Combat Sports Report for Nov. 23 – Standeven Wins TKD Gold

Collin Van Ooyen / November 23, 2012 - 4:57am

Canada Earns Pair of Medals at World Para TKD Championships

Team Canada was able to bring home a pair of medals at the 3rd World Para Taekwondo Championships in Santa Cruz, Aruba courtesy of Ottawa’s Ken Stasiak and Edmonton’s Lisa Standeven. Stasiak dropped his match to Russian opponent Spartak Gazzaev, but his performance was still good enough for bronze in the men’s A5/6 -80kg class. Standeven took to the mats later in the day to face Amy Truesdale of Great Britain in a rematch from last year’s games. Standeven secured the win, and the Gold medal in the A 7/8 +67kg class. Considering Canada only sent three competitors to the games, two-for-three in the medal count is a pretty great haul.

NSTKDA Resigns From TKD Canada

After a months-long battle, the dispute between the Nova Scotia Taekwondo Association (NSTKDA) and Taekwondo Canada (TC) has finally come to an end. According to a letter from NSTKDA president Phil Power, he NSTKDA has officially resigned from TC calling the sport’s national governing body “biased” and claiming that they are “an organization that does not foster growth and development in its Provinces or individual athletes.” Also contained in the letter was a prior quote from TC chief operating officer Eva Havaris stating that the Provincial Taekwondo Society of Nova Scotia (PTSNS) is “recognized by (Taekwondo Canada) as the PSO (provincial sports organization) representing athletes in Nova Scotia, and that “the NSTKDA must seek a role that does not interfere in the functioning of the PTSNS as that PSO.” The NSTKDA lost a controversial appeal to TC last month after allegedly having their membership revoked unfairly by TC.

7-Year-Old Boy Earns Kickboxing Black Belt

When one thinks of a martial arts black belt, they usually picture a battle-hardened veteran, but one young man from Gravesend, England has fought hard to buck that trend. Ethan Owers, 7, earned his junior first degree black belt in kickboxing this week, having trained more than half of his short life to attain the lofty status. Starting at the young age of three, Owers had the seed of inspiration planted early from his parents, who are also kickboxers. During his grading session he amazingly did 100 pushups, situps, squat thrusts, and star jumps. Even more amazing is that the heavy training regimen is undertaken all under his own volition, as his parents leave his choice to pursue the martial art completely up to him.

NCAA Wrestling Quick Hits

The University of Michigan has a bright future on the horizon after announcing five highly-ranked new signings. The program’s head coach, Joe McFarland, made the announcement earlier this week that Michigan has inked Domenic Abounader, Adam Coon, George Fisher, Brian Murphy, and Ben Whitford to national letters of intent. The quintet has combined for nine national titles among them, and all five find themselves in the top 15 national rankings of their respective weight classes.

A pair of university of Iowa freshmen were arrested by local police this week for illegally hunting rabbits on campus with BB and air rifles. Connor Ryan and Alex Meyer, both members of Iowa’s wrestling team, will be suspended indefinitely until the issue is sorted out accordingly with the law. It’s doubtful that Iowa was looking for that kind of killer instinct when they were recruited.

Missourri heavyweight Dom Bradley was honoured with the Mid-American Conference wrestler of the week award after an undefeated weekend saw him win five straight matches, along with three straight pins during a tournament at Linderwood University. Bradley was a 2011 All-American, a 2012 US Olympic redshirt, and is currently the no. 2 ranked heavyweight in the country.

The Mighty Big Ten conference is about to get even mightier. The announcement was made earlier this week that by the 2014-15 season, the conference will be expanded to include the University of Rutgers and the University of Maryland.

Upcoming Events

November 24-25 – BJJ – South-American Jiu-Jitsu Championship – Sao Jose, Brazil

November 27-28 – Judo – IJF World Team Championships – Salvador, Brazil

December 1-2 – Taekwondo – 2012 Oceania TKD Championships – Gold Coast, Australia

December 1-2 – Judo – IJF Tokyo Grand Slam – Tokyo, Japan

December 6-7 Judo – IJF World Cup – Jeju, Korea

December 6-9 – Taekwondo – 7th World TKD Poomsae Championsips – Tunja, Colombia

December 8 – BJJ – IBJJF Long Beach Fall International Open – Long Beach, CA, USA

December 8 – BJJ – IBJJF Pro league – Long Beach, CA, USA

December 8-9 – Karate – Karate 1 Premier League – Salzburg, Austria

December 15 – Kickboxing – K-1 World MAX Final 8 – Athens, Greece

December 21-22 – Taekwondo – 24th Fajr Open – Tehran, Iran

December 22 – Kickboxing – Superkombat WGP 2012 Final – TBA

December 31 – Kickboxing – Glory 4 Tokyo – Tokyo, Japan