Fan Expo Canada 2013 Mini Blog: Final Review

Eric Lepage / August 26, 2013 - 2:31pm

I came, I saw, I conquered. Fan Expo Canada 2013 is spent and so am I. Today like Friday was rather tranquil. This worked in my favour as I was on a mission. Today being the last day was spent in search of a couple people who had eluded me.

First up was Canadian hockey legend Joe Sakic. I must admit, I was rather giddy when I first saw him. He was in the North building, where all the sports figures and memorabilia were located, signing autographs. I was giddy until I saw the sign indicating a ten dollar fee accompanied a signature and handshake! Not you too Joe!

Later on I found David Finch. A Canadian-born comic book artist, Finch recently jumped over from Marvel and now illustrates for DC Comics. He wasn’t in interview mode. He was too busy signing autographs. I figured I would come back when his allotted hour long autograph session was up.

This is time I spent playing the, who has the best costume game. Accurately depicting their chosen characters was very important for those who decided to dress up. Body odour issues from sweat, not so much.

Upon returning I found Finch hunched over, head buried into his sketch book. When I approached I discovered him penning a Batman sketch. He didn’t acknowledge me. He was equally absorbed in his work as I in observing.

That’s the first take away I learnt this weekend. Fan Expo doesn’t have a façade to it. Sure vendors are there trying to earn a living but they aren’t abrasive about it. They understand the people who go to these events want to spend money and do.

My second take away.

The volume of money exchanged over the four day span could clear up a small countries debt. I’m still flabbergasted at the costs of things. Not to mention the line-ups these people wait in to spend it all. Apparently they love doing it too. Not once did I hear someone say “This is taking too long” or “My feet hurt from standing here too long.”

It was an educational weekend but I’m glad it only happens once a year. My first ever exposure to the Comic-Con of the North was inspiring, mystifying, refreshing and exhausting.

Although it’s only in town for four short days, Fan Expo is a marathon not a sprint. I’m just glad I finally decided to wear shoes to finish the race.