Show Me Da Manny

Kitson Vincent / September 5, 2012 - 7:27pm

Does anybody really care about Manny Pacquiao anymore? Now, I know the boxing world was up in arms over this little travesty or better put miscarriage of justice after his fight with Timothy Bradley. But when the champion of the world, and many peoples’ No.1 pound-for-pound boxer puts on a performance like that, the decision is easier to swallow. I am not one of those who really believe that Pacquiao lost. However he did not do enough inside the ring to make me upset over the decision. What really makes me upset is that everyone in the boxing community continues to follow this has been.

Listen, at one point Manny Pacquiao was the king of the boxing world. That was then and this is now. Get over it! In all honesty, Pacquiao has looked anything but impressive in his last two outings. He clearly lost his third fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, where once again the judges clearly handed down the wrong decision, and the pride of the Philippines was once again handed a win which was  not his to take. He now knows how it feels after Bradley beat him. However his performance against Marquez makes him look like Ray Robinson in comparison to his fight with Bradley.

The so called “pound-for-pound” best sat there over 12 rounds and did absolutely nothing. Bradley wasn’t exactly lighting the arena on fire either, but Pacquiao didn’t fight for more than half a round at a time. During the fight, he looked tired and worn out. And I don’t care what type of horrible excuses come out of his camp. He surrounds himself with a bunch of busy bodies who obviously do more harm than help. However, in no way will I accept these excuses as factors that hampered his performances. He fights. He picks his staff. He should make more of his own decisions instead of keeping tomato cans around that can later be used as scapegoats for his shoddy performances. 

Now I don’t like giving praise where none is due, but Pacquiao was at one point one of the finest athletes in the world. However, lately his stock has dropped. His fights against Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito were perfect displays of Bob Arums matchmaking/fixing. Bob, like everyone else, knows that if you stand in front of the PacMan, he will pick you apart. Both men were tailor-made for destruction. However, when his opponent chooses to move and counter punch he is no longer the same fighter. Watch the Marquez fight. The proof is in the pudding.

Now, the world once again waits on a decision from one of the most popular athletes to choose his next opponent. Who cares? Both names on the table are meaningless. He has already beaten Marquez three times, although all were questionable. And his performance against Bradley left me hating the sport I was once in love with.

A fight with Marquez would at least be exciting inside the ring. No matter what Paquiao shows up that night, Marquez will bring the thunder as he is desperate to finally beat a man he should have on three separate occasions. His other potential opponent Bradley brings a smaller fan base than I do to the ring and will probably do worse pay-per-view numbers than their first fight. I understand why Pacquiao would want to fight the only man to have beaten him since 2005, but nobody else cares. The only fight people want to see Pacquiao involved in, is one with Floyd Mayweather.

Manny’s management team headed by the always honorable Arum does have legitimate reasons for his golden ticket not to fight Floyd. He’ll lose. All the talk about money and steroids is at this point nonsensical. Firstly, Mayweather is the highest paid star in the sport for a reason, and Paqcuaio’s numbers don’t even come close. Not to mention Pacquiao is coming off a loss. A 50/50 split with someone who generates substantially more money is ludicrous. Especially at this point, Floyd doesn’t need Pacquiao to cement his legacy. Secondly, the steroid testing issue should not be an issue at all. All of the excuses for not taking the test sound juvenile and falsified. Like Mayweather said before: “If you want to be the best…take the test.” That is exactly what Manny should do. Stop the talking. Sign on the dotted line. Give your fans something they desperately need.

What everyone needs to do is stop speculating about who he is going to fight, because at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. If Pacquiao does not meet Mayweather in the middle of the ring, his legacy will always be suspect. What Pacquiao needs to do next is stop worrying about his political career and extra-marital affairs and take care of the business that made him who he is today. The possible match-ups for his upcoming fight are ridiculous and although Mayweather would most likely dust Pacquiao it needs to be settled.

For the sport of boxing please start making more decisions on your own. Stop placing the blame on others around you whom you’ve hired. Finally, let the great Arum stop pulling your strings like a puppet. Stand up on your own and fight the only fight anyone wants to see!