Day 2 of World Karate Federation Championships 2012

Fight Network Staff / November 22, 2012 - 6:54pm

The 21st Edition of the Worldwide Karate Championships goes on covering stages and filling in the final charts for all categories. The fact that they have broken the record of participants both countries and karatekas is helping to get a very high level on the tatami. The favourites, the stars of the karate, are going to measure face to face in the fight for the golden medal with a lot of quality and equality.

This is the case of Luigi Busa (ITALY) and Rafael Aghayev (Azerbaijan) who are going to take part in one of the star combat of this Championships, next Saturday. They have shared a common press conference and they have wished one each other all the best in a very sport way and of course, they have challenged one each other in order to know who will be the winner.

Both Busa and Aghayey have highlighted their intention to help the improvement of the KARATE show with their quality and commitment. They wish and expect that their kumite for the golden medal will be a supporting element for the KARATE goal of being including in the Olympic Programmme.

Together with those stars, another finalists are being attending the mass media as for example: the french karatekas Scordo and Grillon, the japaneses Karatekas Someya and Usami, the turkish karateka Seyda Burucu, the venezuelan karateka Antonío Diaz and also the compatriots of Busa and Aghayey, the karateka Vitelli and the Atamov who were jokng among them.

All of them, as members of the KARATE family, expressed their support to the campaign “THE K IS ON THE WAY” that it is being developed the WKF as a way of KARATE approaches to al over the world.


One of the huge attractive areas of this Championships is the commercial and sponsorships zone, “The Village” where everybody can enjoy a lot of activities relationated with the KARATE as a way of spending the leisure time and as a lifestyle. There, it could be find caricatures and all tyoes of technical and sport material since there are a lot of stands and the strength of this sport so deeply rooted in the worldwide society could be felt.