NCAA Inaugural “Grapple At The Garden” Results

Collin Van Ooyen / December 19, 2012 - 4:48am

History was made this past Sunday as collegiate wrestling made its way to the world’s most famous arena for the first time ever. Madison Square Garden was the setting for the inaugural “Grapple At The Garden” event, a massive back-to-back dual competition featuring 14 different schools.

The Iowa Hawkeyes, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Oklahoma State Cowboys were the big winners on the day, each taking both of their respective duals.

Iowa’s No. 1-ranked Matt McDonagh kicked things off at 125 lbs, scoring a major decision over Hofstra’s Steve Bonnano. McDonagh jumped ahead after three takedowns in the first round, and then closed out with an escape and a takedown in the final seconds of the match for a final score of 10-2. The Hawkeyes finished the day with a total of 10 major decisions and four pins to stay undefeated in duals on the season. Iowa was back in action the very next day at the University of Buffalo where they racked up another big 39-3 win.

The Stieber brothers led the charge for the Buckeyes, with Logan scoring a pinfall over Maryland’s Paul O’Neill in the first dual of the day and a technical fall over Jamie Franco of Hofstra in the second. His brother Hunter looked strong as well, with a 14-3 major decision over Frank Goodwin of Maryland, and 17-7 major over Luke Vaith of Hofstra.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys had one of the most dominant duals of the day against Chattanooga, registering five pinfalls en route to a 41-9 victory. They also topped eighth-ranked Cornell 21-16 in their second dual of the day to improve to 6-0 on the season. Leading the charge for the ‘Boys were national No. 7 Jon Morrison, No. 2 Jordan Oliver, and No. 1 Chris Perry, who all registered a pair of wins.

The day’s most exciting match was easily the 285 lbs matchup between Maryland’s Carl Buchholz and Nebraska’s Donny Longendyke. It was the final matchup of a dead heat dual that saw the two big men go to a golden score overtime period. Buchholz was able to edge Longendyke on points 3-2, giving Maryland an 18-17 win and a split on their two duals.

Here’s a look at the full results:

Round 1

Drexel 24 George Mason 19

125-Jake Goodwin (Dre) fall Rich Lavorato (GMU) 1:05
133-Zach Isenhour (GMU) fall Clay Lutzow (Dre) 1:56
141-Frank Cimato (Dre) dec Sahid Kargbo (GMU) 5-1
149-Greg Flournoy (GMU) maj Nick Maccini (Dre) 10-2
157-Jaaziah Bethea (GMU) dec Noel Blanco (Dre) 7-5
165-Connor Moran (Dre) dec Ty Knepp (GMU) 9-8
174-Kevin Matyas (Dre) dec Ryan Hembury (GMU) 5-0
184-Bryan Sternlieb (Dre) fall Corey Smith (GMU) 4:56
197-Brandon Palik (Dre) dec Matt Meadows (GMU) 4-3
285-Jake Kettler (GMU) fall Max Wright (Dre) 4:11

Nebraska 22 Rutgers 10

125-Joe Langel (RU) maj Skyler Wood (Neb) 9-1
133-Vinny Dellafave (RU) dec Shawn Nagel (Neb) 9-3
141-Ridge Kiley (Neb) dec Trevor Melde (RU) 3-0
149-Jake Sueflohn (Neb) dec Kenny Theobold (RU) 7-2
157-Brandon Wilbourn (Neb) maj Scott Winston (RU) 13-2
165-Austin Wilson (Neb) dec Nick Visicaro (RU) 3-1SV
174-Robert Kokesh (Neb) dec Greg Zannetti (RU) 6-2
184-Josh Ihnen (Neb) dec Dan Rinaldi (RU) 4-0
197-Caleb Kolb (Neb) dec Dan Seidenberg (RU) 1-0
285-William Smith (RU) dec Donny Longendyke (Neb) 4-2

