding a new style to the JKD clothing capsule collection and simultaneously, a limited edition run of the “Bruce Lee JKD Tee,” available exclusively on

The new Bruce Lee JKD Tee, featuring full front and back soft-hand prints on a casual fit, premium cotton t-shirt with a vintage feel is now available for purchase through the Las Vegas Fight Shop, and

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