Review of Kevin James’ ‘Here Comes The Boom’

Sarah Davis / October 4, 2012 - 8:24pm

The big and loveable Kevin James, is Scott Voss, a lazy biology teacher in this MMA-comedy which has an air of predictableness and a big slice of cheese! Salma Hayek joins him as the high school’s nurse along with Henry Winkler as the frazzled music teacher.  It’s the classic story of a run-down school without a budget and an average teacher, Mr. Voss (James), who comes to the rescue by announcing he’ll save the school’s music program and raise the money they need by fighting in MMA .

So the quest begins and you can imagine that the rolly-polly Mr. Voss isn’t all too good inside the cage but he finds a coach in Niko, a landed immigrant, played by Bas Rutten. Rutten’s high-energy personality keeps the pace up as Mr. Voss gets the crap kicked out of him time and time again. Winkler is there for support and Hayek is there to take care of injuries and of course, is the hottie that Mr. Voss pines over.

As a MMA fan I can appreciate all the cameos made by UFC personalities and fighters, whether they play themselves or not and there are a lot of fights scenes with super-man punches, kimura locks and body shots. On the other hand, my movie-watching partner, who is not a fan of MMA wasn’t all too impressed with the movie or cameos and wanted his hour and 45 minutes back. But he did agree that Krzysztof Soszynski as UFC fighter “Ken Dietrich”, fulfilled his role as a scary bad ass.

So if you can get past the predictable nature and cheesiness of this film, you will love some of the laugh-out-loud moments that had the theatre clapping at one point.  And remember, just like anything can happen in fighting, the impossible is possible in Here Comes The Boom!

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