Sarah Davis: Skull Man’s Box Wars

Sarah Davis / September 13, 2012 - 8:52pm

When I was on my way to Fan Expo Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre a few weeks ago, I figured I’d run into the stereotypical characters: a testosterone fueled batman, a geeky robin, creepy horror chicks and a Jedi or two. What I was not expecting and the character that stood out the most was SKULL MAN! Yes, I’m yelling because that’s how he TALKS!

My producer, Jorge Barbosa, found Skull Man in a sea of too tight leotards, furry ears and fake guns just outside of the exhibitor’s area. One look at Skull Man and you could see that he was different from the rest. His painted body armor and huge blade were actually made out of cardboard!

Little did I know that Skull Man is the President and Creator of Skull Man’s Box Wars in Canada. What the heck is box wars? Skull Man explained that warriors (people) build armor and weapons out of regular old cardboard boxes into elaborate costumes and then battle against each other all while destroying each other’s armor.

Want to get a taste of it or even participate?  Skull Man’s Box War’s will be the halftime show at the Toronto Roller Derby on September 22nd. For all the details, including building guidelines and battle rules, go to

And check out my interview with SKULL MAN!