Canadian Prospect Adam Trupish Eyeing World Title

Lou Eisen / February 7, 2013 - 5:50pm

It was just over one year ago when Canadian junior middleweight slugger Adam “A-Bomb” Trupish (W11 KO8) departed the frigid, barren boxing landscape of Canada for greener pastures down south. For Trupish, it was the right move at exactly the right time. Like many Canadian boxers before him, Trupish realized that if he hoped to accomplish something substantial in his boxing career and have a genuine shot at a world title, he would have no choice but to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada, the current and future home of modern big time boxing.

Trupish is a very likeable young man, and is known and well liked by his peers and friends for his easy going and amiable demeanor. Of course, like all good fighters, that all changes once he gets in the ring. In fact, Trupish has often savaged an opponent during a fight, only to take his vanquished foe out for dinner after the match.  As is the case with most professional boxers, for Trupish boxing is purely a business and not personal.

Trupish has served notice to the boxing world at large that he is ready and willing to fight anyone in the junior middleweight or middleweight division.  He is always in shape and ready to make war with his fists whenever the opportunity arises. What is perhaps most remarkable about Trupish is that not only is he outstanding inside the squared circle but he also possesses a very keen intellect and financial savvy when it comes to the business side of the sport. These are rare qualities indeed for most professional boxers.

When he first arrived in Las Vegas, Trupish’s management team made a very wise decision by inking an immediate deal with Eddie Mustafa Muhammad to train Trupish full time. The former undisputed light-heavyweight world champion is one of the most esteemed and sought after boxing trainers in the world today. He is also very well connected within the sport.

As for Trupish the news only continued to get better when, just before Christmas 2012, in yet another adroit move, he signed a long-term promotional deal with boxing powerhouse Greg Cohen Promotions.  It is a win-win situation all the way around. Trupish gains an experienced boxing promoter to handle his affairs and promote his career while Cohen gains an experienced, mature fighter with little wear and tear on him and a very bright future ahead of him.

Trupish’s management team consists of four of his closest friends from Edmonton, Alberta. Upon first hearing that Trupish is being managed by four buddies from Edmonton some boxing people assumed that the fighter and his quartet of managers were in way over their heads. This assumption turned out to be wrong. Team Trupish pooled their financial assets and resources to allow their fighter to concentrate solely on his boxing career without having to worry about money or living expenses. It is extremely rare to find even one person to believe in you to that extent, let alone four people who always have your back.

It was Eddie Mustafa Muhammad who led Trupish to sign with Cohen Promotions. Muhammad called Greg Cohen and told him that he was training a new kid who had a lot of talent, desire and discipline and a tremendous upside. “Eddie came to me with the idea of working with Adam because he’s very bright and he can really punch. Plus he has that strong amateur pedigree. So, I went to Vegas and had a look and I was very impressed. I’m very excited to start working with Adam,” said Cohen recently.

Cohen has proven in the past that he possesses the ability to successfully promote deeply talented fighters who have not yet captured the public’s attention. Trupish is a hidden gem because he comes to Cohen almost fully formed. Cohen will not have to spend a lot of time or money finding Trupish easy targets to knock over to build up his ego or his record. Trupish is all ready to face the top talent in his division. Cohen just needs to keep the Canadian slugger busy in order to get him ready and primed for an eventual junior-middleweight world title shot somewhere down the line in 2014.

Cohen remarked that because of his relatively advanced age of 33 years, Trupish can expect to “skip over the developmental phase of his career and get right to some important bouts.” Right now, at the present time, Trupish has seen several fights fall through and is just looking forward to getting into the ring to fight in the United States for the very first time.

During his recent interview with the Fight Network, Trupish said he was very content with his new promoter, remarking, “I have a lot of confidence in Greg and his whole organization. They know how to handle fighters well and bring them along. All I am waiting for now is the chance to enter the ring and go to work. I promise all my fans a good show!”

When asked about how he sees Trupish’s future unfolding over the next two years, promoter Cohen had this to say about his newest find, “Adam has had more fights at an international, elite level than most fighters ever have, so he doesn’t need 30 fights before taking steps up. He’s so much more advanced than the average new professional. It won’t be long before he’s in a world championship fight.” Had he stayed in Canada, the chances of him fighting for a world title would have been greatly diminished to the point of being nonexistent.

