‘UFC Tonight’ Previews UFC 200: Tate vs. Nunes, Aldo vs. Edgar 2 and TUF 23 Finale: Jedrzejczyk vs. Gadelha 2

Fight Network Staff / July 6, 2016 - 9:42pm

LAS VEGAS – Live from Las Vegas, UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian and guest host Michael Bisping preview UFC 200 and THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE and interview Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones and Frankie Edgar. Karyn Bryant interviews Miesha Tate, Joanna Jędrzejczyk and adds reports.

Daniel Cormier on the biggest difference between this fight with Jon Jones and last: “Confidence. I’ve learned how to dig deep in the last rounds like I did against Alexander Gustafsson, and take a huge punch like I did against Anthony Johnson. I went 25 minutes against Jones and didn’t feel any of that like I did against the others.”

Cormier on what he did wrong last time: “I made a mistake the last time. I was reckless. I went after him. I’m in a better place now. I feel good.”

Cormier on defending the title while Jones has been sidelined: “I kept the division going. I’m a competitor. But I have to win this fight. He beat me last time. I have to do this for me. I’m only fighting for Daniel Cormier.”

Cormier on what he thinks about Jones’ comments: “A lot of things he says shows me there’s a false confidence. He’s going to think he has a huge leg up against me. But I’m a competitor, I’ll show my true self in there.”

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Jon Jones on what’s different this time against Cormier: “He was undefeated last time and I took that from him. He hadn’t been taken down in the UFC and I took him down. I know I’ve beaten him already. I’m going to take him down, ground and pound him and submit him. I need to stay innovative. I’ve changed a lot since the first fight. I noticed a lot of things in that last one. He was landing uppercuts, so I’ll defend against those. We’ve prepared for the single leg takedowns and worked on guillotines to defend them.”

Jones on how his problems have affected his fighting: “I’m set free. I started partying when I was in high school and kept doing it when I started fighting. I had a problem and last year was a disaster. But I’m clean and sober today.”

Jones on if he’s lost his crazy edge now that he’s sober: “I’m still a little crazy. I just do it legally now.”

Jones on what it’ll be like to walk first this fight: “I just hope he comes out to good music.”

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UFC TONIGHT guest host Michael Bisping on Cormier’s key’s to victory: “DC has to use his boxing. He has to use his footwork as the shorter guy to get inside of Jon. And he has to use his wrestling and have great transitions. I’m going with DC.”

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on Jon Jones key’s to victory: “He’s an unbelievable striker. He’s got to control the distance in the fight and keep DC on outside. He has to vary the attack and mix up his strikes. And he has to land the takedowns. He did that in the first fight and it threw DC off. But I’m going with Daniel Cormier in this one.”

Miesha Tate on starting slow in fights: “I didn’t have a slow start last fight. I’ve been working with a hypno-therapist on it. I’m going into this fight with a whole new perspective and you’re going to see the most-fierce version of me.”
Tate on how she’ll fight Amanda Nunes: “I know she starts fast. I’m going to fight fire with fire. The more I’m pushing it’ll push her. Her point of getting broken is way before mine. I don’t get broken in the Octagon. She gets broken.”

Tate on Nunes’ biggest threat: “She’s very well rounded. That’s the biggest threat. She’s finished people in many ways, so you can’t just pick out one threat.”

Tate on if she’s ready for her first title defense: “I’m defending what’s mine. I want to beat everyone. The first is Amanda. She’s hungry. She’s a passionate Brazilian fighter. I know what it takes to beat her.”

Tate on fighting on UFC 200: “This is a groundbreaking card. For women’s MMA to have such a strong presence is amazing. This is a great opportunity for me to fiercely defend what is mine.”

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Florian on Tate vs. Nunes: “For Miesha, she’ll be that much more confident coming into the fight. She’s coming into her own as a fighter. Amanda gets off to a fast start, but she fades in later rounds. She has to pace herself and can’t get too emotional. She has to establish the range with her footwork. Miesha has to be careful with her fast start. If she can handle it, she’ll get it done. I believe Miesha will take it to the deeper rounds and get the win.”

Bisping on Tate vs. Nunes: “Miesha is known for starting slow but once she gets going, she’s incredible. Amanda is very fast. She’s got the speed advantage. But Amanda punches from her feet and leans forward from them. Miesha will have a chance for the takedown. I think Miesha will to look for the submission or ground-and-pound victory and it’ll come in round four or five.”

Frankie Edgar on what’s different this time fighting Jose Aldo: “Last time I was coming off two close fights that I lost. I’ve got more experience now. You can’t buy experience. I’ve won five fights in a row. In his last fight, he’s got a big loss versus McGregor.”

Edgar on Aldo acting differently before this fight: “The way he’s acting in the media, he’s like a wounded tiger. But you’ve got to be careful of wounded tiger. He’s got to be second guessing himself. He sounds like he’s talking his way back into fighting.”

Edgar on McGregor: “Conor’s ducking me.”

VIDEO: Frankie Edgar on Jose Aldo: He’s like a wounded tiger right now, second-guessing himself

Florian picks Aldo over Edgar: “Jose Aldo has to attack high and then go low. Jose has to attack Frankie’s legs and slow him down. I think this fight will re-motivate him to get the belt back and fight Conor again. It’ll be a close fight, but Aldo wins.”

Bisping picks Edgar over Aldo: “The mind is biggest tool of a fighter. He’s on a five fight win streak. I say Frankie Edgar gets the fight done.”

Bisping on Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Claudia Gadelha: “That fight was extremely close the first time. She’s established herself as one of the biggest stars in female MMA. Gadelha has to take it down. Everyone knows that’s her game plan. She wants redemption for the one loss on her record.”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk on preparing for this fight: “It was probably one of the longest camps in my life. I’m prepared for it. You’re going to see a good fight. I have a lot of respect for her. But I’m the champ. I fought 11 rounds, she just had one fight, three rounds, since our last fight. The most important exam is the fight for us fighters. I did my homework. I’m ready. I’m getting more confident and calm before the fight. I’m just focused on the fight.”

Jedrzejczyk on if she took it too far against Gadelha: “I said what I said and did what I dd. We don’t like each other. I hope after my victory we’re going to shake hands. I must fight for my dreams and goals. She’s a very good fighter but she’s not going to take away my belt.”

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Florian picks Jedrzejczyk over Gadelha: “I think Joanna will win this. I think her striking skills are too much. She’s going to keep her on the outside and might get the stoppage.”

Bisping picks Gadelha to pull the upset against Jedrzejczyk: “This is a grudge match. I think Claudia might be in her head and will win.”