Fight Bites for Oct. 24 – Shaolin Schooling of the Day

Collin Van Ooyen / October 25, 2012 - 3:00am

The Double Knockout

Knockout #1 (above) comes via “That 70’s Show” star Laura Prepon, who is an avid fan of the UFC. Prepon has been a vocal supporter of MMA for years, often gracing live UFC events and even once appearing on the Inside MMA television program alongside Forest Griffin. Photo Courtesy of

Knockout #2 comes by way of this nasty wrestling slam. Have a look at this one the next time you question the toughness of ground fighting.

Samurai Superhero Of The Day

When evil descends on an unlucky citizen, who will be there to answer the call for justice? The Avengers? The Justice League? No, just some dude on a train with a sword. Check out this amazing story of a good Samaritan armed like a samurai as he steps in to stop a 2-on-1 assault on a subway.

Shaolin Schooling Of The Day

I can’t tell if the poor fool in the yellow shirt is a show host of some kind, but boy does he get schooled by this Shaolin monk. Funny enough, the monk seems to derive some kind of sick fun from embarrassing this guy. And here I thought they were supposed to be a humble bunch.

Classic Martial Arts Movie Of The Day

I rewatched this gem recently, and had to share it for those who may not be familiar. “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” is an incomparable classic starring Gordon Liu (younger fans may know Liu better as Master Pai Mei in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” series). This movie was unforgiving and featured some incredible fight sequences. I recommend the dubbed version over subtitles, it gives it that classic Wu-Tang Clan kind of feel. Even the loose translations featured in this trailer hold an entertainment value all their own.

Stuntman Salute Of The Day

While we’re on the subject of martial arts movies, if you have yet to see last year’s instant classic “The Raid: Redemption,” stop what you’re doing right now, quit your job if you have to, just go home and watch it. Thanks to another great submission from Justin T. Grant (@Geek_Zero on Twitter,) we get an inside look at how the filmmakers created one of the more memorable on-screen deaths.

“So You Think You Can Spar” Dance-Off Of The Day

So apparently somebody has already taught MMA fighters Paddy McAllister and Karl Moore how to Dougie, and they’re now paying it forward to the rest of us. Thanks for that, guys.

Lego Smackdown Of The Day

Maybe this is too awesome for words, or maybe I’m just very easily impressed. In this Lego stop-motion animation, we see Rey Mysterio square off with The Undertaker in a #1 contender match live on Smackdown. These things take an incredible amount of time and dedication to put together, so kudos to the creator!

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