Video Highlights – UFC 203 Post-Fight Show with ‘UFC Tonight’: “I’m Going to Keep The Belt For a Long Time”

Fight Network Staff / September 11, 2016 - 12:34pm

Los Angeles – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s UFC 203 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS2 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Daniel Cormier and Dan Hardy providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.

FOX UFC analyst Daniel Cormier on Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem: “It was a fight where both guys landed their punches. Overeem knocked him down and tried to choke him out, but Stipe was aware enough to defend the choke. Overeem was trying to run away from him. Stipe was so reckless, but the pressure would eventually overtake Alistair.”

FOX UFC analyst Dan Hardy on Miocic’s victory: “It’s a credit to Stipe’s durability. We know Overeem has ridiculous power in his hands. Miocic was doing a good job of closing his distance, but he was doing it in a matter that made me nervous. But he chased him down. His punching is very measured. Joanna does it as well. They tag you up with short shots while they’re looking for the one big shot.”
Cormier on what Miocic did to beat Overeem: “We said Overeem likes to fight at his pace, but Stipe didn’t allow him to get comfortable by chasing him. Overeem started to turn his back and run to the center. Miocic tripped him up and got on top and finished it.”

Hardy on who’s next for Miocic: “I’d like to see Fabricio Werdum fight him again. He didn’t look great tonight, but we know he’s better. He just lost the title to Miocic. Let them fight on neutral territory. Then there’s Josh Barnett, who just won last week. It’s time to push him up to a title fight.”

Cormier on who should be next for Miocic: “Cain Velasquez vs. Stipe Miocic is the best fight we could put on. I believe these are the two best in the division. The heavyweight division is moving fast right now, and Junior Dos Santos looked great as well, until he got hurt.”

Stipe Miocic on how he’ll top it: “I’ll keep winning. I keep becoming ‘And Still.’ I told myself I’ll win the title and keep it a long time.”

Miocic on if he was close to tapping: “I wasn’t even close to tapping out. He let go. I don’t understand how he even thinks that.”

Miocic on if his game plan was to pressure Overeem: “I watched the thing that Dan Hardy said about putting the pressure on him and that’s what I did.” [He said jokingly].”
Miocic on if he felt nervous fighting in his hometown: “I was a little stiff at the beginning but I loosened up and started connecting. He kicks like a mule.”

Miocic on who he wants to fight next: “I’m not a picker. I’m going to keep the belt for a long time.”

Miocic on if it was better fighting in Brazil or in his home town: “I’d rather go fight in Brazil again. I got hit up by a ton of people for tickets, and have been asked about after parties. I hate to travel but I love going away and doing my thing.”
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Hardy on Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne: “Werdum came out with that flying kick and was putting the forward pressure on him throughout the whole fight and never let him get settled.”

Cormier on Browne calling a time out during the fight: “It was a weird fight. I had no idea we were allowed to call time outs in the Octagon. We’re not. After that, the crowd starts booing, but Werdum was in that elevator fall and he could be hurt from that. Travis was fighting with one hand after that finger was hurt. These guys were still fighting. Why were people booing?”

Werdum on who he wants to fight next: “I want to fight Miocic. I’m number-one ranked.”

Werdum on what happened after the fight with Browne’s coach: “His coach was saying bad things. I don’t say bad things. I’m an announcer for the UFC on Spanish TV. I kicked his belly to push him back from me. He tried to punch me. He’s a boxing coach.”

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Cormier on CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall: “Mickey Gall is good. CM Punk did a good job trying to defend the submissions for a little while. We knew Gall was a real prospect and he showed it tonight. Now it might be easier to find an opponent for Punk because we’ve seen him now.”

Hardy on what he thought of CM Punk: “He stayed a lot calmer than I thought. It’s a different level of fury that you experience in the Octagon. He stayed calm and collected. He just didn’t have the technical ability that Gall did. Now he’s experienced that pressure and will learn more from it.”

CM Punk on how he felt about the fight: “It was the time of my life. I feel I’m better than I showed. Hats off to Mickey. He’s an up-and-comer. I’ve got some things to remember this from.”

Punk on what’s in his future: “There’s a lot of food in my future. I’ll take a little vacation from the gym which means that I’ll probably be back in there on Tuesday. I want to do better.”

UFC president Dana White on Miocic vs. Overeem: “It was awesome. It saved the night. Stipe got clipped and looked like it’d be over. Normally you don’t get out of that Overeem guillotine. But Stipe kept his composure and won it.”

White on the next heavyweight fight: “We have some options. I never make fights the night of a fight. We’ll figure it out.”

White on what’s next for CM Punk and Mickey Gall: “Mickey Gall will move forward. We’ll see what happens with CM Punk and what he wants to do. Sage’s people texted me after Gall’s callout and said they’d like the fight.”

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