You have to give Trupish a lot of credit for making such a series of bold moves in order to further his career. To leave his familiar Canadian surroundings for new, unfamiliar territory is a scary proposition to say the least. However, that hurdle is behind him now and he is a familiar face at Muhammad’s prestigious gym.

On their first day in Muhammad’s famed Hit Factory Gym, Trupish told Muhammad, “I am not here to waste your time or mine. I am here for one thing only, to work. I promise I will never give you less than 100% of myself every second I am in the gym or in a fight. I’ll do whatever you say and whatever is necessary to become a world champion.” As Muhammad always says, “Every single day, Adam is the first one in the gym and the absolute last person to leave here at night. This kid’s a very good fighter and I can’t wait to show the world what he can do!”

Trupish is eagerly soaking up Muhammad’s advice like a parched sponge and impressively applying his new found knowledge in his daily sparring sessions. Trupish’s goal is to add more weapons to his already potent arsenal. In order to do so, he will have to increase his skill set. Why is this necessary? More weapons in a fighter’s arsenal means his opponents won’t be able to concentrate on just one or two things to shut him down. The more looks you can offer your prospective ring foes, the better your chances are of victory.

Trupish is a counter puncher and a bona fide knockout artist. He has all the tools necessary to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Trupish can out box his opponents when necessary, but his preferred method of operation in the ring is similar to that of Marvelous Marvin Hagler, search and destroy. His eight knockouts in eleven fights indicate that Trupish is an excellent finisher when he has his man in trouble. The problem with such an attitude is that knockout fighters can be out boxed when they encounter a slick, boxing stylist who knows how to roll with his shots or avoid them altogether.

Also, there is always the danger of facing an opponent who can take your best shots, easily shake them off and still keep coming at you. Then what do you do? This is why Muhammad wants Trupish to concentrate more on his overall boxing skills and wear his man down gradually over time by using a sustained body attack as opposed to giving away rounds by focusing solely on head hunting.

Trupish is a classic counter puncher, constantly stalking his opponents with bad intentions, waiting for them to make mistakes so he can counter them with right crosses or right hooks on the button. Like most counter punchers, Trupish is quite adept at cutting off the ring on his hapless foes in order to try and force them into letting their hands go first. Once his opponents commit themselves, Trupish counters them with powerful combinations thrown with extraordinarily heavy hands.

It is worth noting that as Trupish gets closer to a title shot, the talent level of his opponents will increase dramatically.  He won’t be able to simply crowd them and knock them out as he has been doing thus far. He will have to rely on his overall boxing skills to beat them. This will most certainly require a sustained body attack along with a superb defense. This is where brains over brawn comes in as Trupish will have to think several rounds ahead in order to achieve his overall goals in the fight.

Trupish told the Fight Network recently that if the opportunity arises, he is able and more than willing to fight in the middleweight division too. The difference in weight is only six pounds and such a small weight gain would not hinder Trupish in the squared circle by any means.

Trupish is 33 years of age and feels that time may not be on his side because of his supposedly advanced years. He estimates he has maybe two or three years of his prime left to accomplish his boxing goals. Given his ring talents, that is more than enough time for him to win a world title or two before he hangs his gloves up for good. This is why he makes each day count towards his goal of becoming the junior-middleweight champion of the world. Luckily for him though he is just starting to enter his prime years.

Trupish certainly does not have an easy road ahead of him as he currently fights in the talent laden junior-middleweight division. The junior-middleweight division features some of the best and most dangerous fighters in the world, such as James Kirkland, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Alfredo Angulo, Austin Trout, Erislandy Lara and Vanes Martirosyan. As if that wasn’t discouraging enough, Floyd Mayweather Jr. also fights at 154 as well. The road to a title shot must go through some of the fighters listed above.

Trupish is not daunted by the huge tasks ahead of him. He is not asking for a shortcut to a bogus alpha bet title. He well understands that to be recognized as the world junior-middleweight champion he will have to defeat some of the great fighters currently fighting in his weight class. That is why he moved down to Las Vegas. Those fights will fall into place for him.

Muhammad believes that Trupish has the raw skills and work ethic to one day soon challenge for a version of the junior middleweight world title

Like most top-flight pros, Trupish’s best years are just slightly ahead of him. Most prizefighters, especially in the heavier weight classes, mature in the ring as they get older and gain more experience by fighting often against worthy opponents. Of course, there are rare exceptions to that rule such as Canelo Alvarez who started out strong right from the get go. Of course, in boxing, where you start matters little. It is where you end up that counts and for Trupish, all signs point to the very top.