Mayhem from ‘Mayhem’

Lilly Lazare-Greene / October 10, 2012 - 4:30pm

Poor Jason “Mayhem” Miller, he’s lost his mind.

If you haven’t seen the bizarre interview with “Mayhem”, or “Lucky Patrick” or whoever he is, on “The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani,” you better fasten your seat belt, it’s a bumpy ride.

Here Comes The Boom” is a feature film about a teacher trying to raise money for his school. Honestly, doesn’t look super awesome, but there are a few big names that may make it worth while. For instance Bas Rutten, how could you not love anything he does, and of course Jason “Mayhem” Miller who, from what I can gather, stars as a fighter from Boston called “Lucky Patrick.”

The interview that Helwani had booked with Miller was scheduled for an hour. The interview they got was with Miller’s character “Lucky Patrick” and that lasted 15 disturbing minutes. I appreciate the whole in character thing he had going on, like Joaquin Phoenix did for his film “I’m Still Here” or as everyone’s been saying, like Andy Kauffman’s weirdo stunts. But when you look at what has happened to “Mayhem” over the last little while, it seems like he’s maybe let all this push him over the edge into wacky town, and it’s a shade scary.

I’m not too sure what to think of all these shenanigans, but maybe they’re all for a reason. What if a movie comes out in a year about Miller, and we were being duped this whole time. If anyone can pull a stunt off like that, it’s “Mayhem.” After all that is his name, and very seldom do you hear people actually call him Jason. It was mentioned that this interview would be a good way for Miller to clear the air about what has happened to him over the past few months. Explain his strange behaviour. This probably freaked Miller out and decided to hide behind his character with the terrible Boston accent. Because why face your problems when you can avoid them by acting like a complete nut. It’s the easy way out for some, and unfortunately “Lucky Patrick” seems to be the perfect avenue for “Mayhem’s” mayhem.