My Experience at UFC 152 Pre-Fight Press Conference

Lilly Lazare-Greene / September 20, 2012 - 7:45pm

When the UFC comes to town, it’s got to be one of the most exciting sporting events ever.

You know the moment when you walk into an arena or stadium? That feeling when you come out of the tunnel and into that huge, bright and loud open space. It’s a huge rush of adrenaline and it’s one of the most amazing feelings and it happens every single time. It never changes. Because the UFC events are so few and far between here in Toronto, that feeling is multiplied. We have to savour every moment and really embrace it.

I was recently at the pre-fight news conference at Real Sports Bar and Grill at the Air Canada Centre, and as a sports fan this would have to be one of the greatest moments. And even as a sports reporter, still exciting. Maybe because I’m not jaded (yet) like seasoned veterans may be, but I hope that never happens. If you’re jaded then maybe you shouldn’t be doing what your doing, even if it has been 12 years. The excitement is thick in the air and I think aside from Showdown Joe, everyone feels it. Even the athletes.  I really hope it never gets old. Although you have to remain professional and put all your fandom aside, inside you’re beaming. I write this to try and tell you how it feels. To paint a picture of what goes on. Watching on television is one thing, but to be in it, is a whole different ball game.

I got into this field for a reason. Well, for many reasons, but the main one is the excitement of being part of a sporting event, especially one that is seldom here. It’s like Christmas, but a few times a year. The buildup to a certain day, all the work, fun and celebration that happens surrounding that one day to make it as long as possible. To stretch it out. Because the one thing we always wish for when we’re having fun, is for it to never end. To have time freeze in that moment and make it last forever.