Iowa 42 Hofstra 0

125-Matt McDonough (IA) maj Steve Bonanno (Hof) 10-2
133-Tony Ramos (IA) maj Jamie Franco (Hof) 14-4
141-Mark Ballweg (IA) dec Luke Vaith (Hof) 3-2
149-Mike Kelly (IA) maj Matt Spataro (Hof) 14-2
157-Derek St. John (IA) maj Cody Ruggirello (Hof) 16-4
165-Nick Moore (IA) maj Nick Terdick (Hof) 12-4
174-Mike Evans (IA) maj Jermaine John (Hof) 8-0
184-Ethen Lofthouse (IA) fall Vic Pozsonyi (Hof) 2:39
197-Nathan Burak (IA) dec Tim Murphy (Hof) 10-3
285-Bobby Telford (IA) fall Paul Snyder (Hof) 4:35

Ohio State 30 Maryland 7

125-Nikko Triggas (OSU) dec Shane Gentry (UMD) 7-1
133-Logan Stieber (OSU) fall Paul O’Neill (UMD) 1:26
141-Hunter Stieber (OSU) maj Frank Goodwin (UMD) 14-3
149-Ian Paddock (OSU) maj Danny O’Malley (UMD) 13-2
157-Josh Demas (OSU) dec TJ Guidice (UMD) 6-1
165-Mark Martin (OSU) maj Josh Snook (UMD) 12-4
174-Aaron Norris (UMD) maj Craig Thomas (OSU) 11-2
184-Jimmy Sheptock (UMD) dec Kenny Courts (OSU) 9-3
197-Andrew Campolattano (OSU) dec Christian Boley (UMD) 6-3
285-Peter Capone (OSU) dec Carl Buchholz (UMD) 3-0

Missouri 22 Cornell 12

125-Alan Waters (Mizz) dec Nahshon Garrett (Cor) 8-5
133-Nathan McCormick (Mizz) maj Nick Arujau (Cor) 11-3
141-Nick Hucke (Mizz) dec Mike Nevinger (Cor) 9-7
149-Chris Villalonga (Cor) dec Drake Houdashelt (Mizz) 2-1
157-Jesse Shanaman (Cor) dec Kyle Bradley (Mizz) 3-2
165-Kyle Dake (Cor) dec Zach Toal (Mizz) 4-0
174-Todd Porter (Mizz) dec Marshall Peppelman (Cor) 4-3
184-Steve Bosak (Cor) dec Mike Larson (Mizz) 6-0
197-Brent Haynes (Mizz) fall Jace Bennett (Cor) 4:42
285-Dom Bradley (Mizz) dec Stryker Lane (Cor) 7-1

Oklahoma State 41 Chattanooga 9

125-Nick Soto (Chat) fall Eddie Klimara (OSU) 6:29
133-Jon Morrison (OSU) maj Marvin Lopez (Chat) 12-0
141-Julian Feikert (OSU) dec Dean Pavlou (Chat) 5-3
149-Jordan Oliver (OSU) fall Jared Presley (Chat) 3:12
157-Alex Dieringer (OSU) fall Trey Stavrum (Chat) :25
165-Tyler Caldwell (OSU) fall Josh Condon (Chat) 6:15
174-Chris Perry (OSU) fall Jake Young (Chat) 3:49
184-Chris Chionuma (OSU) maj John Shrader (Chat) 18-9
197-Niko Brown (Chat) dec Austin Schafer (OSU) 5-4
285-Alan Gelogaev (OSU) FFT

Round 2

Iowa 34 Bucknell 9

125-Matt McDonough (IA) dec Austin Miller (Buck) 6-5
133-Tony Ramos (IA) maj Paul Petrov (Buck) 23-9
141-Mark Ballweg (IA) maj Derrik Russell (Buck) 12-3
149-Mike Kelly (IA) maj Adam Healey (Buck) 14-5
157-Derek St. John (IA) fall Vinny Favia (Buck) 4:53
165-Corey Lear (Buck) dec Nick Moore (IA) 5-2
174-Mike Evans (IA) fall Stephen McPeek (Buck) 2:54
184-Ethen Lofthouse (IA) maj Robert Marchese (Buck) 14-3
197-Tyler Lyster (Buck) fall Nathan Burak (IA) 3:34
285-Bobby Telford (IA) dec Joe Stolfi (Buck) 6-1

