Combat Sports Report for Dec. 14 – IBJJF/Karate-1 Results

Collin Van Ooyen / December 14, 2012 - 4:51am

IBJJF Pro League Results

History was made this past weekend as the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pro League kicked off with their inaugural event in Long Beach, California. The male black belt gi-only event was the first professional IBJJF-sanctioned event in history, marking the first time the federation has ever paid athletes to compete. Gracie-trained fighters dominated the exciting affair, fielding six out of 16 total medalists, and two of the four champs all hailing from either a Gracie Barra or Gracie Fighter gym. Medium-heavy champ Romulo Barral was even forced to submit his own Gracie Barra teammate, Otavio Sousa, en route to his championship win. First place in each weight class took home a $5,000 purse, with second place contestants bringing home $1,000.  Here’s a look at the full results:

Light-Feather -64 kg

1st – Caio Terra

2nd – Laercio Fernandes

3rd – Daniel Beleza G. de Andrade

3rd – Samuel Braga Olivar da Cruz

Light -76 kg

1st – Leandro Pereira do Nascimento

2nd – Lucas Alves Lepri

3rd – Tanner Wade Rice

3rd – Samir José Chantre Dahás

Medium-Heavy -88.3 kg

1st – Rômulo Claudio Barral

2nd – Andre Luiz Leite Galvão

3rd – Otavio Ferreira de Sousa

3rd – Rafael Monteiro Barbosa

Ultra-Heavy +88.3 kg

1st – Roberto Camargo de Alencar

2nd – Bruno Bastos Cruz

3rd – Ricardo Ferreira Evangelista

3rd – Gustavo dos Santos Pires

Karate-1 Premier League Results

Karate’s top professional league was back in full swing this past weekend in Salzburg, Austria as some of the top karatekas from around the globe congregated for the Karate-1 Grand Finals. Hometown fans had plenty to cheer for as several Austrian competitors brought home hardware. The host nation fielded three gold medalists including Bettina Plank in the female -50 individual senior kumite, Alisa Buchinger in the female -61 individual senior kumite, and Thomas Kaserer in the male -67 individual senior kumite. The Austrians were joined at the top of the medal board by nations like France, Croatia and Italy all taking home multiple medals. Click here for the complete results via

First 2012 NCAA rankings released

It’s that time of year that so many collegiate wrestlers have been waiting for: the first set of rankings for the 2012-2013 season have finally been released. If you were looking for surprises, however, you came to the wrong place, as perennial powerhouses like Penn State, Ohio State, and Iowa provided many of the top-ranked athletes. Here’s a look at the top names in each division:


125 lbs

1 – Matt McDonough – Iowa – Senior

2 – Nico Megaludis – Penn State – Sophomore

3 – Jesse Delgado – Illinois – Sophomore

133 lbs

1 – Logan Stieber – Ohio State – Sophomore

2 – Scotti Sentes – Central Michigan – Senior

3 – Tony Ramos – Iowa – Junior

141 lbs

1 – Kendric Maple – Oklahoma – Junior

2 – Hunter Stieber – Ohio State – Sophomore

3 – B.J. Futrell – Illinois – Senior

149 lbs

1 – Jordan Oliver – Oklahoma State – Senior

2 – Dylan Ness – Minnesota – Sophomore

3 – Donnie Vinson – Binghamton – Senior

157 lbs

1 – Derek St. John – Iowa – Junior

2 – Jason Welch – Northwestern – Senior

3 – James Fleming – Clarion – Senior

165 lbs

1 – Kyle Dake – Cornell – Senior

2 – David Taylor – Penn State – Junior

3 – Tyler Caldwell – Oklahoma State – Junior

174 lbs

1 – Chris Perry – Oklahoma State – Junior

2 – Nick Heflin – Ohio State – Junior

3 – Matt Brown – Penn State – Sophomore

184 lbs

1 – Ed Ruth – Penn State – Junior

2 – Steve Bosak – Cornell – Senior

3 – Robert Hamlin – Lehigh – Senior

197 lbs

1 – Dustin Kilgore – Kent State – Senior

2 – Matt Wilps – Pittsburgh – Senior

3 – Quentin Wright – Penn State – Senior

+197 lbs

1 – Tony Nelson – Minnesota – Junior

2 – Dom Bradley – Missouri – Senior

3 – Alan Gelogaev – Oklahoma State – Senior

Team (Points)

1 Penn State (108.5)

T-2 Minnesota (91.5)

T-2 Oklahoma State (91.5)

Taekwondo Canada Releases Junior Pan Am Selection Criteria

The national governing body of Taekwondo in Canada has released an extensive selection criteria for young athletes to qualify for the Junior Pan Am Taekwondo Championships. The announcement carries significance because many of these same athletes could find themselves making the cut for the 2015 Pan Am Games, which take place in Toronto, Ontario.

The six-page selection criteria package includes stipulations such as mandating that athletes compete in the same weight class that they do in the Junior Canadian Taekwondo Championships. That stipulation comes with a recommendation that athletes do not cut down from their natural weight, as many of them are still growing and will naturally put on a few pounds.

View the full selection criteria here via

IJF Announces Rule Changes for 2013

The International Judo Federation has addressed some of the criticisms thrown their direction over the course of a calendar year that saw a global spotlight shone on the sport with the 2012 Olympic Games in London by announcing a set of rule changes for 2013. Involved in the revision process were a multitude of different perspectives, as outlined by IJF President Marius Vizer: “We gathered together a group of experts, including referees, but also, and this was a first time ever, coaches and former recognized champions,” said Vizer. “All these personalities have worked under the leadership of the IJF sports and refereeing directors and I must say that the commitment of everybody was total.”

The IJF will hold comprehensive seminars through January 2013 to bring all referees and officials up to date on the new revisions before the full implementation. Have a look at the new regulations, along with full explanations for each, here via