Video Highlights – UFC 200 Post-Fight Show with ‘UFC Tonight’: “Nunes Made Her Uncomfortable From the Start”

Fight Network Staff / July 11, 2016 - 11:33am

Los Angeles – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FS1 UFC 200 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Jay Glazer, with Dominick Cruz, Michael Bisping and Brian Stann providing analysis. Karyn Bryant conducted interviews.

FOX UFC analyst Michael Bisping on what Amanda Nunes did to defeat Miesha Tate: “Amanda landed some beautiful shots and definitely broke her nose. She said she wanted to finish this as quickly as possible. The striking differential and the speed differential. Amanda showed pinpoint laser aggressive striking. The strikes were getting through. You can only take so many. Miesha showed some heart, but the nose was broken and she went down.”

FOX UFC analyst Dominick Cruz on Amanda Nunes defeating Miesha Tate: “Nunes made her uncomfortable from the start. Once she broke the nose, something happens, you just can’t breathe. Amanda did a great job stuffing the takedowns early.”

Amanda Nunes on finishing the fight: “I knew I could take my time. I trained for this kind of choke a lot. Whenever I put my hand in, I finish it.”

Nunes on her pacing being slower this fight: “My coach worked a lot with me to maintain and take my time. He said: ‘You’re going to get the belt.’ We worked on patience. We worked on going five rounds in the training.”

Nunes on what it meant to stuff Tate’s early takedowns: “My background is Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I learned striking very quickly. Now I work on wrestling every day – high-level wrestling. I was ready for her. I knew she was going to try it.”

Nunes on who she wants to fight next: “It doesn’t matter. Anyone. I’m ready.”

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Daniel Cormier on preparing for the fight: “It was very tough, a tough week. I had the highest of highs, and then Jon’s out, then I’m stressing, do I really want to fight? Then they sent Anderson. It’s been eight months since I fought and everything seemed new.”

Cormier on if Silva hurt him: “He hurt me with a body kick. It’s when the toe catches you. It hurt. He’s dangerous, you never know what’s coming. It took the wind out of me and I was thinking, ‘grab him, grab him.’ Anderson did this on two days. The only thing that matters is he took this. I can’t say enough about Anderson Silva.”

Cormier on fighting Silva: “It’s difficult. Was I supposed to go out and knock him out? It’s Anderson Silva. Sometimes you can do something very detrimental to the success. If he won, I wouldn’t have lost the belt and he would have gone back down to fight Bisping for the middleweight championship.”

Cormier who he thinks he’ll fight next: “I think it’ll be either Anthony Johnson, who’s looked great since I beat him, or Glover Teixeira – he’s really reinvented himself.”

VIDEO: Cormier Interview

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Cormier on teammate Cain Velasquez beating Travis Browne: “He did a spinning wheel kick. I’ve been on the receiving end of those in training and they hurt. Every punch at the end was hurting Travis because he was so tired. Cain’s pressuring you all the time. He’s in your face. Once he gets on top of you it’s so much pressure.”

Cormier on Velasquez’s spinning kick: “Travis is lucky he didn’t get the second part of that, usually it’s a spinning back fist next.”

VIDEO: HIGHLIGHTS: Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne

Dana White on Brock Lesnar’s return and if he’ll keep fighting in the UFC again: “Brock Lesnar hasn’t fought in how long? He’s a freak of nature. He’s under contract with the WWE, but you can tell he really likes being here. We’ll see what he can work out with Vince.”

White on Cormier vs. Silva: “I have a lot of respect for both of those guys for stepping up. DC has been messed up emotionally. Anderson was coming to Vegas to sign autographs at the Fan Expo and he jumped in to fight the light heavyweight champion.”

White on when Ronda Rousey will return: “She’s going to make that decision soon. It could be this year, or early next year. Whoever the champ is, she’ll fight them.”

White on Conor McGregor: “He made it very clear he’ll return to featherweight to defend his belt and fight that person. He’ll fight Jose after his next fight against Diaz.”

White on the women’s bantamweight division: “It’s exciting. If Ronda comes back, she’ll get the next title shot. If Holly looks good on FOX in two weeks, we’ll see.”

White on who Michael Bisping will defend the middleweight title against: “We’re working on Bisping vs. Dan Henderson, hopefully in Manchester, England, but that’s not signed yet.”

VIDEO: Interview: Dana White

Cruz on Brock Lesnar’s wrestling: “We’ve got to commend Lesnar for getting Mark down and keeping him down. He was just drowning him in the ring. He used his superior wrestling technique to hold him down.”

FOX UFC analyst Brian Stann on what Mark Hunt could have done against Brock Lesnar: “There were opportunities for Mark Hunt to land that shot. He was throwing the overhand right, which is easy to read. He should have adjusted and done uppercuts where the wrestler runs right into it. I expected to see some adjustments by Mark, throwing uppercuts or punch the chest. He only wanted to go over the top and it cost him.”

VIDEO: Highlights: Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt

Cruz on what Jose Aldo did to beat Frankie Edgar: “His counter shots were on point. He was bigger and stronger. The balance, the size and the hips which comes from the judo. It kept Frankie from taking him down. This was one of the best performances Jose’s had in a long time. He’s ready for the next fight against McGregor.”

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