Rutgers 28 Chattanooga 12

125-Nick Soto (Chat) dec Joey Langel (RU) 10-4
133-Marvin Lopez (Chat) fall Vinnie Dellafave (RU) 5:36
141-Trevor Melde (RU) fall Dean Pavlou (Chat) 1:17
149-Kenny Theobold (RU) fall Alex Hudson (Chat) 2:52
157-Scott Winston (RU) dec Trey Stavrum (Chat) 9-4
165-Nick Visicaro (RU) dec Josh Condon (Chat) 11-8
174-Greg Zannetti (RU) dec John Lampe (Chat) 4-0
184-Dan Rinaldi (RU) maj Robert Prigmore (Chat) 8-0
197-Niko Brown (Chat) dec Dan Seidenberg (RU) 3-1
285-William Smith (RU) dec Kevin Malone (Chat) 4-0

Ohio State 38 Hofstra 3

125-Nikko Triggas (OSU) dec Steve Bonanno (Hof) 1-0
133-Logan Stieber (OSU) tech Jamie Franco (Hof) 16-0
141-Hunter Stieber (OSU) maj Luke Vaith (Hof) 17-7
149-Ian Paddock (OSU) fall Matt Spataro (Hof) 4:47
157-Josh Demas (OSU) maj Cody Ruggirello (Hof) 8-0
165-Mark Martin (OSU) dec Nick Terdick (Hof) 6-2
174-Jermaine John (Hof) dec Craig Thomas (OSU) 10-8
184-Kenny Courts (OSU) maj Victor Pozsonyi (Hof) 13-1
197-Andrew Campolattano (OSU) fall Tim Murphy (Hof) :47
285-Peter Capone (OSU) dec Paul Snyder (Hof) 7-3

Maryland 18 Nebraska 17

125-Shane Gentry (UMD) dec Skylar Wood (Neb) 5-1
133-Shawn Nagel (Neb) maj Josh Polacek (UMD) 12-4
141-Ridge Kiley (Neb) dec Frank Goodwin (UMD) 4-0
149-Shane Arechiga (UMD) dec Skylar Galloway (Neb) 8-3
157-Danny Orem (UMD) dec Brandon Wilbourn (Neb) 2-1
165-Tyler Koehn (Neb) maj TJ Guidice (UMD) 13-2
174-Robert Kokesh (Neb) fall Aaron Norris (UMD) 1:38
184-Jimmy Sheptock (UMD) dec Josh Ihnen (Neb) 6-4SV
197-Christian Boley (UMD) dec Caleb Kolb (Neb) 3-1
285-Carl Buchholz (UMD) dec Donny Longendyke (Neb) 3-2TB

Oklahoma State 21 Cornell 16

125-Nahshon Garrett (Cor) dec Eddie Klimara (OSU) 9-3
133-Jon Morrison (OSU) dec Nick Arujau (Cor) 5-0
141-Mike Nevinger (Cor) maj Julian Feikert (OSU) 16-6
149-Jordan Oliver (OSU) maj Chris Villalonga (Cor) 11-3
157-Alex Dieringer (OSU) maj Jesse Shanaman (Cor) 10-2
165-Kyle Dake (Cor) dec Tyler Caldwell (OSU) 4-1
174-Chris Perry (OSU) fall Duke Pickett (Cor) 5:56
184-Steve Bosak (Cor) dec Chris Chionuma (OSU) 4-3
197-Jace Bennett (Cor) dec Zach White (OSU) 10-3
285-Alan Gelogaev (OSU) maj Stryker Lane (Cor) 12-3

Missouri 22 Bloomsburg 9

125-Alan Waters (Mizz) dec Sean Boylan (Bloom) 1-0
133-Nathan McCormick (Mizz) dec Nick Wilcox (Bloom) 5-2
141-Matt Rappo (Bloom) dec Nick Hucke (Mizz) 7-5
149-Drake Houdashelt (Mizz) maj Simon Kitzis (Bloom) 17-5
157-Kyle Bradley (Mizz) dec Frank Hickman (Bloom) 3-2
165-Josh Veltre (Bloom) dec Zach Toal (Mizz) 7-4
174-Todd Porter (Mizz) dec Chris Smith (Bloom) 5-2
184-Mike Larson (Mizz) dec Andre Petroski (Bloom) 6-1
197-Richard Perry (Bloom) dec John Eblen (Mizz) 4-2
285-Dom Bradley (Mizz) dec Justin Grant (Bloom) 10-6