Punked Bromance

Lilly Lazare-Greene / October 25, 2012 - 7:09pm

Deep down I knew “Lucky Patrick” was a stunt and not since Brody Jenner have I seen such a display of true “Bromance”.

In a classic walking around town interview with Ariel Helwani, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, comes clean about the whole “Lucky Patrick” fiasco. The whole performance was to prove to everyone that Miller could act. That he’s legit. That’s why he never broke character. He was very proud of the fact that he fooled us and especially Helwani. I guess that’s what does make a good actor. How badly can you fool your audience? I admit he had me totally convinced he had gone off his rocker, as I’m sure he did to most people that saw that interview. But, as I mentioned before, I had a feeling we were all being duped.

Mayhem treated his new found acting career like that new jacket you buy. You wear it around your house looking in the mirror every five seconds. You love it, can’t get enough of it, and can’t wait to show it off to all your friends. I get it now. I don’t feel bad for him anymore. He’s obviously very talented and in this latest interview seemed like a totally normal guy. Even more normal than he was before Mayhem. Except for the occasional outburst of wackiness. If anything, I like him more than before. He completely opened up. Not only is he not hiding behind “Lucky Patrick” it seems as though he’s not hiding behind Mayhem either. It’s just Jason, with a sprinkle of Mayhem.

We also get to see what the relationship between Helwani and Miller is actually like. We hear stories and tidbits about what happened between these two, but to see them interact in a relaxed atmosphere is totally different. They hug each other quite a few times and look into each others eyes. It’s nice. It’s a “Bromance.” Miller obviously has nothing but respect for Helwani and he feels badly for playing such an elaborate joke on him.

To be honest it did seem like a bit of a pity party from Miller, but it’s easy to say that from my perspective, I haven’t done what he’s done and lived through what he’s lived through. But that’s the deal when you choose the career he did. He’s simply moved from one spotlight to another. The same pressure applies.

So what’s going to happen with his new career in showbiz? Who knows? Miller is already a great entertainer, perhaps he was just distracted by the fighting. All I know is that if he thought he had to have a thick skin before, he might have to grow another layer or two this time around.