Hasim Rahman Is Out of Shape… Or Is He?

Corey Erdman / August 21, 2012 - 5:30pm

Everyone has been rolling their eyes at the thought of Alexander Povetkin defending his WBA “regular” heavyweight title against Hasim Rahman, and now it seems the champion’s manager is doing the same.

Vladimir Hyrunov, who handles Povetkin, is seemingly disgusted by the physical condition Rahman has been in during recent press outings promoting the bout.

According to him, not only is it making it (more) difficult to sell a (lacklustre) matchup like this, but it’s created some difficulty in the production of fight posters.

Here’s Hyrunov’s hilarious rant from BoxingScene.com:
“This was the problem with the posters. All we had were old photos of Rahman. But you have to realize that he got so fat now, that nobody would have recognized him from his current photo. We asked him to take off his shirt to take a photo and he refused. If we would have placed his old photo on the fight posters, and then the fans would look at him now – we would have been called liars and the fans would have asked for refunds and said ‘that’s not him, Povetkin is fighting a different guy.’ We offered to take his photo but he refused to take his shirt off because his belly was sagging down to his knees.”

Naturally there’s a bit of hyperbole in there. As seen in this photo (http://www.boxingscene.com/uploads/56214/povetkin-rahman%20(9).jpg) from the press conference in question, unless Rahman was wearing Spanx or some very high waisted jeans underneath that tall tee, his belly does not sag to his knees.

However, he did enter the ring against Galen Brown last year at a gargantuan 284 pounds, which made Brown, (as seen here on the left http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_gwFQfhSM5H0/TNx-P0AdmkI/AAAAAAAAAqY/S-Cv-f2BlBQ/s1600/wach.jpg) who is not known for his physique, look like an Adonis.

Rahman’s promoter, Greg Cohen, is claiming he’s walking around at 254 at the moment (http://rt.com/sport/boxing/povetkin-rahman-wba-cohen-211/), which puts him in and around where he was when he fought Wladimir Klitschko and David Tua.

The real shame here is that “The Rock,” who is a tremendous trash talker, isn’t getting a chance to show his chops. All of the reports from Germany are coming via translation, and it’s doubtful that all he had to say is “I will punish Povetkin.”

Here’s hoping an intrepid reporter from around these parts can get the former heavyweight champ on the phone to respond.