A Look Back at My Experience at Fan Expo Canada

Sarah Davis / September 6, 2012 - 4:42pm

Looking back on this summer, Fan Expo Canada was one of the last places I thought I’d find myself nor could I have predicted that a cape and wig would be involved.  How did this all happen? I don’t know anything about comics, haven’t really seen any of the Star Trek movies, don’t play video games and haven’t even seen The Avengers yet! I did watch Thor once but fell asleep halfway through. Oops. Anyways, my producer, Jorge Barbosa, emailed me at the end of July asking if I’d like to go to Fan Expo for a story that would fit perfectly into “The Shift” on Fight News Now.  I tentatively responded with a “sure.” After all, I’m always game to try something new and out of my comfort zone. Little did I realize what this lunatic signed me up for!

So I changed my hair colour, donned my red metallic cape, talked to some of the most entertaining people I have ever met and enjoyed three slices of pepperoni pizza at the end of all of it.  You’ll see in the video below that I got the full experience and conquered Fan Expo Canada.  Will I go back next year?  Only if I can dress in costume and eat that much pizza again!

Note to self: work on videogame and light saber skills.