Fan Expo Canada 2013 Mini Blog: Day 2 Review

Eric Lepage / August 25, 2013 - 12:58am

It’s Friday night. Besides going out and having a few on the patio, which I did, it also means Fan Expo is half done. Not to fear, the weekend will soon be here. But first let’s wrap up day two.

Ben Affleck is BATMAN! Discuss!

There were as many deep conversations as there was a squabble, but one thing is for certain the topic dominated water cooler.

I haven’t subscribed to the notion yet but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since when the question was posed, “Who would you rather see play the next Batman?” I answered with an extended hesitation. Food for thought however, I refer you to 2003’s Daredevil…

Not far behind in the conversation was Hulk Hogan’s big day. It started off by losing in arm-wrestling to Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Insert joke here. Then at night was his tell all Q&A. I wish I could tell you what was discussed, but only certain media credentials were allowed in and everyone else had to pay. That’s right, an event entirely devoted to the fans and to get your picture taken and signed by the Hulkster, set you back $250.

The fees associated with getting to meet and receive an autograph from one of your idols are simply criminal. Want a John Hancock and a picture with David Hasslehoff? Do you have $50? Are you kidding me!? I clearly don’t understand it but the free market always prevails, a testament to the sea of people who lined up.

Economics aside, it was a rather subdued evening, the calm before the weekend. It worked out in my favour too. I discovered the booth of the creators of Cyanide and Happiness. If you’re unfamiliar with the works I recommend you look into it.

My night concluded by meeting R2D2. This was the first time where I felt like a true fan boy. A character from my childhood I knew! I don’t think he cared for me, I’m fairly certain he told me to BEEP BLOOP BOP off! At least he didn’t charge me though.

See you all tomorrow!