Fan Expo Canada 2013 Mini Blog: Day 3 Review

Eric Lepage / August 25, 2013 - 5:42pm

A disclaimer for anyone going to Fan Expo on the weekend, don’t wear sandals. Get yourself a solid pair of shoes!

The day started off with an interview of WWE wrestler Brodus Clay. Clay was there in promotion of his film No One Lives, released on DVD August 20th. It marked his film debut. What was fantastic about the interview, besides the content, was its location. Conveniently, it was conducted away from the swarms of people. We were in a private room on the basement floor of the adjacent hotel. At the time it didn’t seem like such a privileged location until we left to head to the North building.

I believe it’s time for a tutorial. Fan Expo 2013 is located in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s split into two separate buildings, the North and the South. To get to the North building is relatively rudimentary. The crowds begin here and don’t stop. That said you don’t realize the freedom of space you possess until you head towards the South building.

I now know how sheep feel. The journey to the South building is long, hot and crowded. It includes two long corridors jammed full of people and six elevator trips. Then once you finally make it, you have thousands of individuals to contend with up and down relatively narrow aisles. It’s quite the experience, like the salmon run. I applaud those who undertake the trek in full costume.

There was purpose behind the maddening expedition. We were in search of authors Pat Laprade and Bertrand Hebert, co-writers of Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs: The Untold Story of How Montreal Shaped the World of Wrestling. If you are a wrestling fan it’s a must read. To find their booth took some effort, in fact we walked past it twice before we finally discovered it. They were great and very candid. You would be hard pressed to find two other people who love wrestling as much as these guys.

Later in the day, while aimlessly meandering around the comic book area we lucked out and scored an interview with Marvel artist Ryan Stegman, best known for his work on The Superior Spiderman. He reassured my claustrophobic feeling by telling us even he is surprised of the size of the event this year. This being his third year, he told us the venue has grown by almost fifty percent during his tenure.

Stay tuned to and check out the YouTube channel for all the complete interviews from the day.

Well that completes day three, meaning we are officially in the homestretch.

After today’s shuffling around, I’m going home to stretch!