Bailey, Alexander Oozing Confidence on Conference Call

Kitson Vincent / October 10, 2012 - 9:02pm

It will be a big night in Brooklyn as boxing finally returns for the first time in 80 years to the Barclays Center on October 20. An international media conference call was held today and both fighters in the undercard were on hand to give some insight into their game plans and strategies going into the fight.

Former two-time champion Devon Alexander and IBF welterweight champion Randall Bailey both seem confident. Despite a recent injury, Bailey is in good shape, according to him and his trainer, while Alexander believes that he is in the best shape of his life.

As usual, Alexander, was his soft-spoken self. Bailey was firing the odd insult about what he was going to do to the former champ. However, Alexander did not pay much attention to the smack talk. The former champ seems confident in his boxing ability and  believes that no matter what the size difference is between the two fighters, his skills are far superior to Bailey’s, and his boxing prowess will bring him the gold come fight night.

“I don’t see how size matters in boxing. It comes down to what I’m going to do to him,” said Alexander. “I’m gonna be trouble for anyone at 147 pounds.”

Whether he’s right or not, we’ll have to wait until October 20 to find out. However, Bailey seems to think that size does matter. And despite avoiding questions about his lack of skill compared to Alexander, he believes that his power inside the ring will play out to be the dominant factor in this fight.

“I’m a show you what a big man do to a small man,” said Bailey.

Both men seem charged for their fight on October 20. Alexander is looking to impress fans and once again put a belt around his waist to further his career and secure future big money fights. Meanwhile, Bailey is looking for recognition as a champion after being written off as a one trick pony his whole career. 

While I believe Alexander will simply shut out Bailey with his excellent boxing, a big puncher like Bailey always has a chance. Whatever the outcome, this fight should prove to be entertaining. If only for the fact that Bailey always has a shot.