Elite Heat Boxing Team Win Titles at Ringside Tourney

Ariel Shnerer / August 11, 2012 - 4:17am

Three representatives of the Elite Heat Boxing Team earned Ringside titles at a tournament Friday in Kansas City.

The winners include Vito Mielnicki, Malik Nelson and Shakur Stevenson.

Full press release below:

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY (August 11, 2012)—Three members of the Elite Heat Boxing team took home titles at the renowned Ringside World Championships Boxing Tournament in Kansas City.

In the 9-10 Year old / 70 lb Open division, Vito Mielnicki won three bouts; in the 11-12 /70 lb open division it was Malik Nelson had four wins and in the 13-14 Year old / 110 lb division Shakur Stevenson won four bouts to take home the title.