Fight Bites for Jan. 23 – Grade School Wrestling Promo

Collin Van Ooyen / January 23, 2013 - 1:00pm

The Double Knockout

Knockout #1 (above) comes by way of Cage Warriors ring girl Brooke Lynette. This Scottish-born blonde beauty has also competed in bikini competitions and modeled for Kimuawear. She confesses to being a big Chael Sonnen fan for of his mouthy pre-fight promotional prowess. Photo courtesy of

Knockout #2 comes via one of the more awkard sequences to be featured in The Double Knockout. Either the victim of this KO got hit in the eye, or the just have a tremendously low tolerance for pain.

Never Say Die Story of The Day

Some people are able to make it through life without ever knowing what it’s like to be in a fight. Jared Stevens, a 13 year-old boy with cerebral palsy, did not want to be one of those people. Stevens had always wanted to wrestle, and he wasn’t about to let his condition stop him trying. He was carried onto the mat, and the show of sportsmanship that ensued when his first match started is delightfully heartwarming. Read the full story (with video) at

Classic Martial Arts Movie Of The Day

Today’s classic might be relatively new, but it’s very classical in its tone and execution. “House of Flying Daggers,” directed by Yimou Zhang, yes THAT Yimou Zhang, the one that directed Jet Li’s “Hero” and Chow Yun Fat’s “Curse of the Golden Flower.” Set in Tang Dynasty China, the film centres around a pair of police captains tasked with taking down the rebellious “House of Flying Daggers.” It sounds more like the plot to a 1980’s John Woo gun fu movie, but this is a story with some serious depth. It’s a martial arts film, but also a high drama, a romance epic, and a crime mystery, so as long as you aren’t thrown by subtitles, odds are this movie’s got something for you.

Kid That Could Kick Your Ass Of The Day

This kid doesn’t just look like a dominant wrestler for his age, but he looks like he’s ready to start ripping t-shirts and cutting promos too. He’s got on oddly mean disposition and a wicked haircut, and he brings them both onto the mats with him. I only wish they listed his name on the video so I can look him up in ten years when he’s armbarring guys in a cage somewhere.

Excessively Defensive Battle Of The Day

Marketing in Thailand is weird. Really weird. But at least this commercial is something most guys can connect with.

Steven Seagal Is Completely Insane Story Of The Day

We all know that Steven Seagal is a movie star/rock star/martial arts master/crime fighter/crazy person, so after you dig into this juicy little story you can ask yourself why WOULDN’T he have a bulletproof kimono? Read the full story here via

Grade School Wrestling Promo Of The Day

I wonder what the punishment is for cutting a promo on your sister? Does your mom intervene like Vickie Guerrerro only for your dad to step in and set a match for the pay per view? (Huge pop). Regardless, this kid’s a natural…

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